Monday, June 30, 2008

Review The Limelight

Do you know what is this about? I don't think many people know about it. It's my first time coming by this blog. Have anyone check out The Limelight blog ? Wow this blog has 165 subscribers.

This is having a simple contest just a simple review and put two links in the post you wrote. What's the prize?

1. 1000EC
2. 125x125 ad space on The Limelight blog

You can review his blog and let him know about it. You can do more than that by checking his blog for more info.

Winner will be choose on July 15 by random.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lovely pair of earring

Remember last month I told you that I won a prize from Jackie? If you don't recall can check out the post again that I won 1st Day Prize .
I have just got the parcel a few days back. Here's the lovely pair of earring they got me from the something store.
Thanks you Jackie and Jordan .

Technorati Improvement Program

The technorati improvement program subscriber list:

Omar Abid Weblog
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troubleshooting PC and Network Connection
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Scouting My Power Mall for GREEN stores, brands and products
Sherry Rambling
I luv contest
Ebook and Product Reviews
MORINGA OLEIFERA, tree of miracles
EclikxFrom Africa to Asia
Work and Travel on four continents
Ni pensar que es tan sencillo
Learn how to earn extra pocket money from the Internet
Exotic photos from Borneo
Increase traffic to your blog
All Beauty Natural

If you are familiar with technorati, I am sure by one look of the title you could tell what this is about. Thanks to Omar, I could easily copy the html code here. According to Omar, the Technorati improvement program will aid to raise your Technorati authority up to 20 as everyone will get 19 back links.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Gathering bills

Well, I love shopping but I hate spending. I am just gathering the bill as so far they are two bill that came. The cable TV $110, internet cum telephone bill $120. That's for next month payment. I am not going to pay any this month as I have paid earlier. Even if I pay now, there's nothing like fast payment so giving you discount. There's nothing like that.

So best thing to do is just leave it first and make payment next month in July.

I am still waiting for electricity bil and water bil. There are not going to cheap as I see the news they are saying going to rise the payment. Hmm... rise on everything but what we are getting still the same. No improvement at all.

Do you think if there's rise on everything which is necessary things that we need to use and eat. So will they be a rise in crime too?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anyone interested on 900+ free EC

First I like to say that yesterday I try to blog but not sure why the internet connection so slow. The website downloading so slow that I don't have the patience to wait around.

Okay, lets get back on 900+ Free EC . One of the blogger Adam Pieniazek has decided to give up his EC because he's removing the widget from his blog. I think its good that someone is removing to widget and let everyone know about in their post.

I have seen some blogger with no widget on their blog while I am trying to drop the card. Not just one but I come across quite a few of them.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Win a custom blogger template

Yeah this is the contest that I am taking part as I want to make a change for my blog. It's all happening at Grumpy Cow, you can find out your chance to win a custom blogger template .

Other prizes also included 125x125 entrecard/ad button.

Are you looking for custom blogger template? Then this is the right place you have to go. Please take note the template only for Blogger.

Winner will be announced on Sunday, 29 June.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where is the Entrecard Widget?

It's funny, I don't know is it me or I just blind. I can't see the Entrecard widget on blogs/site that I am visiting. I waited the whole page to download and I couldn't find it at all. This has been happening so many time.

Looking at every corner but see nothing. Have you experience like this?

Where is the Entrecard widget usually located? On the left bar/right bar/top page/bottom page.

Don't tell me that you waited my blog to download long time. I have been waiting other blog to download which takes even longer than mine. More than 1 minute and I give up sometime if it takes too long.

So have anyone been taking part in contest lately? So do you think taking part in contest will affect your blog? If you blogs are making money is it wise to take part in contest?

Friday, June 20, 2008

House in Stuart Little 3

Hey, I have been watching Stuart Little and for the first time I am watching Stuart Little 3 . I didn't know that Hugh Laurie is Mr. Frederick Little! I was very sure hey, this sound familar. I listen again and I was very sure that's sound like House.

House is nice to see and I still watching it.

Lets not talk about that now. Want to share a joy moment with you. That's I have won a contest. Hooray, I won 1000 EC and a winning top spot 125x125 banner. For more info, head over to iluvcontest . At the moment haven't update yet. Going to... bare with me.

Flame of Friendship

Thanks for Shimunsy for this flame of friendship.

The Flame of Friendship. A symbol of spirit of unity.The burning icon of love.Undying picture of hope.The hot symbol of oneness.The Flame of Friendship.And now it's your turn to flame yourself!Meet new friends. Discover friendship. Make bonds.

