Friday, June 27, 2014

Is it the worst event of the year?

I have never attended an event that the PR would be asking bloggers to spend money at the event. No kidding, never in a case like this before. So do you want to know which event which I attended recently that having such experience? For your info items in shop are price RM199 and above, if the bags RM600 plus to RM17K.

You'll be even more shocked to see what's the contained of goodie bag. It's not about the goodie bag I attended the event, but some how I don't feel appreciate attending it and blog about it. The PR comes back to me saying that there's not enough pictures in blog post, etc.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not everyone can be a blogger

Once a friend told me that not everyone can be a blogger, I must admit that it's so true. Blogger does not exist just like that, I started my blogs with interest what I love and things that interest me.

Some how some people would not stop asking you about what and how you get your blog page etc. They even ask of how to change the blog makeover. They even questions on how to start a new post, etc. It's too much of asking when you can just play around with your blog to find out.

I have friend has invested her blog for blog makeover. It's beautiful blog she has and love her designs.

Don't ask me on how to change the skin of the blog, I have kept this on back of my head, I don't recall anymore.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Smoking and selling pao

I no longer purchase pao from the uncle who is selling from his van, one day I saw him smoking on one hand with another hand opening the cover of pao. Oh.. this is bad I think, I don't like it, I am not happy with I what I see. Sorry to say no longer purchase pao from you!

I don't feel it's good to give the pao for my children to eat.

Would you purchase the pao from him for your children?

One of my friends told me that she bought pao from him before and found a human hair in his pao. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Facebook Error

I don't know if it is just me because the Facebook show Error yeah can't see anything at Facebook.

Sorry, something went wrong.

We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to wash braided hairstyle?

It's been 5th days now for my braided hairstyles from Krabi Island. At the salon, it took two girls to three girls to help doing my braid hairstyles, it took about 1 hours or more. The salon girl told us that it would be an hour and half for me, Elana would be 2 hours as she has the longest hair length. I saw Kylie very happy with her braided hairstyles, hehe.. I didn't snap a pic as my phone very low battery it's almost 11% when I got back to room. I think we are fishing while having our hair braided. Fishing as we are sleepy heads, we walked back to resort 12.30 am reached.

We asked Evelyn Ang for tips on how to wash braided hairstyles, she suggest us to use an empty bottle, add in shampoo and dilute with water. She shared her experience on braided hairstyle, she had before and her braided hairstyle lasted 12 days.

I also Google to view on you tube to learn how to wash braided hairstyle.

I have second time wash my hair myself, yeah I use an empty bottle size of 100 plus drinking type big bottle. I add in the shampoo and add water to dilute than washing it properly. But first I need to wash hair with water to wash away the dirt, after putting shampoo and massage the head. I have put hair conditioner on hair before washing my hair again.

You can always Google to find out how to wash braided hairstyle. I check a you tube that we can use a bottle sprayer to do so, but I can't find one at shop near me so I used the bottle instead.

I towel dry my hair slowly, no rubbing it too hard, just pressed it. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Love my braided hairstyles

I am loving my hairstyles, yeah after having oil massage with my friends, we continue with the braided hairstyles. We have asked a few salon and go for the price that we had bargain best. Guess how much is my hairstyle? The salon is just nearby the Aonang beach.

Two hours of oil massage cost 400 baht, my hair braided for 700 baht.

So I have oil massage for body first before doing the hair braid. :D

Though we have a long walk back to resort, we enjoy each other company.

To view more pics of my vacation in Krabi Island, check out instragram sherrygo. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sanitary pad or Tampon

Sanitary pad or tampon? Both are for women during menstrual period. I used tampon before but not often, I'm scare it's get stuck or missing. My friend used tampon when we join the event one day at the Sunway Lagoon. That was a year back, she didn't know it was the day until she has it. Lucky I bring extra tampon. As you know swimming pool is not suitable for using sanitary pad if you are going for a swim. 

Tampon is safe and easy to use, I showed her how to use it. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mamee monster and me

It's Friday night, dear's still working late. He's hoping tomorrow no work if he's working tonight to submit important work for his Boss.

I had a good time with Mamee Chef Day Out, yeah with fellow Nuffnang bloggers. Though my friend Jane and Sannie in another bus, Sherry Chang was sitting at the back of me with her friend. I sat with Janice the group leader.

We get to watch Fast and Furious movies, no kidding I haven't seen this movie before and now I know why it's so good! I saw the Rock!

Next week of today, I'll be in Krabi Island with fellow nine winners of Dove Contest. Exciting, I haven't pack yet!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Itinerary for Krabi Island

I haven't receive the actual itinerary but brief given and here's what I'm going to do for 3D/2N night there.

1. cooking class then 1 hour massage
2. snokerling, got breakfast and lunch but no dinner.
3. yoga class then breakfast and check out. 

You bet I'm excited already. Always wanna try snokerling, and vacation to island.

Wanna know what contest I joined and I won the contest? click on the link to find out.

Couldn't believe my ears that I won, yeah one of the ten winners! Ten winners chosen, not sure how they picked. One of my friends, she already won a hamper from them, hehe.. so it's double winning for her.