Saturday, December 29, 2012

Giveaway Akhir Tahun 2012 dan Awal Tahun 2013 oleh hoey yeo

I like giveaway and knowing this giveaway I love to join!
Giveaway is open to blogger with address in Malaysia.

My unforgetable moments in year 2012.
1. Having giveaway at this blog for follower to win movie to watch Life of Pi.
2. Give grandma last respect before her funeral service because I am unable attend.

My wish for 2013, keep doing things I love in blog sharing more giveaway at blog.

Giveaway ends on 24 Jan 2013.

Click above banner to take part!

Lots of prizes awaiting the winners!





5.BLOG Review di Blog Neeza.(5 PEMENANG)

6.BLOG Review di Blog Shasha.(4 PEMENANG)

7.Package Ruangan Iklan dekat blog Xiao selama 1 bulan. (2 PEMENANG)

8.Bloglist Dalam Blog Neeza selama 3 bulan. (10 PEMENANG)

9.Bloglist Dalam Blog Shasha selama 1 Tahun. (1 PEMENANG)

10.Limited Edition Rubix Bag worth RM69.00 oleh The Sisters Shopping House. (1 PEMENANG)

11.Purse GUCCI berwarna pink atau merah yang bernilai RM90.00 oleh Lucky Love. ( 1 PEMENANG)

Friday, December 28, 2012

My Happy Moments

Just for your info and my info I clicked the iPhone5 Gadget Impian and I am number 347 in G+. :D
I have chosen below picture for my entry of My Happy Moments because I find that the happy moments
My son and I took part in Guardian Charity Walkathon at Sunway Beach Surf, it is wonderful day for us. There's no rain and we have fun at the beach, he plays the sands trying to make sand castle but failed.

I am happy I am being there for him, being parent we don't want our children to get hurt or bully. On the day itself I saw two other children stealing his sands and he unable to do anything about it. I asked the two children to go get their own sands instead of stealing my son's sand at beach.

It is a day where we will never forget, the fun at Guardian Charity Walkathon. I purchased the same t-shirt to wear with my son. It is a meaningful day for us. He never forgets about the two children that took his sands away from him, until today he still asking me why they take away from him.

Contest My Happy Moments dianjurkan bagi menyahut Cabaran iPhone 5 Gadget Impian

I am tagging three bloggers, they are ...


Now if you like to take part in Contest My Happy Moments just click above link as it ends 31 Dec, 2012.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

YVES ROCHER make-up workshop RM30

It is going to be new year 2013, have you got a plan for it? Why not get start with YVES ROCHER makeup workshop? Yeah it is RM30 workshop you can click on the link above for more detail.

Limited seats only so hurry up, call them now!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is movie Upside Down worth to watch?

I won two passes to watch the movie tonight but it seems I may not go for this movie. I checked online for the movie review and find out that it seems the movie maybe not worth to watch. Of course I have not seen the movie myself I couldn't say if it is worth. Other people have seen it and reviewed the movie.

My dear prefer to stay home for rest, if there is no rain in the evening I can go out for evening walk. Yesterday Christmas evening we head to Sunway Pyramid, we had meal at a restaurant near to BMG fruits stall.

Now do you want to know whose the winners of Christmas Giveaway and skin care beauty sales!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Giveaway Presents for Everyone!

I love giveaway and I am taking part to win giveaway Presents for everyone , you can take part too just click on the link to find out.

Good luck! I love the giveaway so much.. just check out what you can win!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Last winner of Life of Pi movie passes!

I am so happy to say that I have got the detail of last winner of Life of Pi movie passes! This time I am using Pos Express as not having enough time to queue at Post office. The Pos Express is LG110840055MY, will try to mail it at Post Office today. Hopefully winner gets it by next week. :D

This morning I received another movie passes which I won to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The movie is rated PG 13 so I will bring my son and add ticket money for my dear to come along to watch with me. Yay! Happy moment for us, just three of us to watch movie again it. The last time we watched movie together in TGV Sunway Pyramid the Frankenweenie.

It is great to bring kids to movie before the school starts; yeah it will be challenge for him as he going to start primary school in Jan. Then you know I maybe need to cut down on going movies as he will need to sleep early to wake up early as school starts 7.30am.

Dining voucher and beauty gift voucher giveaway!

