Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RM370 for dental treatment

Today is the day where I brought my children for dental checkup and also for myself. Me and Sean has got our teeth clean, however I was told that Sean needs to have braces maybe at aged of 13 yrs old or 14 yrs old. Because his teeth is not in good arrangement and all has turned permanent teeth, I will need to find Orthontist for him for braces and also to find out which teeth is suitable for extract.

Niece has got for braces and her cost was RM4k, I was told by time Sean go for braces it could be RM6k or RM7k. It's time to get start saving for him now, we never know what's the exact price. Yeah the cost of living in Selangor/Kuala Lumpur is way much more than other states, don't you agree? Not yet add on the fees of tuition for children.

Sean's little bro has got 2 teeth upper gums filling, each RM60. Total cost for dental treatment for 3 of us RM370. This happened at USJ Taipan, was lucky today I managed to find a parking spot. While we saw another car which not in the parking spot, outside the yellow line got clamped.

My bottom two big teeth, deep inside if there is pain I was told that I need to back to see her and get both teeth removed. One of it is wisdom teeth.

Monday, December 19, 2016

About Merlin Entertainments

MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS plc is the leading name in location-based, family entertainment. Europe’s Number 1 and the world’s second-largest visitor attraction operator, Merlin now operates 109 attractions, 12 hotels/4 holiday villages in 23 countries and across 4 continents. The company aims to deliver memorable and rewarding experiences to its almost 63 million visitors worldwide, through its iconic global and local brands, and the commitment and passion of its managers and 26,000 employees (peak season).    Merlin currently has thirteen attractions in Asia including Madame Tussauds in Bangkok, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Wuhan, China; the fantastic LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort with its theme park, hotel and water park; world leading aquaria in Busan, Bangkok and Shanghai, - underlining the company’s position as the world’s biggest global aquarium operator; LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan and Istanbul.   Dubai’s LEGOLAND® Park has also opened in October 2016 and will soon open in Japan and South Korea in 2017.  

Visit www.merlinentertainments.biz for more information


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Night before fly off to Langkawi

Exciting in few hours time I will be going to Langkawi, haven't been there over 15 years. I went there last with my parents while it was dad's company's trip. Hoping to visit the crocodile adventureland in Langkawi.

I had bad sleep yesterday due to over eat, after dinner, my dear brought me to purchase McD home to eat. Yeah ate too much last night that I couldn't sleep well and it's horrible because I feel uncomfortable all night long. Not just that awake by 5am because there's electrical trip and it only came back after an hour.

My dear not happy that we need to go 4D/3N, well if he has the problem should let me know earlier then I wouldn't ask him to go with him. Last night he was asking me when back again, as just a couple trip for two of us. I am a woman that easily heart broken by his words.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fee of Kindergarten Subang Jaya

The fee of Pre School & Intermediate classes for year 2017. For re-registration the payment RM1000 (RM980 for books and special fees and RM20 for group PA insurance). 

Types of Fees
Registration fee RM100
Books and Special fees RM980
Group PA insurance RM20
Monthly school fees RM450 payable monthly except Jan and Dec fees must be paid before year 2017 sessions begins. Usual rate RM430 see that the fee hike RM20 monthly.
Nov fees will be collected in June 2017
School uniform RM28 per set.

morning session 8.45 to 12.45pm

full day programme
Mon to Fri 8.3 to 6.3pm 3 and 4 yrs old RM700 per month, 5 and 6 yrs old RM800 per month.
Extended hour to 7.3 pm extra RM100 per month
Extra hour RM8 per hour
Dinner RM120 per month.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gred Sekolah Rendah 2016/Grade Primary School 2016

Just want to share info with everyone as I always want to know about it.
My son didn't do well in the exam but at least he tried his best, so now I know what's the marks he scores. Sometimes I forgot his grades, with this list, we can easily know.

A -  Cemerlang - 80-100 - Excellent
B - Baik - 65-79 - Good
C - Memuaskan - 50 - 64 - Satisfy
D - Mencapai Tahan Minimum - 40-49 - Achievement minimum
E - Belum Mencapai Tahap Minimum - 0-39 - Not yet achieve minimum
F - Tidak Hadir -TH - Absent

This year final exam was tough, he says many didn't do well.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Program on the Concert Day

Last Saturday, we attended my son's concert day. Well it has limited seating as it no held in school's hall but in a shoplot.

