Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yes to Mozilla Firefox and No to Internet Explorer

Went over to my dad's place and I check his computer and Internet. There's problem with the Internet Explorer and you could only log in to one address url that's all. That's one of the reason I couldn't drop any card there at all.

So dad can't be using Internet Explorer any more unless he wanting to go the Internet Option every time when going to a website. That's really time consuming and I was doing that all day long. Not fun at all!

Yeah he can use Mozilla Firefox and also Netscape. Most time he will be using Mozilla Firefox as it's faster for him even though he's only using a normal internet account. Not fast speed type. So far not hearing any complain from him, so I assume it's okay for him to use now.


  1. i heard loads of people having probs with explorer especially with ec widgets not appearing. i would stick to firefox if i were you :)

  2. hi Tina, I hope my dad doing fine with firefox.

    EC widget yes I find that's true explorer not showing it in some blogs. I still don't understand why.


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