Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lifebuoy encourages Malaysians to step up on hygiene during Ramadan

Leading hygiene soap brand kicks off nationwide hygiene drive, ‘Sucikan Diri dan Hati, Ramadan Ini’ in partnership with Media Prima Television Networks

Lifebuoy’s range of products contains germ protection formula that removes 99.9% germs. The rich, creamy lather of Lifebuoy’s products leave skin feeling clean and refreshed with a pleasant scent. Available in liquid form body wash, hand wash, sanitiser and soap bar, Lifebuoy is a daily essential for every household to help Malaysians keep their hygiene in check during Ramadan.
‘Sucikan Diri dan Hati, Ramadan Ini’: Vincent Chong, Marketing Director of Unilever Malaysia explaining to media the idea behind Lifebuoy’s Ramadan campaign ‘Sucikan Diri dan Hati, Ramadan Ini’ and the partnership with Media Prima Television Networks.

Gearing up for this year’s Ramadan, Unilever Malaysia’s leading hygiene liquid body wash and soap brand, Lifebuoy has embarked on a nationwide drive to amplify the importance of hygiene among Malaysians during the holy month.

Dubbed ‘Sucikan Diri dan Hati, Ramadan Ini’, the initiative comprises a series of meaningful activities to promote hygiene awareness and action. The month-long campaign also involves a strategic partnership with Malaysia’s largest integrated media network, Media Prima Television Networks to maximise the brand’s efforts.

Together with Media Prima Television Networks, Lifebuoy presents a cross-platform branded capsule featuring popular actor Farid Kamil, best known for his roles in ‘Mistik’ and the recent ‘J Revolusi’. The special commercial aimed at deepening the proposition of ‘Sucikan Diri dan Hati, Ramadan Ini’ also brings on screen the seasoned actor’s son, Muhammad.

Vincent Chong, Marketing Director of Unilever Malaysia said, “As Malaysia’s No.1 germ protection liquid body wash brand, we at Lifebuoy want to make a difference by continuing our commitment to improve the hygiene habits of Malaysians. More than just providing access to effective products, ‘Sucikan Diri dan Hati, Ramadan Ini’ takes our mission a step further as we bring across to the nation the hygiene message in an interesting format, while getting on ground to convert it into real action.”

In extension to the TV commercial, Lifebuoy is set to travel across selected cities in Malaysia to deepen its education efforts. Capitalising on the on-ground events organised by Media Prima Television Networks in association with its annual Ramadan and Raya campaign, Lifebuoy is incorporating the initiative into ‘Skuad Terima Kasih’, ‘Bazar Terima Kasih’ and ‘Jom Masjid’ events to be held in Johor, Terengganu, Pahang and Kedah. Various activities will be conducted, including hand wash demonstration and distribution of over 3,000 Lifebuoy care packs.
Malaysia’s No.1 Germ Protection Liquid Body Wash Brand:  Lifebuoy is a daily essential for every household to help Malaysians keep their hygiene in check during Ramadan.

Commenting on the partnership, Puan Nini Yusof, Director of Sales and Strategy for Client Service Group of Media Prima Television Networks said, “The collaboration with Lifebuoy stems from the ongoing relationships we have with Unilever Malaysia and some of the most powerful brands it houses. Being a big part of this meaningful initiative also serves as a validation of the network’s capability to support Lifebuoy by delivering quality content and ready platforms with the potential to reach millions of Malaysians.”

Hygiene, key to protect against germs
Good hygiene practice is crucial in order to keep germs at bay, especially with the heightened exposure at crowded places. Staying on top of hygiene during Ramadan helps the Muslim community to fulfil their religious duties in good health and sustain it all through as they welcome the Hari Raya celebration.

“Personal cleanliness is the foundation in maintaining a good health and preventing germ-related diseases. A proper shower is an important hygiene routine that would also keep the body feeling comfortable,” explained Chong.

Going the extra mile, Lifebuoy is also in an exclusive partnership with Watsons, encouraging Malaysians to take action while having a chance to perform good deeds during this holy month. For every RM15 purchase at any Watsons outlet, RM1 will be donated to ‘Tabung TV3 Bersamamu’, an ongoing charitable fund initiated by TV3. Customers also will be rewarded for positive hygiene habit as they stand a chance to win prizes from Habib Jewels via Lifebuoy’s nationwide contest.

