Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Business Proposal kdrama *** SPOILER ALERT*

 Currently many people are chasing to watch this drama. How about you? Shin Ha-Ri acted by Kim Se-Jeong, she is very good in acting and I like her. I am hoping to see more of her drama, how about you?

In the drama Business Proposal, she has been admiring a guy since college and it has been 7 years. The guy has breakup with the gal but then they are back together again. One day Ha-Ri saw him kissing the gal and she got heart break seeing it. 

Ha-Ri helped her friend by acting as her on a blind date, she doesn't know the guy she be meeting is the CEO of her company. 

 Episode 7 has got the kissing scenes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Scam called on Cukai

 Beware of this two numbers which I have recently received it is voice machine talk, then once they know you have pick up the call there will be a lady talking in BM after that so I didn't want to hear it and just closed then blocked it.



LHDN will only send you letters will not call you, this is using cell phone to call. 

Monday, December 27, 2021

Wrong emailed to 100comments

 Very sad to find out that I have send the wrong email address during the early December 2021. I just notice it as I asked them in instagram if they have received it. Indeed I have send to wrong email address. This meaning that I lost the contest and not able to get the prize I won. That's ginger hair shampoo that I have won. They said they have selected new winner for that prize. 

The deadline for emailed them was 9 December 2021, looks like I need to be more careful next time. It is better to also ig dmed them to tell that have send email to double check. 

No wonder I been waiting for weeks and no news about it....

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Your Facebook Page been reported

Almost fall for the scam page!!

Quick thinking save the day! I really thought that my #sherrygosharing #facebookpage is reported. Swipe left to see more...
It got suspicious as if #myfbpage is reported sure is Facebook that informed me I got it from other page. Which is clearly a new page that just being set up..
They even tagging the fb pages even them that their fb page being reported. It's clearly fake and it has a link on it that will lead you to key in your login for Facebook. #dontfallforit
If you want to see other fb pages that been tagged, I have also shared it on my tiktok account. 
In the mean time if you like viist my fb page and social media

Love 911

 If you like romance and comedy movie, watch out this movie. It's so funny I like seeing the funny scenes in the drama. Have you ever seen a car seat belt that not really works? I though car seat belt is the safest to use and for emergency too, who knows that the car seat belt will be so loose and put the passenger in danger. 

How the love sparkles between a fireman and a doctor? Something happened in the first place and how they ended up together? How a fireman becomes a widower? 

There's scene of two people trapped in frozen store room, I will not tell you who. You got to watch this to find out... 

Get moving, run ... 

if you sleep, you'll die... you have to live.. 

Ever know someone that is stressed and tired, then the person will faint?

Actor Go Soo, Actress Han Hyo-Joo and hey I didn't know I would see the Train To Busan's one of the actor in this movie too, he is Don Lee. Don Lee acted as Chief of Fireman in the movie.