Thursday, September 17, 2015

Turn down two events in a day

Happy TGIF to all, what's your plan for the weekend? Mine just stay home and relax, have a good family time.

Yesterday I turned down two events, one is food review in Sri Petaling another is kids event at The Curve. Food review venue is too far, so I decided not to go for it. I need to fetch son from tuition and I didn't want to rush over.

The kids event though it wasn't open for public yet but my son has tuition class to attend. My 4 years old and his bro both has school today. So better reject it as don't want to tired them, it would be rushing to go the event as it starts 6.45pm to 8pm. Last night my 4 years old sleep at 8pm.

Lego Ninjago battle dojo is open to public in The Curve, you can check out the mall if you are going there.

My children loves Lego, maybe can bring them over to see if we have the time. We need to plan it out.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Friend, lets talk business

Wow this is new for me that my friend nonstop telling me that there is business to talk. What is the business about? Then she says its related to her business that involve of sanitary pads. Need to go Klang to listen the talk or have fun.

Mmmmm.... no thank you. I don't have any interest on that. Then she ask why I have the time for go movie.

Well, I won movie and I have interest in movie more than that business. So I choose movie over the business. Hehe..