Friday, October 31, 2008

Pinkista's 3rd Anniversary Contest

This is a nice contest which I found to share with you. Pinkista's 3rd Anniversary Contest is happening at Pinkista Blog. This is her first contest and she has been blogging using for 3 years. This is indeed a great celebration to goes with the 3rd Anniversary.

Great Prize awaiting you...
1st winner
$30 cash thru paypal
$20 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
Blog Review worth $30 from (sponsored by Paul)
1000 EC credits from Palabuzz (sponsored by Paul).
125×125 advertisement on for 1 month
2nd winner
$10 cash thru paypal
$10 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
1 yr domain (.com/.org/.net/.us) + hosting package (sponsored by Valerie)
1000 EC Credits (sponsored by Nina)
125×125 advertisement on AppleCandie.Us for 1 month
3rd winner
$10 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
1 yr domain (.com/.org/.net) (sponsored by Nina)
8gb hosting package (sponsored by Micay)
4th winner
$5 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
125×125 advertisement on My Candypastel for 1 month
1000 EC Credits (sponsored by Dhadha)
5th winner
$5 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
1000 EC Credits from my
The contest has started will ends on 30 November 2008. and 5 Winners will be posted on December 1, 2008.
It's not tough to take part in this contest just follow the rules in the contest post.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Giveaway@Sweetytots

Yeah this is a nice giveaway that I am invited by architect to take part. First Giveaway@Sweetytots is what I am talking about. Just look at the above Musical Set, you can win it and give it to your baby or your loved one as Christmas present.

This giveaway is open for international and if she can't ship it to you, the prize will be convert to cash. The cash will be pay via PayPal.

How to take part?
1. Subscribe to my feed by entering your email on my RSS Dolly (right upper corner).
Compulsary to be able to qualify.
2. Head on over to Come and Play.
3. Pick your favorite item
4. Come back here and comment in the official entry form below the extra entries section on what you chose
5. Leave an extra comment in this post. You have to comment on the post and the entry form to qualify.
6. Extra entry if you blog about this giveaway.

It's so easy to take part in this giveaway, the contest has started and ends on Nov 13, 2008. Winner will be announced on Nov 15, 2008.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I will update on my Entrecard Serious Dropper

As I know some of the blogger on my list has not been using entrecard any more. I will be removing them from my list. Anyone have any comment on that?

I don't think it's fair to other if they wanted to check my Entrecard Serious Dropper and clicking the link which lead to a blog that does not have entrecard widget.

If you want to know who are my serious dropper just click on the bar above.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I won $30 from My Precious Niche

Oh I have just got an email from Ed. Saying that I am one of the Winners. I have won $30 for being the Top Commentator with 906 comments.

I never know how many have I commented as its not like any other comment contest where you get to see the numbers of your comments. If you like to know who else win the Prize you can click on the Winners list.

You got to see they are so many commentator there.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why technorati authority reduced?

I have been thinking what's wrong with my technorati authority, first it was 168 then 153 and now I see that its reduced to 149. Can anyone tell me what's happening?

If you know about it, you can express your thought about why the technorati authority reduced.

It's the first time I come across there will be reduced instead if increased.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kettlebell for boys and gals

I am sure everyone know what is kettlebell. I have seen them in the local shopping mall. I always been wanting to know about which is suitable for gal and which is for boys. I found an interesting site to share with you. Kettlebell size for the beginners will tell you which is suitable for boys and gals.

Personally, I think I am suitable to have the 8kg or 12kg. Do you know that kettlebell comes in many sizes? If you think of fitness you can have a good start with the kettlebell. I have check out the local shop for the price of Kettlebell.

Win free domain and webhosting

Yeah I have found a contest to share with you. Bare in mind that contest is going to end soon. It's easy to take part in the contest. Just answer the following questions. This is you chance to win Free Domain and Webhosting.

The questions and my answers

1. Why you want to win this competition? I want to win because this blog is still a blogspot blog. Secluded Habitat is now giving me a chance to win one!

2 .Why you feel you deserve to win the free hosting? It will be used on this blog Sherry Rambling.

3. Why you have not got paid hosting previously? I won two domain and hosting in contests. I know when the domain is about to expired I need to renew them.

4. And finally how would having your own hosting enable you to enhance your blog or service to the community? Frankly speaking, I am still thinking about it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Your ad box delisted

I have email from PW about my ad box.

