Monday, April 29, 2013

Watched Iron Man 3 in2D: Free Popcorn & Drink

My dear given me the tickets to watch Iron Man 3 in 2D in eCurve. I must thank him for the tickets, only two tickets and he gave me and son to watch together. He didn't watch with us because only two tickets in hand. We love this movie so much, I love the starting of the movie too, the song.. it's so meaningful.

One couple bring along their daugthers, I believe the children are young. They need to carry their daughter in hand inside the cinema. One of them must have got scare by the sound of movie and started crying, the parents didn't want to continue watch the movie and decided to leave the cinema. Not all children like to go movie because they are scare of dark.

We received free pop corn and drink before enter the Hall 10 for the movie. Yesterday is Sunday it is family day out for us too. He leave son and me to go watch movie then he went home to rest and then bring my sister-in-law and baby come.

We thought of going Ikea for dinner but the crowd too many we decided to walk over to eCurve again. Then we back Ikea again to shop for some plastic bags for mom-in-law. The bags for keeping vegetables and fruits in fridge.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Toddler played with switches in bedroom

My youngest son so active today, he played in Sunway Pyramid's playground but it is not enough for him. He's so active that, he couldn't stop running around in the playground. I have my eyes on him but sad to say I am alone to watch him at playground. He slipped and fell down while coming down of the playground's slide. He didn't cry at all, he uses both hands to balance himself when fall to prevent hitting his head.

This June he will be two year old, at night he played with switched in the room. We need to eyes on him, he will turn it on or off. No kidding, he knows to turn on the lighting in bedroom too. I am tired, hopefully tonight I get good night sleep as tomorrow movie date with son. :D

I still need to go DIY shop to purchase some items, toddler so active he knows to pull out the bottom of fridge compartment. He know's where the ice is placed. He's so cheeky!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Where is my couple t-shirts?

I won a couple t-shirts but sad to say I paid the shirts long ago but until today I didn't get any news from the company. The company asked me for $15 for shipping the shirts to me but they never let me know when is the shirt going to arrive.

It has been three weeks, I have tried emailed them and even whatsapp them but nothing seem work. Are they ignoring me?!

There goes my RM15 gone.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Movie tonight cancel because of safety

My dear is worry of my son and my safety so he asked us not to go movie tonight. I won to watch movie Iron Man 3 tonight was planning to bring my son go watch. Sad to say it is scary to go out in the night, he is worry because he says the mall at night not much people. I also not familar of coming home route.

Yeah I was aiming to win the tickets and go watch it, happy to know I won it but not able to watch it. Anyway here's good news from my dear, he got two tickets for son and me to go watch on Sunday. :D


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jeep shirts for me and son

I am happy that I won a goodie bag from Facebook contests recently, I went to collect the Prize with my son last Friday. My dear says I am crazy going by LRT to the office it is so far away, frankly speaking I have no idea where the office located even though they have a map which is confusing to see.

The LRT trip took an hour to reach the office, I collected the goodie bag which contains of four shirts. The shirts are just nice for me and my son. :D

The size of the shirts not suitable for my dear because he's XXL and they don't have the size.

Have you took part in any Facebook contests? Any luck in winning?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shopping shoes for niece

Yesterday we head to IOI Mall but before that we went the opposite of IOI Mall to go eat Dim Sum. The restaurant we always go for Dim Sum sad to say their food quality is bad this time. It taste not as good as before I doubt if I am going back there to eat Dim Sum. We saw two corner new shops Nanyang Kopitiam and bread shop.

In IOI Mall, sister-in-law head to nichii to purchase a pair red shoes RM29.90 for niece. My niece was here two weeks ago and she bought two pairs of shoes from there. She loves the colours and decided to get another pair. Plus her mom also can fit in her shoes, yeah both mom and daughter same shoes size. :D

As for me I purchase a zipper wrist band for myself, I choose the colour red as pink colour I washed it not yet dry. My son chooses a dinosaur toy, yeah he loves dinosaur. :D

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Burning garbage exploded a four year boy died

Yesterday bought a newspaper to read and saw the sad news of a four year old boy died. He was hurt by the exploded garbage which the family member is burning. Somehow they didn't know that a finished can of aerosol is contained in the burning garbage. I don't know why they want to have open burning, but sad to know the little boy died due to that. The explosion hurts the boy who is playing nearby. He has burning mark on his body. Some neighbour told the reporters that the family likes to opening burning in the area.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Bedroom wal colour what's your choce?

When it comes to your bedroom wall colour, do you prefer warm colours (red, yellow, orange), cool colours (blue, green, violet) or neutral colours (white, cream, brown)?

I have my favourite colour in mind but I know my dear does not like the colour I pick. Yeah I am choosing warm colour for my bedroom. Sad to say he does not like it, he feels that it would make the room dark.

How about you? What's your favourite colour?

Now my room is with cool colour which is green, this colour picked by my dad.

My brother-in-law house bedroom with the neutral colour, which is white it makes the room looked bigger.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daddy wants to move out and stay

Yesterday went to visit my family side and found out that my dad's wants to move out of my bro's place. I don't agree on this, because dad's getting old not getting any younger. I know he thinks he wants to give my bro family privacy but if he moves out alone, there are things that we need to think of like his safety and health. He told us that he's sometimes forgetful, and I know he's clumsy. Who's going to help dad if something happen to him?!

Dad told bro's wife that he could ask help from neighbour. Sorry to say that even my neighbour is not helpful?! Do you think the neighbour his place going to help him? Nobody knows what type of neighbour he has got. He told me that his decided to move out after two more years.

