Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cerita Hantu Malaysia contest

I am happy to receive email today that I won a prize from contest I took part. It is from Cerita Hantu Malaysia contest so I don't know if I am winning the movie pass, or t-shirt. Anyway I shall update when I get the prize. I choose to have prize delivery to me as my time of travel is not convenient to their office for collection.

Uptown 1
Jalan SS21/58 Damansara Utama 47400,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Their office as above! Only open Monday to Fri 10am to 6pm.
It's fun taking part in contest that interest me. Being mommy of two boys, now my toddler haven't sleep as he slept long hours this afternoon. My eldest son has fallen asleep, good for him as he's very tired!
Talking of contests, I won movie contest too to watch The Wedding Ringger, I am not sure how many movie passes it is. I won from MIX FM as I was first to call through, I was driving back home just now. Just in time and I try my luck and I get through, amazing I am first to call.

I can't live my life without entertainment, how about you?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Prêt à combattre jeux

TU NE SAIS PAS ENCORE L''ADRESSE DE SITE WEB ? Ce n''est pas vrai!! Tu ne sais pas encore l''adresse de site web de ce grand jeu?? Oh mon Dieu!! Ce n''est pas possible. D'accord, ne t''inquiète pas!! Alors, regarde bien!! Tu vas accéder et tu vas télécharger le jeu sur l''adresse suivante: www.houndsonline.com/fr. tu vas ouvrir les portes de ce merveilleux monde par le biais de cette adresse. Tu vas voir aussi l''adresse ( si tu fais attention) en écrivant les directives quand ton souris touche sur les mots de clé. tu vas faire tout les processus y compris l''adhésion, donnée l''information grâce à cette adresse. Dis-donc!! Bienvenue au monde secret de Hounds The Last Hope. Vas-y!! Finis tes affaires et laisse-tomber tout ce que tu te souviens par rapport avec autres jeux. C''est une différente expérience Prépare-toi à écraser les ennemis et à changer le destin de l''humanité et à attraper les ténèbres.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Fees to pay in 2015

My eldest is standard three this year, I started him with another tuition house. The fee this month Jan started paying RM400 and RM200 for material books for whole year 2015. I haven't find transporter for him to go tuition house, so at moment I am one that sending him from school. It will cost extra RM120, the fee transport also need pay for month Nov/Dec though Dec is school holiday. So I am not sure if Dec has tuition will transporter giving him a ride to tuition too?

My youngest, he is 4yr this June. So he needs to go Kindergarten as he needs to learn. I can't teach him myself as I have tried and failed. So best let teachers to teach him. I hope he can awake early in the morning because he sleeping time is quite late. He slept with my sis-in-law while my eldest is with me. Monthly fee of RM330 but earlier have paid for registration and other fees for the kindergarten which up to RM1700. No kidding so anything no involve money in this post?

Even my dad told me that my bro twin daughters each of them their Kindergarten fee RM450.

My car weekly fuel charge would be RM30/RM40. So if there's place I need to go I need to think twice before I go. Some movie contest are far away the venue so I no take part to join the contest.