In viewing that page, you can see that both the displays and bid values of this box have been quite low over the past 7 days. An advertising area that isn't earning you any money isn't very useful for anyone, so we'd like to give you some tips on increasing the performance of this advertising area.

The easiest thing to do is to consolidate your ad boxes: if you have several ad boxes on several pages, you're really spreading the traffic on your site around, and every box gets a correspondingly smaller slice of the pie. Instead of having multiple ad boxes on multiple pages, putting the same ad box on multiple pages allows all of your traffic to be credited to a single ad box. This is often more profitable for you, and for advertisers, than having many boxes with less traffic.

Similarly, having many ad boxes on the same page dilutes the market. If an advertiser wants to bid on your site, he or she has to compete with every other bidder - and the more advertising areas you offer, the more supply you're providing to meet this demand. Since the bidding on ad boxes increases with competition, the more supply you add, the lower your earnings can be. Again, consolidating multiple ad boxes into one advertising area is a solution here, and may make your site design more attractive as well, as less visual real estate is given up to advertisements.

Consolidating your ad boxes is a simple matter of choosing one of your ad boxes to remain, while deleting the others. You can then put the code for your remaining ad boxes on the pages where the other ad boxes used to be, and all the traffic from these pages will be credited to this single ad box. Just be sure to mention in the ad box description the other sites your ad box will be appearing on, so potential advertisers will know they're getting a deal!

Similar to consolidation is the option to reduce the size of your ad boxes. If you've got an ad box with 4 advertising spots available on it, you could always resize your ad box so there's only 1 spot: this increases competition among bidders and can push prices up. You can resize your ad boxes under "My ad boxes" -> "Edit ad box".

A nice side effect of both resizing and consolidating your ad boxes is that it allows the remaining ads on your site to stand out more, and thus increases their value!

Additionally, minimum bids could be hurting you. If you have a minimum bid on your ad box that is above what the market is willing to pay, it's unlikely you'll get bids. Furthermore, many advertisers like to check out a site while bidding is low, and will stay around as bidding is pushed higher again. If you remove or lower the minimum bid on your ad box, you may see better performance from it!

Finally, since your traffic levels are low, you may want to consider advertising your site on Project Wonderful! Using the funds in your account to advertise the site your ad box is on can have the effect of drawing more traffic towards it, thereby increasing the value of your ad box! It's an easy way to draw more attention to your projects.

Please note that if the performance of this ad box remains low during the next 7 days, then this advertising area may be delisted. If that happens, the box will be deactivated, and you'll have to reactivate it manually if you wish to continue with it. Please consider taking some of these suggestions into account, as if we delist a box more than three times in a month, it will be permanently deleted.

We want to be clear: this is not a matter of delisting your ad box because its traffic is low: even sites with low traffic have value, and can be profitable! Rather, it's a matter of helping you best monitize this traffic you have, replacing under-performing ad boxes with ones that can work better for you and your sites.

We hope this helps! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. And thanks for being a Project Wonderful publisher!

-The Project Wonderful Market Robot

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Create Contact Form for Heart Random

As you know that I have a new blog Heart Random and now I like to introduce my new baby to you. That's NameSherry dot com. Both are contest that I won and both valid for year. So which mean that next year Sept/Oct I will have to pay for the renew domain myself.

Oh yeah having tough time to add Contact Form for Heart Random. I am doing it with help of my friend Pangeran. You can see that the contact form is there but it will not work. I wonder why it's works on Pangeran's blog.

Here's the feedback from Shann Host about the contact form.


Check the installation procedure you did for the cforms.
Installation of plug-ins like this occurs problem when the program is not properly installed or uploaded in the blog site.
It has nothing to do with the hosting provider , instead the installation procedures itself.

But if you really having a hard time installing contact form in your blog, you might want to try this;

It's a lot easier. You just need to sign-up, create a Contact Form Page in your blog, then paste HTML code.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Safety precaution when staying alone in Hotel

Just got an email from friend about safety precaution when you are staying in a hotel alone. I think ladies should read about this. Here's what happened to this lady...

