Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I love blogging and get to know blogger around the blogsphere. Yashiro is a blog belong to author name Yashiro where he blogs about life, parenting, and kids. I visit to Yashiro blog from time to time, I knew his blog from last year as I taken part in his first contest.

Yashiro is Philippines blogger and he often blog about what he had on mind. You can find that his blog is update everyday. There is a recent post about him and his family visited the Manila Zoo, I hope he will share some pictures of the zoo. It was his first time to bring Maki to the zoo, Maki is son of Yashiro and his wife.

I am sure you can help Yashiro with the Survery Time for a Contest. You just need to answer three simple questions of the survey. I like the blog design of yashiro, it is clean and easy to browse. I am sure you will find a post on him being a Stay at Home dad while mommy is away for a while.

If you have entrecard or adgitize you can drop by at his blog to drop a card. Yashiro is friendly and he shares interesting posts at his blog.

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