Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Simple Pero Rock

I love blogging and here's a blog to review today, it is Simple Pero Rock. This blog is three columns template, it is page rank of zero with six followers on the blog. The blog is belong to author red, Red is Marose her name. The blog is red is colour I think she must love red colour. She is also known as redamethyst in the Internet. She is a working home that hopes to be working at home someday.

Red has review a few blogs on this blog, she is also one of the Level 3 sponsors in Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. I like her blogs which is simple but rocks just like the badge banner.

On the side bar you can find the categories available so just click on the category that you like to read. I want to know all about Red and I see she has taken part in GT the February themes. Red is Marose has got the domain in December 2009. You can find out the weekly meme that she's taken part in the categories at the right bar of the blog.

Here's an interesting post that I think not everyone knows about if. Left over onions is poisonous I am sure you want to read more to find out. I know we love to use the left over onions for cooking.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Clarisse After Dark

In my earlier post before this I review of Coffee, Anyone? Now it is Clarisse After Dark, another blog by author Clarisse. This blog and earlier Coffee, Anyone? are using the bravenet blog. Although Clarisse claims that she is not a good writer but she write from heart, it is good enough for me. Every blogger has their way to express their thoughts and feeling in writing.

Clarisse After Dark is one of the Level 3 sponsors of Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. If you like to use Chanel, I am sure you like to check out her blog on the post to find good tips on how to spot the fake Chanel and the real Chanel. I am sure they are many brands now and you might want to check which is the real one.

The blog is user friendly and easy to browse, you can find Clarisse shares interest of her blogging from entertainment, games, beauty, health, auto, contest, and other. Clarisse After Dark is update at least twice a week, it is a page rank 2 blog. Besides Clarisse, you can also called her Claire. The blogger is situated in United States, if you have time drop by at Claire blog.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coffee, anyone?

Anyone craving for coffee, hot chocolate, a pina colada or a glass of wine? Coffee, anyone? This is the blog where Clarisse's share her thoughts and things that interest her. I am sure you want to check out the list that you need for the Go-Bag, it is an emergency and what do you need to bring along with you? It is good to prepare the Go-Bag just in case of emergency. Check this blog to find the list that you need to prepare.

I like this blog it is user friendly and easy to browse, just click on the archived posts to read the post by the author. If you like to know more of the author, just click on the profile on the blog. Clarisse has so much to share on her blog, there is an interesting posts on this dangerous thing takes only 5 minutes to make. If you click on the post you view be direct to her blog and it is three columns template.

Coffee,anyone? is the level 3 sponsors of Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. I like the quote by the author Clarrisse that happiness is everywhere, just don't be too picky. Thanks to Clarisse for sharing this quote with everyone.

Sunny day

I am having sweaty palms and you can see the sun so hot! I used the camera to snap the picture in the sky and manage to capture the picture of the sun. I went for a short holiday and I am back home.

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Not Always About ME

I love blogging and contest, I also like to check out blogs on blogsphere. If you have time take a visit to It's Not Always About ME, this is a three columns template blog where you can find interest post by author Yuuki. The blog is page rank 3, there are 33 followers on the blog.

This blogger also like contest you can visit this blog to see the contests taken part by her. This blog is not always about her but most of the time it is. The blogger has so much to share from her thoughts and expressions, all she can do is blog it out to share with you.

Yuuki started this blog in May, 2009 and before that she used her friendster to blog. Yuuki is pen name from vampire knight I think she likes this name that's why she is using it for her blog. She is on the Internet almost 16 hours a day!

I am sure you like to find out more about Yuuki and her blog. She loves entertainment, watch dramas, travel to many countries. For your info Yuuki is one of the sponsors in Level 3 of Kaye & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I love blogging and get to know blogger around the blogsphere. Yashiro is a blog belong to author name Yashiro where he blogs about life, parenting, and kids. I visit to Yashiro blog from time to time, I knew his blog from last year as I taken part in his first contest.

Yashiro is Philippines blogger and he often blog about what he had on mind. You can find that his blog is update everyday. There is a recent post about him and his family visited the Manila Zoo, I hope he will share some pictures of the zoo. It was his first time to bring Maki to the zoo, Maki is son of Yashiro and his wife.

I am sure you can help Yashiro with the Survery Time for a Contest. You just need to answer three simple questions of the survey. I like the blog design of yashiro, it is clean and easy to browse. I am sure you will find a post on him being a Stay at Home dad while mommy is away for a while.

If you have entrecard or adgitize you can drop by at his blog to drop a card. Yashiro is friendly and he shares interesting posts at his blog.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Powet Contest who won $9,000

Becareful when you get the sms from suspicious number as they is no such thing that you won $9000. My friend got an sms saying that he needs to call the cell phone number then also give the pin number which attached to the sms.

It is not an easy contest in Power Root which is an offline contest, I knew because I taken part and I not win. They will call you by phone and not send sms telling you to call them. Unless you are taking part in magazine contest they will send sms to you to inform.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New headlight for dad's car

My dad's car headlight will cost MYR$168 which is second hand and I can't fix the car yet. I am still in debt so I need to save money for it. If brand new headlight it will cost MYR$500. Just now I blogged about safety I recall that my housemate not lock the gate when she is out for two hours. That's scary as I not even know it until I open the door and saw the gate wide open. The time was at night from 8pm to 10pm.

Thank god I am fine if there is anything happen to me. I will blame on her for careless not lock the gate. She is always like that, there are cases of robbers around the neighbourhood. I know she is not happy with me, there is a choice she can move out but she is not willing to do that.

Crime location at Subang Jaya

Got to know from my friend that her friend was attack by thief in the afternoon. The location is at SS15 Subang Jaya, the place where famous rojak and cendol located!

Many people were queue up at rojak that time and saw and do nothing about it. If you are Subang Jaya location do be more careful with your wallet and whatever you wear.

Not everyone at the area are helpful you got to know how to protect yourself. I suggest bring pepper spray which come in handy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Irritate by grey hair?

Well my friend just told me that she needs to buy product to dye her hair. She will not buy the cheap one anymore because the colour will be gone in short period. So she wants a better brand and it comes with a price!

She told me that grey hairs irritate her and make her whole head itchy. Then there will be plenty of dandruff on her head and shoulder. We have been to the mall last weekend but she has no interest to buy. Now we are not going to mall and she hints me to bring her there.

We will see about that as I am not sure if I want to go anywhere right now.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Looking for new head light

Looking for wind deflectors for cars.

I am still looking for the car accessories for my dad's car. I need to find the new head light for my dad's car. As you can see the damage on the car, I am sad as I am the one that break it. With Internet access today I am able to find car accessories online. I know I only to find one head light as only one side of the head light is damage.

I find this site with car and truck accessories. My friend is looking for wind deflectors for his car. The wind deflectors are useful as you can block the wind and the rain from coming in. I know some repair shop does not have the spare parts that you need. You can find this site useful and click the link above to see if any of the accessories suitable for your car.

Valentine's day is coming up and some friends do not know what to buy for their girlfriend. Some of them are having cars of their own, if you know they need accessories why not surprise them.

I visited this site it is user friendly and you can find the list of brand car on the left bar. You can also see the pictures of accessories for car and truck.