Ladies, you must read this for safety precautions when staying in a hotel. Please keep in mind when you are traveling and forward to female friends and colleagues who may travel alone. To the guys, share this with your sisters and all those women you know. I've always used the menu which hang outside your doorknob to order breakfast when on business trips. I was recently staying at a well-known hotel and I ordered room service for the next day On the flyer (which ask your about what you need to eat) then placed it at your door knob outside your room. On this order form, one writes her name, how many persons will be eating, your room number, time of delivery, etc. I hung it on the outside of my door for collection - it was a mistake! I had given someone all the ammunition that he would need. That someone went to my door-tag.... got my name and room number.... And then told the front desk that he was my husband (remember my tag showed 1 female name) and that he needed a new key. The clerk ... WITHOUT ASKING FOR ID OR CALLING MY ROOM .. GAVE HIM MY ROOM KEY! At 2 a.m. I was awakened by my door opening (luckily I had put the security bar across) with a man's hand trying to figure out how to get the bar undone. I started yelling at him and told him that I was on the phone with the police. He shut the door and left. I called down to the lobby and spoke with the Front Desk - I wanted to alert Security about the incident. The hotel staff person said and quote, "Oops, sorry about that" then hung up. Well, let's just say that I was both terrified and angry the rest of the night. Next morning, I spoke with a Hotel Manager whose eyes almost popped out of his head when he learned that his clerk had given an unidentified stranger a key to my room. I am glad that I am typing this to all of you with my 2 year old kid on my lap. I don't want to think of what might have happened if the safety chain/bar had not been secured.

Please forward this to your female family members & friends. Better be safe than sorry.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday to Iyah

Happy 2nd Birthday to Iyah

It's Iyah's 2nd Birthday and you stand a chance to win $15 Cash via PayPal. Remembered Jacq in her previous giveaway on Camera strap not long ago? It's her little gal birthday this October.

Here’s what you can win:
I’m giving away $15 paypal money to two lucky people.
$5 paypal money to two people who will give the best birthday wish/greeting to my little girl.

You have until Thursday, October 16, 2008 to join. Don't wait now, click on the link to find out more info.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pinaymama's Diary 1 year Blogversary

It's Pinaymama's Diary One Year Blogversary. First I like to say Happy 1 Year Blogversary. check out Pinaymama blogs
Pinaymama's Diary
A Mother's Journal
Simple Life, Simply Me
Life Expressions
Asawa's Love Book
Pinay in States

I am wanting you to know whose the sponsors as well, they are
Beauty of Life | Praning's Shoutout| Starts at Two | The Money Maker | A mother of yesterday, today & tomorrow| San Diego w/ Love | Beauty is in the eye of the beholder | Tips & Experiences | Biz-N-Honey | Mommy Earns Money Online | Pinay Mommy Online | Micsart | Twinkletoe Writing Space | Everything Has A Reason | Life's All About

So lets check the Prizes

  • 1 major winner of a gorgeous multi-colored scarf (sponsored by Me) Plus, a 2,000 EC credits (sponsored by Everything Has A Reason) Plus, 1 month free 125X125 ad space sponsored by Aeirin of Biz-N-Honey
Scarf Description:

A multi-colored scarf for women, one measures 81 inches long and 6 inches across, the maker is Filatess. This scarf is made of 52% Acrylic, 27% Nylon-Polyamid and 21% Mohair. This scarf was made in Italy.

Note: If you live outside the US, since I can't ship internationally, a $10.00 will be deposited direct to your Paypal account.

  • 1 winner of $5.00 (sponsored by Mommy Jona of Beauty of Life) Plus, a free ad space 125X125 for a month and a 1,000 EC credits (Sponsored by Praning's Shoutout.)
  • 1 winner of 1,000 EC credits. Plus, a Customize Layout (blogger platform) (sponsored by Ms. Twinks of Twinkletoe Writing Space.)
  • 1 winner of 1 year domain. Plus, a 125X125 ad space in Pinaymama's Diary and 1,000 EC credits, sponsored by Pinay Mommy Online
  • 2 winners of free ad space for a month plus, a 900 EC credits (sponsored by Simple Life, Simply Me and Momemo.)
  • 1 winner of 800 EC credits (sponsored by Asawa's Love Book) Plus, a free 3-months 125X125 advert in The Money Maker blog (sponsored by Mommy Jona.)
  • 2 winners of 600 EC credits (sponsored by Micsart and Starts at Two) Plus, a two 125X125 free ad space for 2 months in Pinay in States and A Mother's Journal.)
  • 1 winner of 125X125 ad space for a month at Life Expressions and Everything Has A Reason)
  • For 12 consolation prizes, (12 winners) of 100 free EC credits will be given away. (Sponsored by Mommy Jerla of A mother of yesterday, today & tomorrow, San Diego w/ Love, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Tips & Experiences and Life's All About.)

about how to take part in the contest.