Here's a throwback of the program:
  1. Negaraku
  2. Opening speech by Mrs Wendy Yong, but it was first by her daughter Jun Yong. 
  3. Convocation ceremony & prize presentaton
  4. Welcome speech - Louise Lim - Zehra Aliya - Bridgette Wong
  5. Magical World of Music - K2
  6. English Story Telling - Dax Chee
  7. A Thousand Years - K2 Superstar
  8. Coral Speech - K2 Superstar
  9. Shake shake Maracas and Bells - K1 Sushine
  10. Zumba - Sunshine
  11. K2 Superstar
  12. Choir - K2 Superstar, Catch A Falling Star
  13. Grand Choir 
It's kind of small concert compared to last year. Many parents hope that they will held the concert at bigger place like previous year.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I love to shopping and good to know there's 100comments website that I can refer to. Sometimes I need to check on feedback before I purchase. I find this website is useful and helpful as I can find product reviews from there.

You can check out this website by refer to the link above. It's user friendly and easy to you, you can also register an account there, it is free to sign up. Start sharing your product reviews if you love to share your experienced. I am glad to find this website as I have also starting to share the product reviews there.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Great Sound Music Sdn Bhd

There is concert day soon for my son, busy me so we still have not receive any costume from the kindergarten. So fast its another year, this year my son is 5years old. Next year he will needs to start going for tuition as he has exam in June at primary school.

Same weekend as my birthday too, his concert day.

Friday, October 21, 2016

GLAM Junior X Uniqlo event

Happy day as I received an invite on GLAM Junior X Uniqlo event for tomorrow. But sad is because they only let me know today and tomorrow is the day which I have planed already for tomorrow.

I know my sons will be happy to attend this activity because they have activity for kids with lego, aso traveling/packing tips for winter and cash voucher from uniqlo.

Very sad as I cannot bring my kids to go as we have got family plan tomorrow. Well, got to let it go and let other lucky participants to go.

The event is morning 9am to 11am.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend schedule fulled

It's October and my son is very happy as he has finished the final exam in school. However other school are on going their final exam. This Sunday is his school's sports day, he is Standard 4 and for the first time he got selected by for taking part, he is not alone as he is taking part with his team.

It's not going to be easy, he told me that green team have many participants than yellow team. He's in yellow team and just very few of them. Not sure how to name the sports but it is pulling rope competition. Last week they have the sports in school and teacher have selected their teams and other teams to take part in the competition.

We have got plan to visit grandmother too, been few months since we last seen her. Her birthday was in June same month as my son.

How about you? What's your plan for this weekend?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

4 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Remodel

Before you start knocking down walls for your home remodel, it's important to think about your budget. How much can you afford to spend on new fixtures and features? Where can you find deals to help you cut costs? Are there any preparations you can make in advance to save you money further down the line? If you're serious about avoiding the red during your next remodel, here are four tips for making it more affordable.

1. Have a Plan

It's easy to overspend when you don't have a clear goal for your remodeling project. You'll agree to anything that looks or sounds good instead of focusing on specific design elements, and you'll be tempted into unnecessary upgrades when you don't have a blueprint to fall back on. Be smart about your remodel. Plan it out before you use your credit card.

2. Make Plans Based on Deals

Instead of scheduling your remodel for the busiest time of year, wait until everyone is quiet and companies are desperate for business. Instead of buying a specific kind of hardwood no matter how much it costs, find a company that offers discounted timber and make your selection based on what's already on sale. Don't let your whims dictate your expenses. If anything, it should be the other way around.

3. Cut the Right Corners

It's okay to cheat a little on your remodel, but you have to make sure that you're cheating with the right things. For example, you don't want to cut corners when it comes to your water lines because they're so pivotal to your everyday life, but your faucets are another story. If you want to slap on some stainless steel adhesives instead of actually paying for stainless steel, no one will ever have to know.

4. Talk to Your Contractors

Don't be afraid to discuss money matters with your contractors. It's better to have a few awkward conversations early in the project rather than getting an unpleasant surprise on the final bill. If your contractor tries to play coy about costs, expenses, fees and surcharges, find someone else who will be upfront with you.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you're watching your budget during a home renovation. You might want to find a contractor today for more information, including how to calculate expenses and what you can expect to pay for materials and labor. Good luck!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Diarrhea and fever

Yeah I have not been feeling well, it started with diarrhea and then fever. It's second day now I don't have diarrhea anymore but I have fever up and down making me feeling tired. I have eat the medicine, not just me ill but 1st was my eldest son then is my nephew and then me. So nephew and me still sick.

