Friday, April 25, 2008

Match Making

I am sure you will find this familar and I think its very common these days. I just can't believe that my dad is trying to match making my sister. Yeah I know every parents would want to see their children growing healthy and get married.

My sister told me that my dad had arranged a dinner with meeting a guy. I didn't know about it until my sister told me so. It happened quite some time ago. The guy is in his 40's, he is an industrial lawyer. My sister told me that he's very old fashion and wearing clothes like oldies. Plus the old looking spects. She just has no interest on dating at the moment.

Few weeks ago, we attended a dinner... then only I found out whose the guy. I saw him! He's not that old fashion like my sister said. Anyway he's getting married in Aug or Sept this year.

My sister used to have guy that wanted to date her. There's one she told me before. But I really not understand why the guy is afraid of hair. I mean he told my sister that he afraid of hairy things and afraid to sit on plane too. My sister was so crazy about him then, she went for laser treatment to remove her armpits hair. If you ask me, where's the guy now? I have no idea, they did not date in the end.

I love my sister and I do hope she can find a guy that she likes. But dad is like in a hurry. How do you tell him not to worry?

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