Copy this post starting from the PICTURE ABOVE to the end and add your blog on the list below. Let's start FLAMING!Tiklaton: We are the witness.Janeth Vicy's Life Journey.bb_Anne's Myriad of Thoughts , Shimumsy's Republic of A , i luv contest, Sherry Rambling, Shopping ,


Who can drop the most?

I am sure you have read and know about a lot contest happening around blogsphere. Here's one I don't know if you have heard of. Contest: Who can drop the most , if you wonder what is that all about? Well, all you need is entrecard and if you having entrecard you can join this contest. As you need to drop your entrecard at The Radical Blog . It's his first contest on his blog and you still can take part in this contest.

The contest will ends on end of June. Check out his blog for the rules.

Be sure to comment of his blog that you like to take part. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Like my blog new looked?

As you can see that I have make changes on this blog. Yeah tell me how you like it now? I am happy to see that my blog is having more than 10 readers everyday. It's nice and feeling good too.

You may notice that the Drop Card has been move to bottom of the page. I have seen so many blogs that doing so. Not that I want to be like them is just that I want reader not just drop their card but also checking out the blog contain too.

Oh yeah a few post back I blog that I won a space 125x125 you could see its my Shopping Blog button. My shopping blog is all about my shopping experience.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Watch Out the header

Oh yeah, I have been quite busy today sign in and out to approve the ProjectWonderful. It's good to see that it looking good with advertisers.

If you are looking for contest that's happening on blogsphere. Head over to my other blog to check out.

So don't feel down if you don't have any advertiser on your blog yet. No need of whining or complain. All you need is patience.

I do notice some contests has ended but no result yet. Hmm... will be waiting to know whose the Winners. I know sometimes you win sometimes you don't. It's always depend on luck too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beware of fake John Chow

I am sure everyone know about John Chow but beware of fake John Chow . The faker is using the email webmaster@johnchow dot com.

I don't know how to tell you this, it's best you head on to his blog and read about it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

DesignPal is a design blog

I have been checking out some blogs lately and I found DesignPal . It is a design blog which I am actually interested to know more. I am always looking for resources, tutorial and nice themes. I am reading about the Web Design Tips and Links .

I didn't know much about them until I read about it. Oh yeah I bet my dad know lesser than he as I am sure he will be confuse too. I know this site is pretty new but I am sure there be more post in future.

Don't forget to check out this blog as they are having a contest too.

Two ads up on my ProjectWonderfull

Hooray, for the first time I am see ads on Project Wonderful. I have put this up for quite sometime.

There's more to share as I received email that I won in Hedge Against Speculation contest. I won 1,000 EC and an ad space of 125 x 125 at Treasure Nature.

This time my Winning Number is 11. Remembered my previous Winning Number 23 right? hehe... I like these number.. hey maybe you can buy lottery with that. Haha.... just kidding.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Have you check out my other blog?

If you still don't know about it, there's a blog which I use for contests contained and I just won a 4th place on Favourite Dad Bloggers. If you are looking out for contest, don't forget to check on my other blog.

Since I joined the Entrecard I found that there are a lot of nice contest going on. Just be aware of them and try my luck on winning. It's also good to inform my reader that there are contest which you didn't aware of.

Sometimes you could miss out the opportunity which just walk pass you.

The water pressure today is quite low, I need to get my hair wash. Last night too, there's no water and this morning low water. What's going on? Oh yeah I notice my water bill has gone up from $6 extra.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why my stomach making noise?

I have always wanted to know why my stomach making noise. I don't know why, do you ? I always been thinking maybe because I am feeling hungry. Well, if you don't know why like me.

Let's read about it Stomach Noice at this link. My sister used to have gastric and I think she can read about this as well.

If I don't eat before sleep, in middle of the night I would be waking up and first call is always from my stomach. The growling sound, talking about this I have a funny thought as my sister used to ask me is that your stomach growling sound? Why? Are you hungry?

Have anyone think about record the sound of your stomach?

Love can be anything

Talking about love how much do you know about? I think love can be anything and I found an interesting site about It Might Be Love . I don't think anyone would be believe me is that I did wrote poem before. It was more than 10 years back. What kind of poem I wrote? I prefer not to say.

Just reading abouw how to write a love poem , if you love to write poem you would be interested to know about these.

This month is Father's Day I am sure you have got a lot to tell him. If you don't know how to express your love, you could write them down. Don't know how to write? Don't worry, check on the website and you'll learn a lot from there.

