Thursday, May 29, 2014

Speak up if you are calling someone

I received two times called from same lady about their online store. Sad to say no idea what's her name and her online store name. Anyway it is about the online store's promotion, bad timing to call me I am not free. So I ask her what about, she says its about promotion on store.

Since it's online store, I think why not deal it the online way, so easy just email me the info.

So that's what I say to her, email me. That's it, end conversation.

Would you entertain someone who sound not confident and don't speak.

Monday, May 26, 2014

More tuition for son?

Son's received the lowest mark in class 29 marks for his Chinese exam paper. Not sure which exam paper, exam paper 1 or exam paper 2.

He's already going for tuition near school, now I have to give him more tuition?! That's because his no obey me or listen to me at home. I say do more exercise pages on the subject, he would only do 2 pages. No wonder my exercise book I bought for him never complete!

Brother in law gave him a computer to use for play games. I told him cannot play computer games on weekdays just the weekends.

Parenting is never easy when your spouse rely on you alone to teach him. That's why best option was putting him to tuition let the teacher teaches him.

Son asked me to consider give him another chance for next exam, if still fails only put him for BC tuition.

Standard three will be more tough as no more option for the exam questions. He'll need to answer them by himself. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Garnier Men Champion in Men's Skincare Media Launch

Garnier Men Champion in Men's Skincare Media launch today at Grand ballroom in Aloft Hotel. Garnier Men, the No.1 Selling brand* in men's skincare asserts that its insight into Malaysian men's skincare needs helped to build the brand to its champion market position today.

Above is Christina Low, Marketing Director, Garnier Malaysia

 According to Low, Malaysia was the first market in the world to introduce Garnier Men with a full range of skincare products selling formulated for men. "Garnier Men was first introduced to Malaysian men in 2010; and since then, we have seen steadily leading the men's skincare category with healthy year-on-year growth," she said.

 Above is Gernier Men by Farhana Nasir explanation of men's skin care concerns. She is Senior Product Manager of Garnier Men Malaysia.

Based on a study conducted by L'Oreal Malaysia on Malaysian men in 2012**, Malaysian men averagely spend less than 20 minutes on grooming themselves in a day. In general, Malaysian men groom to look and feel good for themselves. The study reported that 56% of men ranked confidence as their top motivation; 52% groom to stay clean and hygiene; and 39% generally groom to look good and be more professional for work reasons. Majority of men 86% who use grooming products, purchase it themselves.

Garnier Men's philosophy of 'Take Care', today's men understand the importance of taking good care of their skin and appearance to be self-confidence, professional or at least courteous.

Men's bigger concerns with 8 out of 10 (or 79%) citing oily skin as the key concern. As such, it is no surprise that Garnier Men's Turbolight Oil Control range of cleansers has been the best selling in the market*.

Above is Aiman Hakim with the speaker of the day. He is 182cm tall.

Aiman Hakim bin Ridza Abdoh, born in January 17, 1989 is a Malaysian actor and a singer fondly known as Aiman Hakim Ridza. Aiman comes from a family of mixed Malay-Arab parentage, where he is the third of four siblings. He is born in Johor and later moved to Penang in 1994 before settling in Kuala Lumpur. 

Aiman had a brief career in foodball before he entered the entertainment industry. He represented Malaysia in the Under 17 Youth World Cup (FIFA) in Tokyo, Japan and the Malaysian National Football Squad Under-18.

Aiman took part in the talent competition Mentor 5 in 2011 and he made it through to the fourth round. In the same year, he shot to fame in his first drama, where he played Amir in Vanilla Coklat. He then continued to act in a few television series and a telemovie drama. As the first milestone in his acting career, Aiman Hakin bagged the Most Popular Male New Artist award at the 26th Bintang Popular Berita Harian Awards in 2012.

At 25, Aiman believes that knowledge and skill help him build his career. The athlete-turned-singer-and-actor never fails to challenge himself at what he does; he wants to gain more skills in acting before venturing into movie and even theatre. As the new ambassador for Garnier Men, Aiman is not afraid to admit that he loves skin care products and takes pride in taking good care of his skin. 

