Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old and New Look of Sherry Rambling

How it goes? I am still a bit shaky, I was so scare I deleted my blog and guess what its still there. I only deleted the htlm code all which it stated has to be delete.

I need time to put back the code and widget which been delete. That's a lot to do...

Please tell me what you think of the new looked now.

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Changing new template now

Okay, over here I have already deactivate the Project Wonderful since there's no ad at all. So I will try to change this blog to a 3 column template. Alright, I am sure you won't be seeing the Entrecard widget as well as I need to go install again.

How long will it take me to change this template I don't know. Look at the time now it's 8.05 at night. I have found the template that I wanted. I have paste some html code in MS WORD. Not sure if I am doing the right thing, I did also download full template before making the changes.

After install new template I will need to readjust some of the widget that I put before. It was a mess then and so I will see... how it goes later.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I change the template myself for nameSherry blog

Oh yeah I am so happy that I have solve the problem of the 22 infection. Now its another success story to tell you about my template changing.

You may check out nameSherry to see but I know I still got a lot work to do there. Oh mind, I am having handful with blogs.
The reason I didn't want to use this blog or my shopping blog or contest blog to make change on template. Because I don't have the feeling of 100% that I can do it. Further more I do worry about the effect after changing. Like what happened to my widgets all if I just change them.
Yeah I know that you need to download the template before making any changes. It's easy to say I didn't even save at all for the nameSherry blog because its a testing blog for changing template.
Now tell me how you did it, is it save the template then only change the new template? So if like that how do you put back the widgets? Please share your experience with me.
Oh yeah I should also disable the ProjectWonderful Ads first?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

22 infections found in my computer

OMG no wonder the computer is so slow and I cannot drop card. It's so slow even opening the website takes so long. Anyone care to advice what to do about it?

I can see the website but I can't drop card as there's still downloading. I really don't have the time to wait.

Other than that I am happy to see that my blog here finally have got a PR of TWO. Oh yeah I was aiming on getting at least THREE. So what's your secret of getting PR THREE AND ABOVE?

As for my other blogs are still in the GROUND ZERO.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My toilet's lights out

My toilet's light bulb has burn out and I still buy the replacement. I did went shopping but I forgot to find the light bulb. It's sometimes not convenient to shop as they put the bulb at different places and you need to go another department to find them.

Even the printer cartridge its not located at the same store. It's so not convenient at the shopping area at all, that's why I have to walk more and go here and there to look for them.

So what I do at night to brush my teeth? I put a huge torch light in the toilet. So every time I use it I have to turn it on. That's easy as it's huge and looking like a spot light. Talking about that I don't have one outside my home.

My friends told me about those spot light where someone or something walk pass the area. The lights will turn on!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crunch Now has been deleted by Entrecard?

I was just checking on the Promotions and Events in Entrecard Forums. I don't really know what happen but I can see that Crunch Now blog is not longer available in Entrecard. He wrote about this and that's the last I seen from his post in Promotions and Events in Entrecard Forums.

When I click on his widget in Entrecard, it shows as below:

Blog deleted

The blog with this Entrecard has been deleted.

At Crunch Now blog I am reading about his post which is Entrecard Can and Will Steal Credits From You .

Anyone can tell me what's going on? What went wrong?

You are invited

How often do you get an invite? I like to share with you one that I have joined today and I have so much fun using it. It's just like any search engine that you can use it to search for anything you want even for images and video. Yeah I am sure you have heard of it before.

Scour is the one that I am talking about, I am inviting you to give it a try. I have got 200 points bonus by signing up. Come along and earn points and you know what you can even cash out the points. I know it will take sometimes to earn up the points but I am sure soon or later you and I can cash them out.

You are invited :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Have you been to Port Dickson?

I remembered my dad bring all of us to the beach when I was very young. He did hurt himself back then as there were broken glasses at the beach. My dad still can remembered the incident and still can tell his story.

Lost in Port Dickson
is the article I am reading about. I think if you are having a tourism spot, its important to have the tourism information and facilities available for the tourist.

I am sure they can make the place beautiful for local and overseas tourist. Just give them time I am sure they can do it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Topup $100

This evening my dad called me saying that my sister is on the way back. She used the internet a lot so dad's worry she has spend of the usage. At night I have top up dad's internet account $100. So his balance is $168 now.

He's used of using the Firefox but the only problem is he don't know how to go to the website from the email. Like you have send him a link to check out but he don't know how to click on it at all. So I need to teach him how to do it.

My sister has been complaining that her car somebody else is using. There's cut on her steering wheel. She should have report it to the police but she didn't. But I think she did it before when her home was break in.

She claimed that her car's spare keys are missing.

Winner of Suspects and Clues by Spinapse!