I haven't pump petrol or wind for the car's wheels. I am feeling tired and sweaty soon I need to go fetch sons. First I need to fetch my son from kindergarten then only to primary school to wait for his big brother. Before that shall fetch him home first so that I can go find parking near school.

Go to go now, time is up to fetch kids now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Train to Busan movie review

It's a great movie to watch, if you love horror movie. You got to watch this, it's horror to see one person changes to zombie so fast and they can move very fast too! *Spoiler alert*

Once you got bitten you are infected! Train to Busan how the passengers struggle to go from one destination to the other.

Love the actors in the movie, they are the heroes too Ma-Dong Seok and Gong Yoo. The bad guy too, if he's not acting this bad, how this movie going to success? He is Kim Ui-Seong!

Thanks to MBO Subang Parade, I get to watch this for second time. I watched first time last Sunday with my friend and her mom! It's exciting and scary, the second time is just as scary as the first time!

Everyone scream and run in the movie, its heart beat moments to see them all! Catch this movie if you like to watch horror movie.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Lorem Ipsum Art Jam

Last week I went for an event at Lorem Ipsum Art Jam, it is located at shop lot. Just one roll of shop lot there, so you cannot miss it and there do not have signboard of the shop name. It is above the dentist, nearby the shoplot has a bakery shop. Nothing much there, very boring area. Unless you wanna have a drink and dine there, why not go hang out there. I like the art, so many to see there.

Imagine I was there at 4.30pm and event only starts 6pm but then delay to start. It's so boring no place to hangout there, so remember if you going there for event don't go so early but unless you are driving there so you need to be early to find parking spot. 

Most people park at roadside not sure if will get summon tickets or not. 

By the way haze is back so take care and drink more water. Bring mask to use if you can, I have itchy skin and eyes too due to haze.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Notice from primary school standard 4

Yeah my son has got a notice from primary school. Standard 1 to 5 from 1 Sep to 8 Sep is days where children can study at home. As 9 Sep is where school open, then 10 Sep to 18 Sep is the school holiday.

School sports day is on 23 Oct and 24 October school is closed for a day.

Other than that, his brother kindergarten concert is on 5 November Saturday at Shah Alam. It's different venue this time the concert held which we never go before.

School is giving award to students that are
  1. Anugerah Mata Pelajaran Terbaik
  2. Anugerah Kemajuan mengikut Mata Pelajaran
  3. Anugerah Kemajuan Individu
  4. Anugerah Murid Tekun

Monday, August 22, 2016

Are you makeup artist?

It's Monday and have a fun event to go in the afternoon. I was lost and went to another condo which at the other side of the Empire Shopping Gallery. Glad that I am not alone that is late to the event as the cars need to queue at the guard house to get in. We have allocated parking to park and cannot simply park the cars. B3 103 was my parking lot, next to Lee Yann blogger.

One of the guest at the event saw me and asked if I am makeup artist, I say I am not but in fact she is makeup artist. :D

Yeah it make up my day as someone really like my makeup. Actually I have overdo my eyeliner and need time to draw the same for my left eyelid. It smudge too and I have to quickly fix the makeup on my eyes with eyeshadows. Glad that it's a good day for everyone, how about you?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Vertical Hotel: Female Body Workshop

Yesterday morning I attended the Female magazine workshop as in June has payment for the workshop. RM30 for two pax, if just one pax to pay will cost more. The parking at the Vertical Hotel is RM2. If you go verified the parking ticket you will need to pay RM5. That's what happened to one of my friend's friend.

I asked the staff at the hotel and he says no need to verify just go pay at the B1 parking machine RM2 for Saturday. I thought the parking would cost more, and yeah we need to be in and out of the lift few times as I mistakenly think I parked in B2. Lucky I have snap a photo of the parking else I would be looking for my car in basement.

At the same day my son has got school field trip to Melaka, is such a busy morning as I woke up at 5.44am then ask him to wake up as he needs to shower before go to school. 7am the bus will leave and bus left at 7.10am. An ex-classmate of son didn't make it as he overslept. He woke up and bus has leave, the teacher also called her. Other than that, she also has called me to inform his class teacher that her son not able to make it.

So there's school field trip for him, as for me is the workshop from 10am to 3pm! There were 12 lucky draws in 4 sessions and I didn't have luck to win any prizes.