If you have interest to try out dining at the restaurant and skin care, why not check on out how you can win $50 voucher of dining voucher and beauty gift voucher. I am happy to say I have found the last winner for Life of Pi movie passes giveaway!

Yay, it is a joyful month of giveaway. I can't blog much now as my dear is just back from work. :D

Happy weekend to you!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life of Pi *boy and tiger on the boat* must watch!!

This morning I head to post office using registered post for the winner of Life of Pi movie passes giveaway. Wonderful news to my followers on blog, I still have one more Life of Pi movie passes giveaway. You just need to complete the steps written in the blog post of giveaway. Make sure you check and click the links provided in each post, how difficult can that be?

The registered post number of 1st winner RD094037965MY posted today at Post Office. Let's give it a five working days to get the movie passes. :D

It is an interesting movie to watch even though it is not based on a true story. I love island in the movie but not the creepy part where it can consumed people or animals. You got to see it yourself to find out. :D

Life of Pi movie passes giveaway!

I have Life of Pi movie passes giveaway, the winner gets to use the coupon to redeem two passes to watch Life of Pi. Yesterday I watched the movie with my son at MBO Subang Parade.

How to take part in to win Life of Pi movie passes?
1. Be a GFC follower of my blog Sherry Rambling and My Mom's Best
2. Comment in this post my movie review on Life of Pi. *click link*
3. Click Nuffnang ad you see on this blog and my mom's best, one click will do thank you!
4. Leave a comment in this post why you want to win the movie passes and who you watch it with.
5. You need to above all in order to take part in Life of Pi movie passes giveaway.

Giveaway opens to my blog follower with valid address in Malaysai for me to post the movie passes. I am not responsible for lost of the movie passes after I post out at mail office.

Besides that don't forget to join the Christmas giveaway, click on the link to find out.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Grandma funeral service on Wednesday!

I am sad to say I may not able to attend my grandma's funeral because my dear's still in hospital. My cousin told me that her funeral service will be on Wednesday and sixth uncle is not yet back. He is only back on Thursday by flight from Australia. It would be a teary moment for everyone, everyone will need to pull themselves together. My grandma is my mom's mom and knowing my mom loves her mom, I know she will be crying her hearts out on the day. I hope she is strong and I know I cannot be there for her, I want to be because I need to be with my dear how can I go?

My dad will need to be side by side of my mom as I worry of my mom will collapsed. She has diabetes and one time she collapsed seeing my grandma's condition in old folks home.

About the HDU where my dear is put under, they are many old patients there and he's the youngest. I just called the hospital to ask the charges at HDU. They charge $298 a day, he already spend a night there. Today they will move him to normal room.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shit blood seven times!

I have bad news to share, I am sad to share that my dear started to shit blood yesterday morning. He has shit blood in August and doctor has fixed it by clip his intestine which is bleeding. The doctor inserted the tube from his backside, yes it is painful for him!

There is DVD of the process inside his intestines, it is scary and most of family members not dare to see it but I have watched it. The doctor mentioned that there is some black dried spots in the intestines which mean it maybe bleeding stopped or will be bleeding again.

Anyway doctor told me the last check up that after 12 months see him again if there is no bleeding. But sad to say it is less than half year and it started again!

Yes I am worry and he's now in Emergency room at hospital, he told me to go home rest first so I can go again to see him. He told me he is like in ICU, they even asked him for $30K deposit! OMG!! I don't have $30K or $3K and he don't have such money too, anyway company insurance got covered. Madness... he told me they worry his condition worsen.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How I gained many blogs?

I love blogging, ever since I start blogging I fall in love with it. I can feel free to share my thought and things that interest me. I have taken part in contests/giveaways too and I won the domain and hosting for a year. Yeah just a year then I need to renew them if I want to keep the blogs.

I have lost blogs too because some irresponsible blogger didn't keep their promise. I never forget about iblogaholic which I won, I was only given three months of using it instead of a year and I lose this blog as the blogger no longer reply to my emails. She's long gone? I don't know that for sure.

Talking of blogging only recently I find out that we cannot upload all the pictures that we wanted. It is because there's space limit on the photo storage. I need to start to resize my pictures too if not I need to delete all pictures under the same account of blogger. Having many blogs are good but sad to share with one account only the photos can be limited as I share some pictures in my blogs. Therefore I need to delete pictures which I found no longer useful namely banners or badge or photos.

