Monday, April 1, 2013

Scary movie tomorrow night!

I won two passes to watch scary movie, yeah it is about ghost! No kidding, I doubt my dear dare to watch this movie. I have not inform movie the type of movie we are watching tomorrow night, should I let him know or surprise him?!

Anyway he's no fan of ghost movie, unlike me I am okay to watch ghost movie. The worst movie I have seen would be Paranormal Activity 4! My friend and I went to watch it in cinema and she scares to watch it.

Not many friends of mine are fan of horror/thriller movie. Another friend which same interest as me but she has to work whole week. :(


  1. Hi Thank you for commenting on my blog ^^ I dislike horror movies too, but my husband loves it! I guess opposite attracts!

  2. hehe.. yeah horror movies not everyone big fan of it.


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