Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crayons and Pencils

I am sure you like to know more about Crayons and Pencils, it is belong to Mommy Riza. This is the blog where you find her express herself in most of her favourite media in writing, because writing has been an intergral part of her life. I agree with her that blogging is where you can find breathe air without soliciting the ire of the people close to you.

Mommy Riza is a mommy of two a boy and a girl, she always pick up after the kids as the crayons and pencils are lying around. This blog is three columns template, it is a page rank zero at the moment.

I am sure every woman like to care for their skin, I am looking at the sample lotion she received. I hope she will review about them soon, I have not tried any natural ingredient before. Just for an update from her about the PJ's lotion is really nice, silky to the skin and my skin absorbs the lotion quickly when I applied it. I am still keeping the facial scrub because it does smell good, lol, and I'm having second thoughts of using it, but I will do post a short video about it.

You can find this site with information of parenting, motherhood, and general interest. Find out if she got a new place for her with her children. Mommy Riza is happy to be sharing her room with her daughter, I believe kids grow up will need the space of their own.

If you have time hop by to Crayons and Pencils, if you have entrecard and adgitize you can drop them too. For the lotion, you got to visit her blog often to know the updates. :)

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