Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Corn on toe removed

A friend of mine recently inform me that she had her corn on toe removed, she has gone to the Sg Way Clinci. It cost RM170 for cut and medicine. The dressing cost RM35.

They give her an injection before the cut.

She's resting at home, will be back on work this Friday. It is her right leg toe corn that being removed.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Parents Kids & Baby fair@Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

If you are free this weekend, you can now head to Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre for the Parents Kids & Baby fair. The fair starts from 10am to 9pm. I was there this morning with my son, no luck in lucky draw. :(

There is lucky draw, fashion show, colouring contest, pretty mom contest, baby crawling contest, etc. For more info you can also call them at 03-8060 5636.

Bear in mind the fair is not as big as in Midvalley convention centre!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reward my son to watch The Croods with me

I know my son has been trying hard in his studies, he often get scolded by me for not listening me while doing his homework. Being parent I try my best to guide my son in his studies, I teached him whatever and whichever I know.

Some moms told me that they are unable to teach their children so they send them for tuition. No kidding it is not easy to teach them, children only listen to teacher. They are more afraid of teacher than parents?!

The Croods is a comedy movie suitable for whole family to watch, I will make a review of this movie after we watched it. Nicolas Cage as Grug, Ryan Reynolds as Guy and Emma Stone as Epp.

Caveman reminds of me movie The Flinstones!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Shower gel for the girls :D

Last Saturday I get to know a mommy who loves her teenage daughters, yes I mean she loves them so much. She purchased shower gel for them to use but she didn't use the shower get at all. Wow, just look at that I mean she purchased for the children to use but she didn't use them, it shows how much she loves them.

I usually purchased the shower gel and check whether they are suitable for children or not. My son will not use the same shower gel like me. He has got his own shower gel, yeah if this big bottle finished I have got another bottle for him. :D

The mommy gets to try out the Green Tea Ginvera skin care products on spot for half her face, guess what?! Her half of face after using the Green Tea Ginvera, she got half face fairer than the other!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trapped in the trunk of car

What are you going to do if you are trapped in the trunk of car? Are you going to scream for help? This is what happened to Casey in The Call movie, she's abducted from the mall's car park. She was walking toward her car but her eyes on her cell phone but a car suddenly reversed and nearly knocked her. The guy came down to see her, she bends down because her cell phone is broken. She's facing back of the guy and he immediately catches her putting her in the trunk.

Jordan the veteran 911 gives her advice on look around in the trunk to find what's there and also check on the tail light to know if the car is new model or old model types of car. There are paint cans in the car and screw driver Casey open to spill it out of the tail light.

Sound spooky and scary? Some friends told me they are afraid to watch alone, they prefer to watch with family members or friends.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flying monkey, flying baboons and porcelain china glass doll!

I am happy that my son loves the movie Oz but it seems he's afraid of some part in the movie. Anyway he's interested to watch another movie which is Jack the Giant Slayer, I have got the tickets in hand and waiting to see when is free list and time suitable to watch.

I always make sure that my things are done with my son before I proceed doing things I love like going out movie with my dear. Being parent is never easy but I manage to set on time and do things correctly.

Anyway I have to run now, I need to check out homeworks of my son. His classmate's mom is asking whether today's homeworks total of four items.

How to balance in life? Well it depends how you manage your time.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Last Exorcism Part 2

Are you scare to watch horror movie? Well I like to watch it, I remembered watch Exorcism before when I was younger. I won two movie passes to watch this movie The Last Exorcism Part 2, this movie supposed to be tonight but postponed due to their technical problem.

Nevermind I have other plan for tonight and I am happy they emailed me to inform. :D

In the mean time, it looks like going rain later.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Won two Oz tickes from Shape Magazine

Yesterday i received sms that I win two passes to watch Oz, but i need to go PJ office for collection the tickets. Anyway i think not able go, sadly dont know anyone i can trust which near there to collect for me. I mean someone trusty because need use photocopy IC to redeem. 

Now update the blog, now hear raining outside. Suppose need to go playground becausdwhole week no go but looks like weather stop me to go with son. 

Just blog and add blog links to win!

I am sure you are excited to win this giveaway, yeah just four winners and you get to try some skin care samples. I told you that I went for Midvalley last Sunday and I saw in the goodie bag consists of skin care samples I love to share with my blog follower. I bought the magazines and I receive the goodie bag.

For detail giveaway just click on the link to find out!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Diaper haul in AEON BIg

Tonight a happy night for me but I burn a hole in my pocket, I bought XL20 diapers of Carrefour in AEON Big. The normal XL20 Carrefour brand cost RM8, another XL20 Carrefour brand cost RM10.
Due to laziness in putting napkins in washing washing mostly we are using diapers now.

My toddler knows how to remove diaper in split seconds! Anyway while update blog here, my dear having his supper. Good deal tonight 60 eggs for RM9.60, yeah two trays of eggs can last us three weeks or more.. We will see.

Son found a toy suits him, RM12 for three items in it. There is a sword, a shield and a cuff for hand. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fun in Midvalley, grab goodie bag and free photography

Yesterday i head go Midvalley with family as we already plan going there on Sunday. It is fun we head go thr wedding fair first, over there we can purchase Magazine on spot and with RM20 purchase above can redeem a goodie bag. Not just goodie bag also go to photo booth for free photography.

My sister in law bought over RM40 she bought thr magazine that comes with free silver bag and wine plus T shape tooth brush. No kidding, she wants to give the wine to her dad. She too go for the free photography, she bring along my youngest son for it, yes her four pictures not all nice because he is messing around!

You can find my photo in instagram sherrygo. Indeed a good day for us, we bumped into cousin family. They heading go McD for lunch, i told them about the free photography and goodie bag. I am not sure if they go to see, i forgot to inform of the confinement book selling there. She is preggy six months now.