1. Blog about the contest, don't forget to grab the badge and direct link to A few sentence will do. At the bottom of your post, don't forget to link all of my blogs, as well as the sponsor's blogs and their individual links.

2. Subscribe to Pinaymama's Diary feeds via email. (see top left sidebar)
4. Fave this blog in Technorati (see top left sidebar)
3. Leave the direct link of your post in the comment section as well as the blogs where you posted the contest.
4. 1 point, 1 entry, the more entry you have the more chances of winning
5. All entries must be submitted before or on October 31st, 12 am (EST). I will announce the winner in November 1, 2008 EST.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby Carrot in the supermarket

Just got an email from my friend love to share this with you. Personally, I don't eat baby carrot even though they sell it here. It's kind of expensive that's why I don't buy them to eat.

How about you?

Regard the email, well you read as following...

The following is information from a farmer who grows and packages carrots for IGA, METRO, LOBLAWS, etc.

The small cocktail (baby) carrots you buy in small plastic bags are made using the larger crooked or deformed carrots which are put through a machine which cuts and shapes them into cocktail carrots most people probably know this already.

What you may not know and should know is the following: once the carrots are cut and shaped into cocktail carrots they are dipped in a solution of water and chlorine in order to preserve them (this is the same chlorine used your pool) since they do not have their skin or natural protective
covering, they give them a higher dose of chlorine.

You will notice that once you keep these carrots in your refrigerator for a few days, a white covering will form on the carrots, this is the chlorine which resurfaces. At what cost do we put our health at risk to have esthetically pleasing vegetables which are practically plastic?

We do hope that this information can be passed on to as many people as possible in the hopes of informing them where these carrots come from and how they are processed. Chlorine is a very well known carcinogen.

Fan Sign for SweetPosh

3rd Contest @Sweet Posh is almost over

Just want you to know that the contest is almost over. 3rd Contest @ SweetPosh has the contest runs from September 3-October 8, 2008

I am sure you love being creative, there's a few way where you can earn points.
  • you can blog about the contest
  • ask your friends to join the contest
  • create a fan sign url in your blog
  • place the banner at your blog

Talking about points check out below:

uniqueness of work - 40 points
writing of post about the contest - 20 points
friends post entry - 20 points each
graphics/fan sign you make - 20 points each

After you done all that, please write in as following...
1.Put CONTEST #3 on the subject area of your mail
3.URL site sign url
5.exact url of your post for the contest
6.for your friends posts entries,email me whenever they make an entry for your points.
(you may email me once a week for the links)
7.location where you put the banner

For more info, do click on the link above.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Win $200 Plus Worth of Prizes

Yeah this is a nice contest that you can take part. You can Win $200 plus worth of Prizes from there. It's Yenny's 3rd year of blogging, also little peanut will celebrate his 10 month this coming Friday!

No more delay, lets check the Prizes now.

First Prize
$ 40 from Yennygirl
$ 10 and 500 EC From Swept Away
2000 EC from Indo Contest
1000 EC from Affiliatizer
1000 EC from ThemeLib
125×125 ad for one month from Wonderful Things in Life
125×125 ad for one month from Creative in Me
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love
Second Prize
$10 from Yennygirl
$10 from My Happy Place
$10 from Suburban Sass
2000 EC Credits from WordPress for Beginners
1000 EC from When Silence Speaks
1000 EC from Wiehanne Lounge
125×125 ad for one month from Music of My Heart
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love
Third Prize
$10 from Fab Finds, Etc.
$10 from I AM DZOI
$10 from Mommy Talks. Wife Stories
1000 EC points from Wonderful Things in Life
1000EC points from Heart Random
125×125 ad for one month from LittlePeanut
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love
Fourth Prize
$5 and 500 EC From Official Chosen Fate
$ 8 and 200 EC from Walk on Red
$5 from Living the Healthy Life
1000 EC from Etc-Atbp.
125×125 ad for one month from Around the World
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love
Fifth Prize
$ 5 from Stripe and Yellow
$ 5 from Doll Me Up
300 EC From The Scrapaholic Me
200 EC From It’s Where My Heart Is
125×125 ad for one month from Blogging for Bloggers
125×125 ad for one month from Pea in a Pod
RSS Text Link for one month from Blog for Beginners
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations
~{values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love
Just for you info, I am also one of the sponsor in this contest.
The Contest Ends on the 24th of October so if you wish to participate you must enter before that date. Winners will be announced a week after so that will be October 31st! And also, winners will be pick through!
Enjoy and Let’s have some fun!