 (From L to R) Actor Farid Kamil and son Muhammad (Che Mad); Vincent Chong, Marketing Director of Unilever Malaysia; Nini Yusof, Director of Sales & Strategy for Client Service Group, Media Prima Television Networks, discuss the partnership in an interactive chat. 
Meaningful Activities to Improve Hygiene Habits: Lifebuoy’s ‘Sucikan Diri dan Hari, Ramadan Ini’ involves a series of meaningful activities – all-in-all to encourage more people to improve their hygiene habits. Pictured here are Calvin Ho, a representative from Watsons Malaysia; Nini Yusof, Director of Sales & Strategy for Client Service Group, Media Prima Television Networks; actor Farid Kamil and son Muhammad (Che Mad); Vincent Chong, Marketing Director of Unilever Malaysia.
About Lifebuoy
Lifebuoy, the world’s leading health soap was first launched in 1894 to support people in their quest for better personal hygiene. Lifebuoy has been consistently championing health through hygiene throughout its 110 year history. Lifebuoy's pure anti-bacterial soap with excellent skin cleaning and cleansing properties is suitable and recommended for the whole family protection. With Lifebuoy's anti-bacterial soap your family is given the extra protection, feel the security and face day to day life confident that germs are kept at bay for a healthier outlook. Today, 1.6 billion people trust Lifebuoy to provide that extra protection against germs for them and their family. Put your trust in Lifebuoy today - guard your family against germs. Lifebuoy, the guarantee of protection when you are threatened.

About Media Prima
Media Prima Berhad (“Media Prima” or “The Group”) is the leading fully-integrated media company in Malaysia.

With a complete repertoire of media-related businesses including in Television, Print, Radio, Out-of-Home, as well as Content and Digital Media, Media Prima, which is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia, is also one of Malaysia’s Top 100 largest listed companies by revenue.

In addition to having equity interests in Malaysia’s leading free-to-air television stations namely TV3, 8TV, ntv7 and TV9, the Group also owns more than 98 percent of The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad (NSTP), Malaysia’s largest publisher with three national newspapers; New Straits Times, BH and Harian Metro.

Through its digital media subsidiary, Media Prima Digital embraces technical innovation, digital solutions and creative strategies. It offers a holistic digital consultancy which encompasses creative solutions, diversified platform services and e-commerce expertise. Media Prima Labs meanwhile, is a unit under Media Prima Digital to further extend the Group’s unique intellectual properties into the expanse of tech innovation and games.

tonton is Malaysia’s #1 video streaming portal offering FREE, advertising supported content (AVOD) with over 5.6 million registered users and a growth of 22,000 registrants on a weekly basis. Its vision is to be the #1 SVOD and home of best content for Malaysians whereas its mission is to be the no. 1 online video site, a must have service for every Malaysian and Malaysian home, to be available everywhere and to prevent piracy.

Meanwhile, Media Prima CJ O Shopping Sdn. Bhd. is a media commerce company, which operates home shopping business in Malaysia called CJ WOW SHOP through various platforms such as television, electronics commerce and mobile commerce.

In Radio, the Group is represented by four very popular radio stations namely Fly FM, Hot FM, one FM and Kool FM. Media Prima is also a market leader in Out-of-Home Advertising, represented by Big Tree Outdoor Sdn. Bhd., The Right Channel Sdn. Bhd., Kurnia Outdoor Sdn. Bhd., Gotcha and UPD Sdn. Bhd.

The Group also owns a content creation subsidiary, Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd. It is today Malaysia's largest production company, producing TV content and feature films since 1984 and 1994 respectively.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Busy weekends in May

I need to go see kindergarten teacher tomorrow and that will be just me with the kids while dear is away from work. Yeah gonna be another weekend that is busy for me.

Glad to have bring my kids for the Ramadhan buffet as WL never been to the hotel that has so many horses statue before. So glad that the timing was just right that day as he no goes to field trip because his bro has got report card day. Met two teachers in the morning and one is BC another is English teacher.Suppose to meet one more as BM but he says one paper passed no need to meet her. The teachers are not in one place as I need to go the main hall to meet another teacher while teacher was standing outside the hall, parents queue to meet him and then he decided to go staff office to talk about kids education.

Last Saturday, morning send son tuition then lucky as nephew as at home and he able to fetch him back from tuition. Then afternoon we are at home while nephew and niece with sister in law they go back PD.

How about you? How you gonna spend this weekend?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Honeymoon at Langkawi last Christmas

 This is a post I have been waiting to share with you, it's last year I went with my dear for honeymoon in Langkawi. It's a beautiful island, I went there with my parents when I was a teenager. At the airport, we only rented the car. There are many counters of rental cars available, so no worry if you haven't book any before you went. We depart from airport Subang Selangor and it took an hour to arrive Langkawi. Once reached is a must to have a wefie with the map of Langkawi, it's an island that we can discover in a day but we take time to do it.