Perhaps dad wants to get attention? He knows that mom is living in nursing home and only comes home stay sometimes. Perhaps he's jealous that we only ask more of mom then him. Well I am not going to choose between him and mom, I love both of them.

I hope dad will consider again about moving out. Bro's wife even saying that perhaps he's the one that wants privacy!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another girl bullied by gals

It is sad to say there's another video in Facebook some people sharing it out, but I didn't want to share it. It is about a girl being bullied by three or four gals. The girls kicked and punched her so badly near the staircare, while one of them captuing the moment in video. Very sad to see such situation, I have the girls that bullied the poor girl get caught soon.

The condition of bullied are so bad, I can tell you they remove her shirt and then her tube. She tried to cover herself but they are stronger then her. Heart breaking to see this, no mother would want to see their children being hurt like that.


Friday, April 12, 2013

RM4.50 economic rice

Today after school son's let me know he's hungry and want to try the economic rice at the corner restaurant. Yeah took him there and he chooses four types plus rice and it cost RM4.50. It is not cheap and he drank ice milo and mine ice milk tea RM4.

I am not sure if he wants to eat there again. He finished the food, he had full stomach this afternoon. He told me don't walk so fast, he cannot catch up.

Talking of walking, a woman with two young children on the road side walking. Apparently she only holds on her youngest daughter and let her older daughter to walk alone! Her older daughter walking to middle street, it is dangerous.

I don't know what's on her mind, she's walking inside of the road side, the children walking outside of the road side.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marvel's Iron Man 3 3D glasses@RM25 per unit only

Do you like 3D glasses? Now there is limited edition of Marvel's Iron Man 3 3D Glasses at RM25 per unit only.

You can check out details at Cathay Cineplex Facebook or website.

Monday, April 8, 2013

C.Michael professional dye hair products

This afternoon head to Subang Parade and I have pruchased two boxes of hair dye products. You can see the above picture, it is only available in saloon but now you can purchase at Guardian Bargain Corner until this Sunday while stock lasts. I got the freebie of mist for my hair you can see above picture.

Each hair dye product sale price is RM25, normal price RM28.90. Now you know my haurl RM50 I bought two hair dye colors, and get one freebie mist for my hair. :D

I don't know how's the colour will be on my hair, no plan to dye my hair at the moment as I have dye it not long ago.

The sales girl told me if your purchased two dye hair products above brand, you can dye hair for free at their saloon. I didn't ask where the saloon as I have no interest go their saloon to dye hair. lol

Friday, April 5, 2013

Shopping in Giant USJ

I am sure you know that kids love playground and I am happy to say this afternoon my boys are very happy at the playground. After picked up my eldest from school, we came home and bath him then we head to Giant USJ.

My toddler and his brother played in playground, during weekdays it is less children to play in playground. My toddler have so much fun playing the slides, he can goes up the stairs himself and go to slide down. Yeah I need to follow him and see if he needs anyhelp.

It is not good to leave the children behind and go shopping, I look at my boys to play in playground and after they are done we go shopping together. Not all playground suitable for toddler to play, no matter it is important to have adult supervision there.

Have you been to Giant USJ? I like to purchase the marble cake and chocolate there, only RM5 each!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Ghost Child 2013

Ghost Child is Singapore horror directed by Gilbert Chan, starring Carrnen Soo, Jaylee Woo. This is the scary movie I watched last night at GSC One Utama.

Ghost Child also known as toyol. Carmen Soo acted as Indonesian-Chinese named Na, she was married to a bad tempered man and she has miscarriage, her husband then took the dead fetus to the bomoh to make the dead fetus to toyol. Her husband then feed the toyol food making the toyol to steal money for him. Na runs away from some bad guys because they wanted the toyol. Na knows toyol is bad but it's her dead fetus, she wants it for herself.

Toyol consumes their owners' blood, it will not touch something as disgusting as a sanitary pad. Toyol will complain about its owner to its spiritual master if it feels the owner hasn't cared for him well.

Choon a widower from Singapore has come in time to rescue her from the bad guys. He didn't know she has toyol with her. Choon has a mother and a daughter, his wife passed away due to cancer. His daughter missed her mom very much, she thought her mom's is back and she Google to find out how to contact with Ghost. Her classmates always teased on her, find out how one of them gets injured by toyol. They have ghost stories to share in the movie.

I am sure you like to know the rest of movie, how Choon's daughter and mother going to face toyol. What happened to Na? She's pregnant with Choon's child.

My dear watched the movie with me last night, I could tell you he's not fan of horror or ghost movie. This is worst movie he's seen because he's scared most in this movie! He holds my hand and I seen him closed his eyes during the exciting moments. The sounds in this movie would also scared you!

You can also find the movie info in Facebook search for Ghost Child The Movie.

Let me know if you dare to watch this movie? I am looking for friend who has same interest with me to watch horror movie with me.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Scary movie tomorrow night!

I won two passes to watch scary movie, yeah it is about ghost! No kidding, I doubt my dear dare to watch this movie. I have not inform movie the type of movie we are watching tomorrow night, should I let him know or surprise him?!

Anyway he's no fan of ghost movie, unlike me I am okay to watch ghost movie. The worst movie I have seen would be Paranormal Activity 4! My friend and I went to watch it in cinema and she scares to watch it.

Not many friends of mine are fan of horror/thriller movie. Another friend which same interest as me but she has to work whole week. :(