Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gred Sekolah Rendah 2016/Grade Primary School 2016

Just want to share info with everyone as I always want to know about it.
My son didn't do well in the exam but at least he tried his best, so now I know what's the marks he scores. Sometimes I forgot his grades, with this list, we can easily know.

A -  Cemerlang - 80-100 - Excellent
B - Baik - 65-79 - Good
C - Memuaskan - 50 - 64 - Satisfy
D - Mencapai Tahan Minimum - 40-49 - Achievement minimum
E - Belum Mencapai Tahap Minimum - 0-39 - Not yet achieve minimum
F - Tidak Hadir -TH - Absent

This year final exam was tough, he says many didn't do well.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Program on the Concert Day

Last Saturday, we attended my son's concert day. Well it has limited seating as it no held in school's hall but in a shoplot.

Here's a throwback of the program:
  1. Negaraku
  2. Opening speech by Mrs Wendy Yong, but it was first by her daughter Jun Yong. 
  3. Convocation ceremony & prize presentaton
  4. Welcome speech - Louise Lim - Zehra Aliya - Bridgette Wong
  5. Magical World of Music - K2
  6. English Story Telling - Dax Chee
  7. A Thousand Years - K2 Superstar
  8. Coral Speech - K2 Superstar
  9. Shake shake Maracas and Bells - K1 Sushine
  10. Zumba - Sunshine
  11. K2 Superstar
  12. Choir - K2 Superstar, Catch A Falling Star
  13. Grand Choir 
It's kind of small concert compared to last year. Many parents hope that they will held the concert at bigger place like previous year.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


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