Wednesday, January 27, 2016

RIP kitty

It's a hot day and busy road life as usual. Sad to see a kitty being laying flat next to a parking lot where there's a car parking next to it. My heart breaks seeing the lifeless body of the kitty. This happened near school of the shop lot in Subang Jaya. The body of the kitty is laying flat as it's appeared to be flattened by vehicle.

It's not the first time, even on the main road busy street. I have seen flat body of cat in middle of the road. Sometimes they are good people that took the dead body of the dead cat to the road side so that the vehicle will not continue to damage the cat.

That's why important to keep pets at home, don't let them free on the street unless you can be there with it for a walk etc. I was told that there's pet funeral in Malaysia. There's pet cemetary too.