I can't believe my eyes and I can't tell you how happy I am. There are 223 that take part in the giveaways in Dr. Moz giveaways. Sherry that's me is the Winner of Suspects and Clues by Spinapse . I am the lucky no. 141 that taken part in the contest.

This is an international contest so I am so thrilled that I have won and I have started playing it. I just love Photo Hunt and this is a game for me to kept me going.

You can check out Spinapse the games for your brain!

Oh if you wonder how I won this game, its so easy I tell you. I just put the link of Dr. Moz in my shopping blog . That's all, so you see if not hard to win at all just have to put your effort in.

Forgive me if I am lack of dropping cards. I am having shoulder pain.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's the requirement of becoming a sponsor?

Well I am sure everyone know about contest that happening in blogsphere. I like to ask you if you know what's the requirement of becoming a sponsor in contest. I am going to write what I think about and my past experienced.

I think becoming a sponsor has a responsibility too. Like keeping your promise is the most basic condition. For instance that you are saying that you will sponsor 1000 EC, then if the Winner won you have to give the Winner the EC and not holding the EC or having any kind of excuses.

Other than EC what other type of would be the ad space. Well, if you promise the Winner will have a month spot of advertising space. You don't just put the ads up for a few days.

You must know which contest you have sponsored in and keep track on it. I am sure everyone want a WIN WIN SITUATION. As what's the reason in the first place you wanted to become a sponsor. I am sure the sponsor know it better than anyone else.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mulder and Scully

Don't tell me you don't recognized the names. Well, I have very fresh memory of them. They are part of the X-Files. Hey who do not like to watch these series? Well, I love it so much that I watching it always. Until, they started to change one of them in the series. Slowly I just lost my interest to watch.

Now with The X-Files : I want to Believe (2008) I am so looking forward to watch this movie.

Alright tell me did you watch them all?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Double joy today for Sherry

Oh yeah, I am so happy today and its just like happy go lucky. I won 350EC and 1 week ad space from It Might Be Love . Remembered that I have posted Love Can Be Anything.

Have you check out Wild Entrecard Contest Winners Lists ?

I have so much fun since I joined the Entrecard, without Entrecard I don't think I got to know about so many contests at all.

About Project Wonderful on my blogs. I am making some changes on it. So let me know how you like it.

Won an ad space and 1000EC

I got up this morning and open my email. Here's what it says..

Hi Sherry,

You are the winner of of the contest. Please forward me your 125X125 button
advertisement in Jpeg, GIF or PNG format, the URL you wish it to point to,
and the email address you would like your 1000 Entrecard credits delivered


~Jonathan Timar
Here's the post that I wrote about Review The Limelight .

I like to say thank you once again Jonathan Timar and you be sure to check out The Limelight I like seeing my ads rotate around the ad space.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Earning first 2 sen from Hits4Pay

Well, I just joined the Hits4Pay few days back and I have got an email yesterday which I earned 2 sen by reading the commercial and yes this is very easy. If you are interested you can give a try.

Still Reading Commercial Emails For Free? Receive Emails On Topics That Interests You And Get Paid For It!
If you have access to your own email account, you can get paid. Refer others and get paid up to two levels. Hits4Pay is one of very few highest paying advertising program in the industry.
Signup for free and receive $10 as a Free Reward:

What's my secret in winning?

Someone was asking me about what's my secret in winning. Well, I can tell you that there's no secret at all. You just need to play by the rules. It's that simple and easy for sure everyone can do it. Just spend a little of your time on the contest and you will be feeling like you are holding a lucky draw ticket.

One thing for sure, don't think that you can take part in last minute contest. It's a risk and some blogger just doesn't accept at all. Always check your entry in the comment you have made. Sometimes it's doesn't show at all. Yeah, it happened to me and I do email them to tell about it.

Very sad to say is that some just doesn't bother to reply or count my entries as contest. No reason given nothing at all. So you will be thinking too if is it worth to take part in the contest. I am sure everyone will be more interested on the prize before taking part.

I can say that I am glad that I have started a contest blog . It's for my interest of taking part in contest. I didn't want this Rambling blog to be swamp by contest entries.

Twitter widget is up and looking good

I have put up Twitter widget in my two blogs. Shopping and Contest blog that you can have a looked. That's not all both the blogs have also posted the "Big Bang" - 1000 & Beyond .

So far on Twitter I can say that I have 5 followers on the list. Oh yeah I find that with firefox I can see the entrecard widget. If I am using the internet explorer I can't find them at all. But still I don't see the entrecard widget in some blogs. Every where I looked but can't find it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

From Thailand With Love Giveaway

Oh yeah I remembered the last time I went to Thailand, it was so long ago. More than 10 years back. I am sure you are just waiting to know about From Thailand With Love Giveaway . You have the check out the blog who has a new domain, which site I am talking about? is where they have host a contest called From Thailand With Love Giveaway. Everyone are welcome to join the giveaway as long as you have blog.

