Friday, April 4, 2008

Win 5000 EC from Shanker Bakshi

Just want to share with you a contest which you can join as well. The winner will win Grand Prize of 5000 EntreCard Credits. Shanker Baskshi is the had gaveaway 3000 EntreCard Credits in Jan. I didn't know about that as I only joined Entrecard in March. Now I am taking this chance to win 5000 EC!

It's really easy to join the contest, first you have to check out his site on how to win 5000 EntreCard Credits . Personally I have subscribed to Shanker Baksi dot com by email which already earning myself 5 entries for the contest. Other than that, I am telling you about this contest which will also earn myself 3 entries. Total would be 8 entries :).

Frankly speaking I didn't know that 5000 EntreCard Credits is value $25. I am going to add Shanker Bakshi to my links. It's a good place to check on how to make money too. Anyway, if you are interested on winning the 5000 EC, the contest will end on 30 April this year.

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