Garnier Men TurboLight Oil Control Icy Scrub is an anti-blackheads skin lightening scrub for men who want to take control of their oily skin. This product is retail price of RM15.50 for 100ML and RM7.90 for 50ML. 
For a complete skincare regime, the Icy Scrub can be accompanied by these Garnier Men TurboLight Oil Control products: Cooling Foam (RRP: RM7.90 for 50ML and RM14.90 for 100ML)
Charcoal Black Foam (RP: RM8.50 for 50ML and RM15.90 for 100ML);
All in 1 Brightening Moisturiser (RRP: RM10.90 for 20ML and RM21.90 for 40ML) and
Ice Matte Gel (RPP: RM24.90 for 50ML).

Garnier Men provides Malaysian men with a variety of choices to address their skin concerns. Products are available at hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies and even convenient stores nationwide.

Don't forget to join the Garnier Men's "Take Control & Win" contest and stand a chance to win a total of over RM20,000 worth of prizes! Just buy any Garnier Men product, answer a fun soccer quiz, complete a slogan in less than 20 words and attach proof of purchase to join. Prizes include SONY playstation 4, 47" Sony Bravia TV and EA FIFA 2014 Game. Contest opened til 30 June and entry forms are avaialble at retail outlets nationwide.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lunch with my parents

Today is the day I enjoy having lunch with my parents, then later I will bring son for a movie date. My parents left after having lunch with us, they missed having lunch with my son. I fetch my son from school today and he pretended that he didn't see me. Then he refused to go back first as wanted to say goodbye to his friends.

Dad told me that my bro was sick and his twins daughter gave him medicine to eat. He had fever last week, hope my bro is feeling better. I haven't seen him for weeks, last met him in February.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bruises healing fast

I notice that my bruise on arm is healing fast, then I think back what else I do beside having the arm rubbed using alcohol.

I took the drink only on second day or third day after the game of laser tag.

Oh yeah I had the 15 days challenge with Mireica, it helps the body's skin overall not just the face. So I did asked them about it too, and the replied to me is.

Mireica helps the body's skin overall not just the face. Bruises or scratches, helps to heal faster, because of it's powerful, natural ingredients I've noticed that the spots on your face has decreased tremendously of which I'm really happy about

Monday, May 19, 2014

Wine Appreciation Acitivity

Good afternoon, are you feeling Monday's blue? 

To bloggers based in KL or nearby, my friend is organizing a Wine Appreciation Activity exclusively for bloggers who are interested in this subject. Thanks to fill-up your details on the form below if you enjoy or would love to know more about wine. Cheers! 

Please fill-up your details here:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dining@Absolute Thai,1 Utama

Stir fried sliced beef with hot basil leaves serve with rice and sunny side up, a glass of pink guava juice.

This is my meal which I ordered, yummy...

Teased by friend

It's strange feeling after all, my blogger friend attended the same event I attended today. Somehow we both won lucky draw prizes but she's not happy of her prizes. She likes my lucky draw prize that I won. It's depend on luck to win lucky draw.

Before the second lucky draw, she's been teasing me not to win anymore big prize. Then after that I won a prize which indeed is big but not the biggest. She's not happy of it. Anyway the moment I win the second prize, I'm excited happy and I laugh, my friend kept looking at me. Oh yeah, she's the one keep teasing that I better not win anymore big doll, so I get big doll house instead of doll.

Anyway both of us won lucky draw prizes for both rounds. She seems not happy of it. Her prizes perhaps smaller than mine but how about other blogger that no win at all?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What bag suitable for children in primary school?

During my childhood I never use stroller bag, I am only using backpack and I have to hand carry another bag too.

My son is lucky today he gets to use stroller bag, not just him I saw many in his school boys or girls they are using stroller bag. It's easier for them less heavy to move around, unless you need to carry up the class. My mom in law says that son does not need stroller bag soon, it's better for him to use backpack. In my mind, it's better he keeps using the stroller bag, I don't want him to have any back pain carry the heavy bag.

I saw children carrying the backpack, the bag so heavy that I can see like they having hard time carrying it.