Well is a long day as I reached home about 4.30pm due to the bad at federal highway. Before that after workshop send two friends to nearby LRT station.

How about you? How do you spend your Saturday?

This morning also another busy day for me thanks to my dear for send me to venue of event. It's Naruko and get to see Niu Er guru for the first time, he's from Taiwan. He's 49 years old! What's his beauty secrets? Have you tried the Naruko skin care products?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ghostbusters, who you gonna call?

Its Thursday and is son busy day, on Monday I bring him for a movie. He likes to watch Ghostbusters 2016, but for me I prefer the old version of it. Maybe lot people like to watch this because there's Thor in the movie. Chris Hemsoworth, some how this movie just bored me. I have many times of yawning watching the movie. There's a lot of talking in the movie.

You can see two characters of Ghostbusters old version in this movie. How about you? Have you watched this movie?

I thought this movie going to entertained me but it didn't but at least my son enjoys it from the start to the end of the movie.

I like this movie as there's actress that I like, she is Melissa McCarthy, I like her previous movie the Heat.

Busy day for son as he got tuition and next week Tuesday too extra class for tuition as need to attend the Math assessment test. He sure needs a break, so movie break is good for him. Look he is so happy having popcorn and drink in hands. We have got plan this Saturday, hoping nothing ruins it.

I used the voucher that I won from the contest to watch this movie.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Saturday, kids event for my son

Tomorrow is indeed a busy day for me as my son has been selected to attend the workshop. Its only open to kids age 6yrs old to 12 yrs old. It is exciting as it's gonna be fun for him but not me. His workshop with other 9 children will be in Team 2. There is another team that also has 10 children.

Anyway the time is 9am to 12.3pm tomorrow. Looks like I need to wait him, hang out at the area for few hours. Parent not allow in the workshop, there's no waiting area too.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow as I count on the waze to get there. Talking of waze nephew asked me how to go Pavillion, the mall in KL that I seldom go. He never try waze so no idea how to get there, he told me his lecturer ask him and others to go there for Japanese desserts.

There is a single trip to tourism JB next weekend but I need to let go for that as plan to have family time in the weekend. 

11pm now and nephew not yet come home.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

One subject RM150 to tuition, two subjects RM250

A parents was discussing in the class group chat about getting tuition for her child. She wanted more parents to send their child together as need at least 3 to get start. I was told the price of RM150 for a subject, RM250 for the two subjects. The offer subjects to teach are BC and Math.

Though I think of sending son to go, but he is already having tuition of Math and BC. Both are once a week that he's attending at tuition center.

I am not sure of how is his result for this June exam as he says teacher not yet inform but have told that 4 persons passed the BC exam. For his computer test he gets 79 marks and he's very happy about it.

It's also related to money as more tuition will cost more money and also time. He says it's enough of tuition he's having as he also have homework to handle. It's important that kids get balance of life, not just focus on their education.Nobody says it is going to be easy in learning in primary school, further more we are Chinese it is better that he's able to learn Chinese before he goes to Secondary school. We also enrolled his little brother to his school for year 2018, hopefully he gets a place in the school, there will be exam for his little brother next year in June.

It started last year that children 6 yrs old need to attend for exam before get a place in the school.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ghostbusters Slime Run @Sunway

I totally forgot about the Ghostbusters Slime Run which happened on last Saturday. Last Saturday busy day for us as my dear no work and my son has no tuition on the day. In the afternoon, bro in law family from PD comes and we go shopping in Subang Parade. I manage to shop plus size men clothing for my dear. Then dinner we go to Mahkota Cheras as my dad invited us over for dinner, bro in law family comes along as they never been there. Its been so long since they last met each other. It's our first time to dine in Legend Seafood restaurant at Mahkota Cheras.

Bro in law family also head to Empire Mall nearby to shop in Uniqlo. They bought a luggage for nephew as he's going to China soon.

Indeed a happy week for my kids as they at home playing the kinect and xBox. I like the dancing challenge in xBox, it's fun and sweat alot.

I have been wearing the mifit band for more than a week now. I change the band color to black as orange I used earlier. This week will need to pay son's tuition fee RM480 and just pay for son's kindergarten fee RM430. Yeah this July is all about money money... as usual we cannot escape the fee of education for kids.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Avoid these after eat durian

I like to eat durian its of my favourite fruits. It is also King of Fruits in Malaysia.