The contest will ends on 30 July!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shopping and Contest blogs are approved

I am happy to share with everyone that my blogs. The shopping blog and contest blog are approved by Project Wonderful. Now I can have both blogs for advertising purpose.

Anyone using the Project Wonderful? I have seen some blogger starting to get their payment. That's great. As for me still a long way to go. So what can I do?

I plan to drop more cards so that everyone will know that I have ad space for rent too. This is how I get to attract everyone coming to drop the entrecard too.

A lot things we can't hurry just like love. Tell me who can hurry love.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yes to Mozilla Firefox and No to Internet Explorer

Went over to my dad's place and I check his computer and Internet. There's problem with the Internet Explorer and you could only log in to one address url that's all. That's one of the reason I couldn't drop any card there at all.

So dad can't be using Internet Explorer any more unless he wanting to go the Internet Option every time when going to a website. That's really time consuming and I was doing that all day long. Not fun at all!

Yeah he can use Mozilla Firefox and also Netscape. Most time he will be using Mozilla Firefox as it's faster for him even though he's only using a normal internet account. Not fast speed type. So far not hearing any complain from him, so I assume it's okay for him to use now.

What I do with the EC

Well, as you know that I have been winning EC and you know what I do with them? I have been using it for buying ads. Yeah like to boost my traffic in blogs. I have also earlier be the sponsored in HAS contest. I sponsored for 1200EC and the Winner was Becca.

So it's just like you win some you lose some. I know that I am not that active in dropping 300cards a day. It's really take up a lot time to do that. I know many that able to do that I am surprise and perhaps they have their way of doing so.

I saw that there are many contest around the blogsphere but most of them are not open for International. So that's one reason that I didn't blog about the contest too. Most contests that I took part are related to Entrecard.

Friday, July 4, 2008

What's wrong with the computer?

My dad has been complaining about his Internet connection that he can't go other website except my sister's company website. Even my sister went over his place she also say the same. So tomorrow we are going over to see what's wrong with his computer.

I also find that my printer is using the cartridge fast, someone was telling me that if I didn't use the printer it should be turn off. If not the printer will keep on auto cleaning. Is that true?

Oh yeah I have been looking at the Digg and I don't know how to add the Digg button to blog. Anyone care to share how to do it?

Huge Summer Contest

This is a Huge Summer Contest that everyone is waiting for and there only will be two Winners. First place Winner gets $25 cash plus 5,000 Entrecard Credits. Second place Winner gets $10 cash plus 2,000 Entrecard Credits.
I found more than one link that really interest me, I am sure everyone like to how to advertise your site. There are 100 Ways to advertise your site is a great post as I have been wanting to know about it. Not just that, I like to know more about SEO - How to Get Backlinks . One very common one that I always see most bloggers are doing is giving away goodies through their blogs. Want to know where to read it? Check out 7 Killer Ways to Build Your Home Business Website . Be sure to check out Sheila website to find out Best Ways to Advertise Your Website.

So much to read about and Huge Summer Contest going on. I bet you want to take part too. This contest ends on August 1st.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sis reading book online

Well you know how awesome is internet? My sister found a website where she loves to read and I don't know about the story she's reading as I don't like reading book. She on the other hand loves reading and even laughing so loud. She's very good in mandarin language so she doesn't mind reading at all.

During my childhood time I remembered I worst subject is mandarin. I am sure everyone has a favourite language. What's yours? Mine's English!

I am not very good in English as I know many words that I still don't know about. There's so much to learn and I have to live all my life to learn and even til the last day for sure I am still learning.

Grand Prize Winner

I am so happy to receive email from Adam Pieniazek. Yeah I am Grand Prize Winner of 1,000EC. Looks like Adam is not going to use Entrecard any more. Good luck to him. It was suppose to be 900EC but Adam has updated the grand prize officially to 1,000EC .
Adam comment on my previous post and he also agree with me that it's not just about luck. I have 11 chances compared to everyone else's 1 chance for blogging the contest.
If you are taking part in any contest, didn't win this time. Don't give up just try again.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sherry is one of the lucky feed subscriber

Hooray, I am so happy to share with you that I have won an ad space on 125x125 at Greatest Reviews.

This is not about luck but putting effort in taking part in the contest. How much time do you need to take part in the contest? I don't think it will take you half an hour.

Don't worry I am not winning all the contest that I taken part. If yes, I am sure everyone will be mad at me. LOL

The best way to join the contest is spot the contest then you either bookmark the site OR take part in the contest right away. Be sure to read every rules and regulation they have on taking part in the contest. You didn't want to lose out some points and entries.