Saturday, June 14, 2008

Have you check out my other blog?

If you still don't know about it, there's a blog which I use for contests contained and I just won a 4th place on Favourite Dad Bloggers. If you are looking out for contest, don't forget to check on my other blog.

Since I joined the Entrecard I found that there are a lot of nice contest going on. Just be aware of them and try my luck on winning. It's also good to inform my reader that there are contest which you didn't aware of.

Sometimes you could miss out the opportunity which just walk pass you.

The water pressure today is quite low, I need to get my hair wash. Last night too, there's no water and this morning low water. What's going on? Oh yeah I notice my water bill has gone up from $6 extra.


  1. hi sherry, thanks for dropping by my blog, n the thumbs up on my jewelry :D I just placed a bid on your ad space :)

  2. hi ria, thank you for sharing :)

    hi Winniel, yes you ad is looking good here. You have great looing jewelry :)


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