Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Do you like to take photo?

Personally, I don't like as I know I don't looked good in photo. If someone wanted to shoot photo of me. What I do is keep avoiding them and let them snap photo thats not nice. Ha...

Photo to some people maybe the best memory of all. But what is reason for you to keep so many photos?

Do you own a camera? I think we need a good camera to snap nice photo. Some camera will snap pic which turned out to be dark and black.

What kind of camera is good? Whats the budget? Below RM2K preferly.

Does a camera brand means alot? Is branded very important?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My first post

Wow, for the first time starting a blog.

This maybe hard for me... surely I have a lot to learn about.

Please don't laugh at me if I did mistake.

I am thinking how many people writting blog at the same time as me.

Hmm.. no idea. How about you?

Edited: 18 March 2013, I am Sherry from Selangor, Malaysia. Mommy of two wonderful boys aged
7 yr old and another going to be 2 yr old this June. Yeah being full time mommy at home I struggle to do things I love like blogging, as I have love my blogs.

I have got many different blogs, because I have different interest. My first post here, it is my first blog where I like to share my thought and things on mind. I didn't know that I would go this far until today still blogging. :D

I started going for free premiere movies I won from magazine and online contests. I attended campaign and events, plus afternoon high-tea party.

Life is full of colours!

Thank you for coming by my blog.