How about you? Do you have blog, if yes how many blogs you've got?

Christmas giveaway to win cute top,Hello Kitty shoes stud

I love Christmas and if you miss out the giveaway at my blog before fear no more because a giveaway just started. Check out Christmas Giveaway for your chance to win goodies from me, yes I haven't update that TOP REFERRAL get mystery gift from me. :D

Come join the giveaway this Christmas/Holiday season! I am happy that I have many luck in contests winning of movie premiere mostly. Yeah the movie premiere gives me chances to see movies for free with my friend, my son or my dear. :D Each movie has different movie rated so you know not all movie suitable for kids.

Last movie I won to see with my son is Wreck It Ralph, he loves it. I am happy to see his smile, the movie is interesting from start to the end. :D It is suitable for parents to bring kids to watch or love birds! I now know the name of the game that I used to play it is Tapper!

Now don't just read here head to my giveaway now!

Monday, December 10, 2012

RM200 cash voucher for winner 60,000 Total Pageviews

Yesterday I want to update this blog but unable because I cannot login to website at all from computer due to virus infections. Very bad my pc caught 25 virus! Stupid virus attacked my pc, I am not sure what caused it my dear told me it was some loading file that caused it.

Anyway above you are looking at the World of Sports RM200 cash voucher for the winner Lina, she print screen and let me know in my Facebook account. She's the winner of 60,000 Total Pageviews. It will be good time to use the voucher for this Christmas. :D

Last night head to Carrefour for grocery shopping and passby the mail box of Post Office. I dropped the Pos Express in the Pos Express box. Last night grocery shopping cost me RM130 and the groceries cannot filled up the trolley.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

25 virus my pc got infected

now using my Samsung s3 to update blog here. I am unable to update post with my pc. it is infected by virus once open try go website not allowed.

by the way, there is winner of 60, 000 total previews. I hop send out prize via Pos express in this week.

now I sick have fever,  flu , and cough.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life of Pi Contest

I am so excited to know that I won two passes to see Life of Pi, it is a movie director by Ang Lee. I haven't watch this movie and I am sure my son is excited just like me. I am unable to go Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya to collect the passes and I opt them to mail me instead. Yeah there is a mailing/postage charge for it, it aint cheap too! Who want to guess how much it cost?

Oh ya yesterday evening I received a call from a lady named Juliana, no idea who she is and she started to introduce her company and packaging available for beauty! Yikes... where she got my number and my name? Whose the monster behind passing my cell phone number to her? Anyway she none stop talking how good is her company products, asking me to find a day go there. Yeah the place so far and no idea where it is I have no interest to go either.

Talking of beauty products, you want to know the beauty box in town tomorrow! Yeah no kidding, we have got beauty box in Malaysia too. If you like to know how you can get your hands on RM38 beauty box click on the link. Just for your information beauty box in Singapore cost even more RM60.

60,000 Total Pageview Giveaway@Sherry Rambling

This is fun and excited for me, I am sure you have not forgotten the 50,000 Total Pageview Giveaway in August. Now it is October my blog have gained 54,850 total pageviews. I am excited to have 60,000 Total Pageview Giveaway.

You just need to print screen once you get the 60,000 Total Pageview Giveaway, you see the right bar of blog now there's the number rolling every time you come visit. Now I have got 52 GFC Follower for this blog. This giveaway open to my follower who has address in Malaysia to mail the Prize. Yes now you can start follow my blog using the GFC if you haven't.

After you have print screen of 60,000 Total Pageview, don't forget to blog it at your blog then leave comment of the link post. If you don't have blog you can put in your Facebook account and tag me make sure your account is set to Public so I can view it. So you see there are two option to submit your winning 60,000 Total Pageview to me. :D

About the Prize, I will post it on blog soon. In the mean time, don't forget to check out GUESS & WIN CONTEST!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Purging going restroom many times!

Oh yeah that's me again being strike to go restroom so many times. It started yesterday noon and in between all the way until morning. Yeah than it stopped for a while then it started again! Oh boy I am so tired and I drove myself to the nearest hospital instead of clinic because clinic there has no parking space. I am the only one that sick and nobody else got it except for my baby whose teething.

I told my son not to use my restroom, it is big NO because virus can spread fast! Today I see the doctor cost me RM74 I have been given three types of medicine to eat.