Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I change the template myself for nameSherry blog

Oh yeah I am so happy that I have solve the problem of the 22 infection. Now its another success story to tell you about my template changing.

You may check out nameSherry to see but I know I still got a lot work to do there. Oh mind, I am having handful with blogs.
The reason I didn't want to use this blog or my shopping blog or contest blog to make change on template. Because I don't have the feeling of 100% that I can do it. Further more I do worry about the effect after changing. Like what happened to my widgets all if I just change them.
Yeah I know that you need to download the template before making any changes. It's easy to say I didn't even save at all for the nameSherry blog because its a testing blog for changing template.
Now tell me how you did it, is it save the template then only change the new template? So if like that how do you put back the widgets? Please share your experience with me.
Oh yeah I should also disable the ProjectWonderful Ads first?

1 comment:

  1. Well for me, I just manually put back all the widgets after I added another column. I simply just copy pasted it. Though it was tiring but it was worth it now my blog looks cooler than it is^^

    and Congratulations on fixing the 22 infections^^

    Hope to read more from you soon


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