Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fun full day on Wednesday

My first time of driving to KL yesterday using waze, I afraid of being lost in the city. No kidding! After sending son to tuition then I decided to move on with my schedule. It's 40min driving and yes it's quite confusing to know how to go here and there as the waze not saying the exact route, it can be right turn but it says left turn according waze map.

Anyway I make it to the mall around 10.15am. It was early and plenty of parking. I go to Aeon bakery to buy bread then a yogurt drink as my breakfast. After that go for a walk in the mall which has more people around like Aeon outlet.

The morning I received message from my dear, asking me to becareful and be alert always when in the mall. I guess he read my post or saw my status on Facebook or my blog post?

After Quill City Mall head back to Subang, yeah traffic jam and get my son from tuition then send him home before continue my journey to The Curve. I didn't park in the Curve as I need to go restroom in a hurry, I parked eCurve. The night with Christmas party #butterflymsia is fun and get to know more butterflies! My first time to eat roasted turkey, had my second round as Grace share her second round with me. :D

After event over then I walk back to eCurve, speed walking for sure as I am alone. When I reached to pay for parking, payment machine is being fixing by two guys. So I go down escalator to pay and saw to lovely butterflies bloggers. Yup they are making their payment too for the parking.

It's terrible jam while on way back as road closure for MRT construction. I reached home almost 11.50pm. Can't thank you enough is being with friends and gifts spoiled by lovely blogger friends. Thank you, you know who you are! :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Hobbit Movie Marathon: The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies

My son loves Hobbit movies.

Yesterday, mom and son day's out to TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid. We are excited to watch Hobbit 123 together. We headed there 3pm then bring son for meal before rushing to TGV Cinemas. About 4.45pm many people already there waiting. Movie supposed start 5pm til 3am.

Thanks TGV staff for explaining in the hall before the show start on what happened that show can't be on time.

Due to tech problem with Hobbit 1, we get to watch only Hobbit 2 and 3.

Each movie we are given 30minutes of break. So you can go for a bite or sit around to wait, it is up to you. Son and I went out for bite as he's feeling hungry.

The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies

Smaug the dragon is finally defeated.
Thorin VS Azog
Feeling sad, happy, funny, this the movie.
Kili and Tauriel, are they going to be together in the end? You need find your by watched the movie.
The end of Hobbit,
but I feel there's more after this...

The movie is worth to watch, we enjoy watching the movie in IMAX 3D.

The movie is rated PG13.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Time management

Being parent is never easy so when comes to tuition and extra activities. So Eye Level was extra activities for my son but it's going to be stop by next month because son's going to be standard 3 in primary school it's going to be tougher and harder. He's weak in some subjects in school so the time best to focus on tuition on the subjects than extra activities.

I don't want to tire him out. So let go of Eye Level is wise decision as time concern he doesn't have the time for it. Money is one of the concern too, he's little brother going to kindergarten next month.

Better let him step by step rather than all at once, which tired him. Eye Level if he has interest to continue he can do so in future.