Tuesday, June 3, 2008

She did it again

Oh yeah as you remembered I posted about my sis, she had forgotten to locked the gate the other day. It happened again today and it's worst than before. She did closed the door but she left the gate wide open.

I was like in shocked, what's going on with her? Something is messing with her mind? The other day she told me she had a white hair and she's going to cut white hair short. She said like that, I didn't think of anything serious. The next day, she showed up with her hair real short like a boy's haircut. It's even shorter than before. She used to have a long hair til her waist. Now not any more she has make up her mind that she will only have short hair.

As for me I would prefer long hair, I couldn't stand the heat with short hair. I used to have short hair but I didn't like that any more.

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