Sunday, June 15, 2014

Love my braided hairstyles

I am loving my hairstyles, yeah after having oil massage with my friends, we continue with the braided hairstyles. We have asked a few salon and go for the price that we had bargain best. Guess how much is my hairstyle? The salon is just nearby the Aonang beach.

Two hours of oil massage cost 400 baht, my hair braided for 700 baht.

So I have oil massage for body first before doing the hair braid. :D

Though we have a long walk back to resort, we enjoy each other company.

To view more pics of my vacation in Krabi Island, check out instragram sherrygo. 


  1. You look amazing with the braids.. Is it painful to braid ?

  2. Consider cheap hor. Not bad leh they do the braided hairstyle. Got all those beads at the bottom look just like Jamaican la. Can last how long?

  3. hi Sarah, first when they tied yeah then no more.

  4. hi Nadia, yeah first they wanted RM130 then we go more salons for bargain to get better deal. :D
    about how long depend on individual as I just wash my hair myself yesterday.

  5. hi tengku butang, thank you :D


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