It's my first time to go the Crocodile farm in Langkawi, they have a few pool side and performances available at certain pool area. There's opportunity to have photo with baby crocodiles, it is either with the live baby crocodile and the preserved crocodile. There's a fee to pay for that and I didn't for for it as we have paid for the entrance fee for the crocodile farm. We enjoy the show and it's amazed to see how the trainers are able to keep the crocodile still, there were a few smaller crocodile at the pool area during the show. I have also recorded the crocodile feeding session, look how closed he is feeding the crocodiles' fishes.
 The photo of me with the 50 years old crocodile, it's the oldest crocodile at the farm in Langkawi. Of course when you are in Langkawi, the duty free island, you didn't want to forget to purchase the chocolates and alcohol to drink. I purchase some alcohol to drink at the hotel. The chocolates you seen below photos are for family members to have. Didn't buy a lot as we have a little budget to spend.

shopping the night before back to Selangor
 Watch the video where my children having a good time unboxing the M&M chocolate dispencer. It's only me and my dear went for the vacation, as it's honeymoon for two of us. That's why we also buy these yummy chocolates for them. It's nice for WL as he thinks it's a coin bank for him.
 There's a few chocolates shops at Kuah town, it's nice place to shops to shop for chocolates. I would advice you to go toilet/restrooms at hotel before heading to town to shop for chocolates, there's no restroom there to use unless you go to restaurant's restroom. I got to hold until we are back to hotel to use the restroom. There's also luggage shop available there for you to shop for luggage.
 Kota Mahsuri is where we went second day, it was rainy in the afternoon lucky we have brought umbrella to go.
 The Chinese food in the town is good, we enjoy it and we went back to Kuah town for dinner the second day. It's only 3 days 2 nights we spend at Langkawi.

 The food for two persons are not expensive, we enjoy our meals and the prawns are cheap there. I was told that fishes are expensive in Langkawi.
 We wanted to go Cable car langkawi but due to heavy rain and windy we cannot sit the cable car. We have been told that the cable car service stop for the day due to the heavy rain. To wait it would take maybe an hour or more. There's duck tour available, which is above you can see the yellow vehicle which looks like a boat and car. This duck tour mean the car will goes around the town and also sea water. I went for temporary tattoo because of the rain it has ruined bit of the tattoo. The temporary tattoo lasted me for a week.

 Electric car can be seen near the cable car of Langkawi, it's not free to sit. Need to pay RM50 for the ride around there.
We stayed at The Danna Langkawi, this our stayed for 3 days 2 night. The breakfast buffet is very good and we enjoyed ourselves throughout the stay.

 Beautiful white Christmas tree at the lobby of the hotel
 Special thanks to The Entertainer Malaysia, as I won the stayed from there. We loved it and have a good time together.
when arrived we are give good massages
Love the view from my room and also the hospitality of the Danna Langkawi Hotel. We been served wine for the 1st night as it's our honeymoon trip to Langkawi.

A good time together with my dear, just the two of us. Love this hotel there's a private beach and private cruise available too.

buffet breakfast and also can from menu

Loving the short vacation, hope to have another one soon.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The struggle is real for primary school

Well I am sure there's struggle in real life, here's struggle in primary school as today brought my eldest to school with hub. 1st to drive my car there then I follow his car back as I know sure few hundreds kids turn up for registration/exam at school. Field trip school also today for my Standard 5 son, so early morning 5.45am to wake up and ask him to wake up too. By 6.30am need to be in school as say 7am the bus will leave.

Total 4 buses, somehow the buses not parking front of gate school. Last year I find it's more organize as the buses have standby parking at the side of school's gate. This year son came back 6.30pm he had good fun at Seremban. He bought Seremban siew bao 3 and ate it himself.

I come back to school by niece car with hub and youngest son in car. Total 360 children registered and 12 classes to go , a class has 30 students. Yeah I am so struggling on whether he can pass the exam or not. Well, I am more nervous than him. Just relax and let him try his best and he did! He told me there's 6 pages of it and did only 5 pages because last page no time to finish and teacher has ask to return papers.

10am suppose to start exam but only 10am they are going to classes! So imagine the time they use to go 2nd floor classes. So 11am they come down and parents turn to queue up at the hall, so the children need to go back the classes they have queue earlier in hall to find parents. My son is 5A, if you have follow my instagram @sherrygo you would see my update on today. :D

Total just 10 classes in the school for Standard One, I hope son can goes same school as his eldest brother. I was told by friend that her daughter is same school but because her son's exam did not well like only 30 marks, he being send to another school. She needs to appeal few times to get same school as her daughter and she did. Glad the brother same school as his sister now.

