Monday, May 26, 2014

More tuition for son?

Son's received the lowest mark in class 29 marks for his Chinese exam paper. Not sure which exam paper, exam paper 1 or exam paper 2.

He's already going for tuition near school, now I have to give him more tuition?! That's because his no obey me or listen to me at home. I say do more exercise pages on the subject, he would only do 2 pages. No wonder my exercise book I bought for him never complete!

Brother in law gave him a computer to use for play games. I told him cannot play computer games on weekdays just the weekends.

Parenting is never easy when your spouse rely on you alone to teach him. That's why best option was putting him to tuition let the teacher teaches him.

Son asked me to consider give him another chance for next exam, if still fails only put him for BC tuition.

Standard three will be more tough as no more option for the exam questions. He'll need to answer them by himself. 

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