Love can also be related to relationship among friends and family even loved one. What you don't know is that love can be a contest too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What do you know about sugars?

This is one interesting article I found on the Internet. I don't know that there are Best & Worst Fake Sugars . Tell me do you know about this? I know my dad is buying some brand of sugar that's less sweet than those usual sugar. It's not cheap and my dad has stop buying because it's out of stock.

I have bought some sugar which is made of sugar cane. I always think that this will be the best sugar but I was told no. This sugar will increase my weight? I can't deny that this sugar taste sweeter than any sugar that I have before. Just a sachet of this is enough.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Can blogging earn money?

I have always wanting to know can blogging earn money and I am reading at Earn On The Side . Looks like this blogger has earn over $50 with Other Internet Earning. I do wonder if the Survery Earning is available for Malaysian as well.

How much have you earn with blogging? Personally, I am very impressed with Money earn by Earn On The Side for May 2008 . I just know that I have got a lot to learn. If you wonder how much this blogger has earn, just for month of May total $510.09.

Yeah I would like to earn like that too. I would checking this blog more often.

How to live life all over again?

Do you think there's any way of live life all over again? I don't know that's why I am asking you about it. Well, I think there's noway to do that but on the other hand, to me it also can be like find a job and start it all over again.

Just like you didn't like a job and you would be looking for one that's most suitable for you. Maybe not everyone would agree with me but I think you can always be looking at the bright side.

Talking about that, I notice that having the car to be fill with full petrol it cost $90 for $2.70 per litre. I am thinking if the price going up again it I would have to fork out near to $200 for petrol? This is a weekly expenses I am talking about.

Most people would thought of making a change of lifestyle by riding motorcyle. What would you do?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I love contest

I have no delay on doing this any more. I have come up with a blog which is about contest happening around blogshpere. It's call iLUVcontest , you are most welcome to check out this blog. It's very new as I just started it few minutes ago.

I didn't want this blog to be fill with only contest contained so its best that I have a blog which I can take part in just contest. This way, I could be using this blog for my rambling and shopping blog for my shopping experience.

This way my blogs would be more tidy and pleasant to visit.

Chase the money

I am sure everyone would have hear about chasing cats or dogs away but not chase the money. Here's what I like to do is chase the money, yeah I need more money and money is everything to me. This is a reality world, every time stepping out of my home. I would think about how much I need to spend.

We can't really estimate everything like those unexpected things such as electronics that need to be repair. Oh yeah this remind me that someone haven't pay for the tax and road tax.

As you can see that this blog has been used with many contains of contests that I taken part. I think I would do another blog where I can concentrate on just contest contained. What do you think?

I am Winning Number 23

If you have take part in The Net Fool's Outrageous Contest, do you win? If you have take part in the contest. Here's the Winners list .
Checking out the print screen and my winning number is 23. I didn't realise won until I scroll down the page. Oh yeah... I am surely happy to see my blog name on the list.
I won $25 PayPal, 168 EC, one buck wiki page.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SweetHacks is celebrating 1 year old

Here's a chance for you to take part in contest. Where is this happening? It's all happening at SweetHacks and you must be wondering what are prizes like.

Check out below...

  1. $100 and a review of your website for 1 Winner
  2. 468x60 Banner + $10 for 1 Winner
  3. 300x250 Banners + RSS Feeds for 5 Winners
  4. 125x125 Banners for 5 Winners
  5. PR5 Text link ads for 5 Winners
For detail you could check out the contest , deadline is on June 13 this year. I am sure everyone know about how to enter the contest by now. If not you could just click the link and find out about it.
Good luck to you and ME!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

She did it again

Oh yeah as you remembered I posted about my sis, she had forgotten to locked the gate the other day. It happened again today and it's worst than before. She did closed the door but she left the gate wide open.

I was like in shocked, what's going on with her? Something is messing with her mind? The other day she told me she had a white hair and she's going to cut white hair short. She said like that, I didn't think of anything serious. The next day, she showed up with her hair real short like a boy's haircut. It's even shorter than before. She used to have a long hair til her waist. Now not any more she has make up her mind that she will only have short hair.

As for me I would prefer long hair, I couldn't stand the heat with short hair. I used to have short hair but I didn't like that any more.

I won 2700EC

Oh yeah, I won 700EC from EZGreatlife and you can view the result here.
Other than that I also received 2000EC for linking Blogger Together from Entrecard.
There are many contests going on and you just need to find out about them and take part. This way you have the chance to participate. If you don't take part, you won't know if you are gonna win.