Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving by Eyeko

Yeah you can shop now at Eyeko with discount, no kidding!

So whenever you shop there remember to use the ambassador code E3624.

Here's something we can all be thankful for - 25% off all Eyeko Beauty when you spend £10 or more! Take advantage and try our NEW product launches for a fraction of the price!

NEW Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen and NEW Eyeko Line and Shine Duo Colour Pencils.

Create your party look in seconds with these easy-to-use eye colours.
Eyeko Line & Shine Rock Star is our favourite for party eyes.
Rim the eye with Black Glitter then blend Silver across the whole lid.
Add a slick of
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen for a fierce eye look!

Make sure you pick up your Eyeko Line & Shine Pencils today as the introductory offer price of £3.50 expires end of November!

Enter '1733f5' to the discount code box at checkout.
Offer ends midnight (UK time) Monday 30th November 2009. Whilst stocks last. Offer not valid with other promotional code unless stated otherwise.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Scrub used before or after cleanser?

I have a question on beauty as I want to know do you use scrub before or after cleanser? As for me I usually wash first with scrub once a week. My friend told me that she used cleanser to wash face then only use scrub to scrub and wash face.

Anyone care to share which step do you do first?

I am serious of taking care of my skin now because I know aging is fast and you never know if your face sagging the next 10 years.

Beauty is for life and for your own.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eyeko: Flash Lips or Light Up Lip Gloss

Oh yeah this is mine, it is Flash Lips or Light Up Lip Gloss. Look at it, it is so cute! I thought it is small but it is not! You can purchase it at don't forget to use the ambassador code: E3624 during check out. This code I use often to get free gift with my purchase.

Anyway I have got both of them, they are so cute! You can google them to find out I find out that it cost more if you purchase at other website.

Shop at Eyeko is my favourite as they do not charge delivery!

Crayons and Pencils

I am sure you like to know more about Crayons and Pencils, it is belong to Mommy Riza. This is the blog where you find her express herself in most of her favourite media in writing, because writing has been an intergral part of her life. I agree with her that blogging is where you can find breathe air without soliciting the ire of the people close to you.

Mommy Riza is a mommy of two a boy and a girl, she always pick up after the kids as the crayons and pencils are lying around. This blog is three columns template, it is a page rank zero at the moment.

I am sure every woman like to care for their skin, I am looking at the sample lotion she received. I hope she will review about them soon, I have not tried any natural ingredient before. Just for an update from her about the PJ's lotion is really nice, silky to the skin and my skin absorbs the lotion quickly when I applied it. I am still keeping the facial scrub because it does smell good, lol, and I'm having second thoughts of using it, but I will do post a short video about it.

You can find this site with information of parenting, motherhood, and general interest. Find out if she got a new place for her with her children. Mommy Riza is happy to be sharing her room with her daughter, I believe kids grow up will need the space of their own.

If you have time hop by to Crayons and Pencils, if you have entrecard and adgitize you can drop them too. For the lotion, you got to visit her blog often to know the updates. :)

Casino games

Do you know anyone that interested to play casino games? I found a website where you can see the rating guide to the best online casinos, poker rooms, and gaming sites on the web. The site I am talking about is lonelyheartcasino, it is user friendly and easy to browse.

I need time to learn online slots, slots machine is one of my favourite games. If you love slot games, you will find this site with best online slot games. Playing the games are not based on luck, you will need to know the strategy to play them.

Slots guide is what you need to get started. I know players will like to know the casino news and casino reviews. Playing casino games it is part of entertainment in life, everyone has got a favourite games. Slots guide will be good information for the newbie player.

If you like to find out more about casino games, just click on the link above. Playing online games are not just for US players but World Wide Players too. Players who love casino games will like to visit this site for more games and news. I am sure my uncle will find this site useful for him, he loves gambling.

With Internet access, we can access from anywhere anytime. It's important to check on our children gadgets too we didn't want them to be playing these. They will need to have education games instead of this.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not just flirting

I can tell you that when a man is serious of chatting with another girl online it is more than flirting. I don't know how many of you got such experience that you find your man will be excited and happy to chat with another woman.

Sometimes you will be waking up in the night to see if this man is still sleeping next to you. It will be worst if he is sleeping in another room. One night you will find that he locked the room and lights are on.

Could it be a woman being so sensitive? I am sure every woman has got the hunch! How many times can you forgive him and he will repeat the same mistake again?

This is not just about love any more as it will involve the family members too! I am sure every woman will be heart break if they hear more coming out from the room.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Certified Pinoy Blogger

Ceritified Pinoy Blogger blog is belong to Makoy, he is a pinoy blogger who is working and living in Singapore now. His blog is user friendly and easy to browse, I like the three columns template. I like to visit this blog for the Hollywood Top Box Office. I like to know the Hollywood Top Box Office movies, I know some movies are not showing here. :(

If you like to see pictures, head to Makoy's blog there are pictures of him and many pictures of Singapore. I am looking at Makoy's niece Anika, she is so cute and she has a sweet smile. I also like her hairstyle, just click on the link to see the pictures.

Certified Pinoy Blogger, you can find the list of labels just click on them that interest you. There are names of Celebrities too like Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Obama, Paris Hilton, and so on. Makoy's blog is a page rank 3 and he update his blog everyday. I am sure you not be bored checking out his blog.

If you like to find out on permanent resident application in Singapore, you can check out this post. I am sure you like to find out whether Makoy gets it or not.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Advanced Eye Perfector

I purchase this for my friend because I promised her to redeem the free eye cream but it is not available any more. So it is best to buy one for her, I am sure she loves to try this cream.

I really dislike people that pushing me to buy, they have no idea if I am capable of buying all they want is to achive their sales target. They are the one that will enjoy going on paid trips and holidays.

I know they will not stop until they find me purchase from them.

Wide selection of Holiday frames

I love eyeglasses and I am looking for one just like the above. I am going to tell my dad to check out the Holiday Fun Eyeglasses. I spotted the above eyeglasses at New Arrivals. I like the clip-on it is suitable for me as I am driving under hot sun.

If you like to choose many eyeglasses, it is time to check out $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses.