Tuesday, January 21, 2014

KL Sentral last train 12midnight?

My dear took KTM to KL Sentral for going dinner at Aloft Hotel. It is his first time to go with his colleague. He says the hotel is very nice, I haven't go there before. His colleague told him that the last train is 12 midnight. The dinner night they finished at 11.15pm and started waiting for train but waited an hour the train never came.

Dear and his colleague took taxi back from KL Sentral to Subang Parade where he parked the car. First taxi near at KL Sentral ask him for RM40 because it's past midnight. They walked further to bus stop, just nice taxi stop by and told them he charging by meter. The fee of coming back to Subang Jaya RM20 only.

I don't know if the last train is 12 midnight but I check the ktm website stated 10.30pm. Mmm...

Anyway it was Monday evening he bought the KTM go and back pass at KTM Subang Jaya RM3.20. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tips on going back to school

For parents with children going to Standard One may find this tips useful.

Exchange of contact number with other parents because you will need ask them for homeworks. Kids sometime no finish copy homework so you can ask other parents for info.

Get teacher contact number just in case of emergency.

Label stationery and books in case of missing other may contact you.

Tag the school bag with mom and dad contact number, there is case where children took the wrong bag home. This way the parent can contact the correct owner of bag.