Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Laser Tag battle reminds me of a movie

If you have time can read up about the Laser Tag party that I attended last Saturday, click on the link to read it.
Wearing the 3.5kg laser tag vest with gun, you will be excited to go in for a war/battle. It's so fun to hide, laser and I did lot squatting too.
Check out my day 5 bruise from the battle field. 
I must have bumped the partition in the arena. 
I recalled bumped my arm twice same area. :(

It may be silly but I think it's very fun in the laser tag party, to battle with other team. A team of nine members in it to battle with another team of nine members. Total of four teams and four games we played during there.

I like to watch Movie of Aliens by Signourney Weaver, the battle does reminds of me the movie. It's reminds me of the movie Aliens 2 instead of Alien 1. Aliens is where Signourney Weaver as Ripley goes back to battle with the aliens, yes she won the war between the aliens.

Hehe.. we are not really battle with aliens but beautiful butterflies. It was a fun games for everyone and we enjoy every bit of it. Despite I have the injury, I never regret joining this party!

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