Monday, September 19, 2016

Diarrhea and fever

Yeah I have not been feeling well, it started with diarrhea and then fever. It's second day now I don't have diarrhea anymore but I have fever up and down making me feeling tired. I have eat the medicine, not just me ill but 1st was my eldest son then is my nephew and then me. So nephew and me still sick.

I haven't pump petrol or wind for the car's wheels. I am feeling tired and sweaty soon I need to go fetch sons. First I need to fetch my son from kindergarten then only to primary school to wait for his big brother. Before that shall fetch him home first so that I can go find parking near school.

Go to go now, time is up to fetch kids now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Train to Busan movie review

It's a great movie to watch, if you love horror movie. You got to watch this, it's horror to see one person changes to zombie so fast and they can move very fast too! *Spoiler alert*

Once you got bitten you are infected! Train to Busan how the passengers struggle to go from one destination to the other.

Love the actors in the movie, they are the heroes too Ma-Dong Seok and Gong Yoo. The bad guy too, if he's not acting this bad, how this movie going to success? He is Kim Ui-Seong!

Thanks to MBO Subang Parade, I get to watch this for second time. I watched first time last Sunday with my friend and her mom! It's exciting and scary, the second time is just as scary as the first time!

Everyone scream and run in the movie, its heart beat moments to see them all! Catch this movie if you like to watch horror movie.