That's not all, next year will have tuition start for my son, he's poor in Chinese language. Need to learn from young for basics, 6 years old has started giving tuition but I didn't send because it's expensive. A semester RM500 fee for one subject just Chinese language.

By the way, I notice that the kids mostly wearing sandals and slippers to go for the exam. The letter that come just saying to wear kindergarten uniform, so I thought needed to wear socks with shoes. So a day before I alone bring son to shop for white shoes and it cost RM25 a fair for size 2, size 13 is too small for him. I knew he will need to wear again by end of the year for orientation at school. I also bought the white socks so total about RM39.90. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

What Can I Do To Optimize My Appearance?

If you're interested in optimizing your appearance, now is the time to start implementing the strategies necessary to make it happen. Three beauty techniques that can take your physical appearance from average to exceptional include:

1. Invest In A Monthly Massage. One great way to optimize your appearance is by investing in a monthly massage. Taking this course of action will provide you with a wide range of health benefits that can improve your appearance. For example, massages are known to optimize the flow of blood throughout your body, thereby enhancing the skin of your face. Massages are also known to boost metabolism. Once this happens, your body will be more effective in burning calories so you can maintain the ideal weight.

2. Optimize Your Diet. In addition to investing in a massage, make sure that you consider the value of optimizing your diet. This approach is important because there are a wide range of healthy foods that can help you look great in addition to ensuring that your body functions properly. For example, kidney beans are filled with protein, iron, zinc, and biotin, all of which contribute to the development of longer, stronger hair. Also note that broccoli comes loaded with antioxidants, including vitamin C. The vitamin C improves the circulation of blood through the body, thereby making your skin look better.

3. Consider Plastic Surgery. If you've tried a variety of natural beauty strategies and find that you still can't get rid of a pesky aesthetic issue, it's time to turn to the professionals. There are numerous professional cosmetic surgeries you can attain to reduce or eliminate aesthetic issues such as sagging skin, excess fat on the abdomen, etc. If you're looking for a botox Cary NC company, note that the professionals of Cary Plastic Surgery can assist you.
Some of the services they offer include:
• Abdominoplasty
• Body Contouring
• Botox
• Breast Lift Surgery
• Breast Reduction for Men
• Chemical Peel
• CoolSculpting
 • Ear Surgery
• Facelift Surgery
• Laser Skin Resurfacing
• Nose Surgery
• Thigh Lift
• Skin Rejuvenation
• Tummy Tuck

Start Optimizing Your Appearance Today! 

There's nothing quite like feeling good about the way you look. With this idea in mind, it's important to consistently implement strategies that will help you enhance your aesthetic appeal. Three strategies that may work wonders for you include investing in a monthly massage, optimizing your diet, and obtaining plastic surgery services!


If you are looking or shopping for automotive window film, you can take time to visit the 3M Malaysia tours in Klang Valley. In the efforts to raise more awareness on the importance of automotive window film, 3M Malaysia is organizing a campaign in conjunction with Mother’s Day, themed “Every Woman Deserves to be Protected”.

Because many of us are unaware of the damage our skin receives from sun exposure when driving, the 3M AutoFilm Rover will tour Klang Valley and feature the 3M™ Crystalline series AutoFilm. It delivers outstanding heat rejection, and rejects up to 99.9% of ultraviolet (UV) light to provide a total Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of over 1000. This optimum comfort is combined with stronger film and more aggressive adhesive technologies that promises enhanced safety and security features over traditional films.

The 3M AutoFilm Rover will also feature:
* Educational product demonstrations
* Fun activities including a contest to stand a chance to win a full car tint from 3M

The 3M AutoFilm Rover will be at:
Date/ Time/ Stop Point
8 May 2017 4:30pm-7:30pm SS2, PJ
– in front of RHB
9 May 2017 4:30pm-7:30pm KD, PJ
– in front of Sunway Giza Mall
10 May 2017 11:00am-2:00pm Klang
– opposite Aeon Bukit Tinggi
 4:30pm-7:30pm Kepong
 – in front of RHB
11 May 2017 11:00am-2:00pm TTDI, KL
 – in front of Petronas
4:30pm-7:30pm Subang Jaya
– opposite Aeon Big
12 May 2017 11:00am-2:00pm Jalan Klang Lama
– Hong Leong Bank
 4:30pm-7:30pm Puchong –
next to IOI Mall
13 May 2017 11:00am-2:00pm Cheras –
next to Aeon Maluri
4:30pm-7:30pm Setapak – next to PV128

About 3M
At 3M, we collaborate and apply science in powerful ways to improve lives daily. With $32 billion in sales, our more than 90,000 employees connect with and serve customers in 200 countries. Learn about 3M's creative solutions to the world's problems at