Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Serious Droppers

I am making this lists to thank my Entrecard Droppers as well as making this easy for myself to drop cards. I will be checking out all of my blogs as well.

  1. Shopping blog
  2. Twins Happiness
  3. Emila's Illustrated Blog
  4. Reenashwina
  5. That blog 4 Me
  6. Prodinterios
  7. SE7ENize
  8. The Flying Beagle
  9. Enfotainer


  1. thanks for linking to my blog
    at first I was huh?
    cuz this is the first time I visit this site
    I just came across because of cute kitten banner on other sites (not via entrecard I think)
    then I realize that you are the same owner of Iluvcontest, which I dropped on very often :D

  2. hey, glad to hear from you. Congrats on winning $10 buck in a contest. I saw your name on the Winner list.


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