Monday, May 5, 2014

First time to Aloft Hotel and KL Sentral

I didn't take part in Selfie contest yesterday as my phone was running low on battery. 

Yesterday is my first time going to Aloft Hotel, I tried using the waze the travel by car supposed be 30 min but ended up 40 min because I couldn't locate the Hotel. I have to round at least three times around KL sentral hotels to find it. Lucky I didn't give up because I know parking near mall or any of the hotel would be expensive.

Since the event in Aloft Hotel, the parking fee is RM10 for 10 hours. I parked for at least 6 hours, the fee supposed be RM28. I went to reception counter to have the ticket validate.

The parking at Nu Sentral mall will be RM4 per hour if not mistake. You can always Google to check. One lady I met in the event parked wrong place and told me she's paying RM4 per hour, so the night she will need pay RM12. She check the parking machine for payment stated once in the parking lot, even for 15 min parking she still need to pay RM4.

I didn't manage to window shopping in Nu Sentral mall, once I am in the Aloft Hotel, it started heavy raining.

A happy night for me to meet with celebrities they are Kurtwood Smith and Omar Epps.


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