Sunday, September 22, 2013

FREE Wikki Stix Children's Day Kids Crafts Workshop on 5th October 2013‏

If you love to join this FREE Wikki Stix Children's Day Kids Crafts Workshop on 5th October 2013‏.

You can email to

For this coming Children's Day 5th October 2013 (Saturday), Wikki Stix Asia will be conducting free kids crafts workshop at the following two locations in KL:

- Czip Lee Bangsar (1030 - 1130am)

Do bring along your kids and the fun for an hour of crafts fun as decorate photo frames with Wikki Stix!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Health comes first

I supposed to watch a movie tonight, movie is Prisoners. Just want to say this movie is rated 18 so my son cannot watch this. Anyway hoping to watch with my dear but he's not feeling well though he still at work. He has red eyes and it started watery since late last night.

Tonight after work, he will need to see doc for medicine.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

air force one complimentary pass of TGV Cinemas

I haven't use the two air force one complimentary pass, but I am going to use it soon. So just want to blog it about the terms and conditions. Well just part of it I am typing here.

This pass is only valid for the redemption of one movie ticket only.
Valid for all movie sessions, seat types and hall classes. Subject to availability.

Supposed I want to watch Grown Up 2 but I check on TGV website they don't have any more special seating for this movie. :(

So next up movie in mind would be Riddick. They have Beanie, Luxe, Imax2, and standard available.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Son's class used by other pupil

I wanted to take son's homeworks from his class but apparently other pupil using his class. I think they are standard six pupil. We didn't want to disturb the teacher teaching so we didn't get to collect the homework. My friend's too feel sad about this, her son didn't come along with her. It was 9am in the morning.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

No school from Monday toThursday

It is going to be a joyful fun for him and other classmates. They have no school from Mon to Thurs because of UPSR Exam.

But he forgot bring back to workbooks which one related to his homework! My friend and me will need to go school tomorrow to find the workbooks. Yeah her boy too left a workbook in class. I am not sure if the guard will allow us to enter the school.