Perhaps my son can use backpack then he will need another handbag, but sad to say he is careless I scare he'll lost the hand carry bag. :(

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Laser Tag battle reminds me of a movie

If you have time can read up about the Laser Tag party that I attended last Saturday, click on the link to read it.
Wearing the 3.5kg laser tag vest with gun, you will be excited to go in for a war/battle. It's so fun to hide, laser and I did lot squatting too.
Check out my day 5 bruise from the battle field. 
I must have bumped the partition in the arena. 
I recalled bumped my arm twice same area. :(

It may be silly but I think it's very fun in the laser tag party, to battle with other team. A team of nine members in it to battle with another team of nine members. Total of four teams and four games we played during there.

I like to watch Movie of Aliens by Signourney Weaver, the battle does reminds of me the movie. It's reminds me of the movie Aliens 2 instead of Alien 1. Aliens is where Signourney Weaver as Ripley goes back to battle with the aliens, yes she won the war between the aliens.

Hehe.. we are not really battle with aliens but beautiful butterflies. It was a fun games for everyone and we enjoy every bit of it. Despite I have the injury, I never regret joining this party!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

PMS and laser tag eCurve

Son's having replacement tomorrow, but dear's not working on this day, just nice for me to go pew pew.. I mean laser tag with beautiful butterflies.

PMS came today and you know it, I will not give up but still go enjoy myself. Last night I have headache and hardly sleep that's because of PMS coming, don't feel any headache today.

Mmm.. will be my first time to go eCurve alone! Yeah also first time to play laser tag, yes I'm ready for it. :D

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Share & Grab Contest

Sad to say I didn't win this contest... They have 100 selected people to take part but only 20 of the prize to give away.

Congratulation! You are one of the lucky member for Share & GRAB Contest "I Want to GRAB Captain America Headphone"! Here are the Verification Code and Step How to GRAB! Verification Code : F3R9-G4A3-Q4A2 Step How to GRAB Step 1 Login to before campaign start (9pm), Step 2 Click into the Campaign - CAPTAIN AMERICA PREMIUM ITEM - HEADPHONE, Step 3 Key in Verification Code (VC) & answer 3 simple questions, Step 4 If you successful GRAB the voucher, please email to us! Tips : Please prepare yourself before 9pm tonight. Good Luck!

Monday, May 5, 2014

First time to Aloft Hotel and KL Sentral

I didn't take part in Selfie contest yesterday as my phone was running low on battery. 

Yesterday is my first time going to Aloft Hotel, I tried using the waze the travel by car supposed be 30 min but ended up 40 min because I couldn't locate the Hotel. I have to round at least three times around KL sentral hotels to find it. Lucky I didn't give up because I know parking near mall or any of the hotel would be expensive.

Since the event in Aloft Hotel, the parking fee is RM10 for 10 hours. I parked for at least 6 hours, the fee supposed be RM28. I went to reception counter to have the ticket validate.

The parking at Nu Sentral mall will be RM4 per hour if not mistake. You can always Google to check. One lady I met in the event parked wrong place and told me she's paying RM4 per hour, so the night she will need pay RM12. She check the parking machine for payment stated once in the parking lot, even for 15 min parking she still need to pay RM4.

I didn't manage to window shopping in Nu Sentral mall, once I am in the Aloft Hotel, it started heavy raining.

A happy night for me to meet with celebrities they are Kurtwood Smith and Omar Epps.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Waze setting do check it up

So the waze wasn't having any sound, I told dear about it. He compared his and then mine, find out that mine was setting the UK and his US. Mine was a male speaker, his female speaker. After fix the setting doing the correction on the selection, yes I am back using waze with sound!

Believe it the Uptown 1 was so near and I lost 45 min looking for it. I follow my instinct that day and happy to tell you I manage to find the Uptown 1 but its very expensive parking RM2.50.

So long time no go there, many changes there. Now they have more construction and Uptown 37 shoplot. 

When is next school holiday?

I don't know why some people saying that on the school holiday calendars are not the same date. The teacher in school would let me son knows that when is school holiday or public holiday, for instance today is Labour Day, teacher let children know that there's no need to go school for this day.

Somehow replacement will be on next Saturday because it's a replacement day for July date.

Have you ever compare the calendar you have at home with other state calendar? So I have a calendar I bought from a shop near son's school, another calendar from Lukut, Port Dickson. The school holiday marked are not the same for month of May 2014.