Avoid these after eat durian.
  • do not drink coffee
  • do not drink milk products
  • do not drink coke
  • do not eat eggplant

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuition classes to attend at School Holidays

This school holidays, my son has tuition to attend. So the time clash with events that I can attend so I decided to give up the events as son has nobody to attend.

A few events this week that I am not going as I need to fetch son. His school has other activities provided but is not free, lucky we didn't enroll him in any as it clashes his tuition time.

Even for his little brother there is music class available at kindergarten as usual it is not free. Two days classes RM120 and we too not enroll him as he needs to rest and play at home.

Why is it so much of money involve in kids schooling? I would say the area I stay is all about money!

How about you? What's your school holidays plan?

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sauna Mee @MamaKim Puchong

Everyone is busy at work, so when you have the time for lunch why not check out the Sauna Mee at MamaKim in Puchong.

Delicious and healthy, frankly speaking I cannot finish this bowl alone.

Do you know that the claypot is being place in oven at 250% yeah so it is very hot! Metal fork and spoons are not recommend to use.

When serve, the soup is pour directly in. Watch the video above to find out.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Shopping this school holidays in Malaysia

This School holidays where to go? I like to share with you some malls that I often go, I like shopping in Sunway Pyramid. There's an app that you can use to check out good deal, so if you have a smart phone use it!

Another shopping mall that you will like to find out of their challenge as it is related to Transformers, yeah love this toys and I bet you gonna want to see what's new there in 1 U. My sons favourite are Optimus Prime and Bumble bee.

Who likes to shop for imported products? It's good place to start out as you can find not just nice food but also many choices of imported products, it's located at SAM'S GROCERIA in Utropolis Marketplace, Glenmarie Shah Alam.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Take Your E-Cigarette Experience to the Next Level

If you have started smoking e-cigarettes or you are thinking about making the transition, you want to have the best possible experience. E-cigarettes are investment, financially and in your health. When you opt for an electronic cigarette instead of a traditional cigarette, you are choosing the more responsible option. Traditional cigarettes contain dangerous toxins that are bad for you and anyone else around you. A e-cigarette gives you the nicotine without the extras that can be harmful. You can make the most out of your experience, thanks to all of the options that are available with e-cigarettes.

Think About Temperature Control
When it comes to indulging in an e-cigarette, also known as vaping, it's all about delivering power to the coil inside the atomizer so that your liquid will vaporize. In the past, your main goal was to control your voltage. Now you can choose a temperature control box mod in order to set your e-cigarette at the desired temperature. Each time you press the button to fire up your e-cigarette, the temperature will immediately go to what you prefer. It will take some experimentation on your part to pick your temperature. You need to be careful. If you set it too high, your e-liquid will have a burnt flavor. If you don't set it high enough, nothing is going to happen. Once you get the right temperature, you will have a more consistent experience every time that you vape.

Open the Door to New Flavors
As a smoker, you were probably loyal to one brand. As you experience the world of e-cigarettes, you'll find that you have a flood of choices available to you. Don't limit yourself to liquids that are copies of your favorite tobacco. Dedicate yourself to trying a new flavor every week. Find out what works best for you and what doesn't. Try different types of liquid with your breakfast and experience others when you are unwinding in the evening. Remember that you can change the amount of nicotine that you inhale as well. If you are trying to cut back on your nicotine levels, go for a liquid with a lower amount. You can even go nicotine-free if you are ready to let it go, but still want to enjoy the smoking experience. Tailor e-cigarettes to fit you each time that you fire up.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's a long Saturday after all

Today is a long day, thanks to my dear for willing to drive me go to two events today. One in the morning in Paradigm mall where I am one of the lucky winner s of Pensonic Facebook contest. Pensonic dumpling making session with TVB artists, yeah 5 winners only but it is not stated that there's a competition among the 5 winners that only 1 winner will be on stage to be so closed up with winners. Each winner can bring a plus one to the event.

It was a good day to see the TVB artists, they have bodyguards on the event. Chuiling is also there as she is the emcee of the day. Fans of the TVB artists also on the spot.

This afternoon is good as I can meet up with old friends, been over  a year no meet up since last event we seen each other.

Event over at 1pm and my other event is on 2pm. Suppose today I have need to go Midvalley for the 3pm to 4pm of Neutrogena workshop, I was one of the 20 selected participants. Sad to say I cannot make it as I fear of terrible jam there, as knowing there is baby fair this weekend I bet the jam is horrible or even finding parking. I have experienced before so I don't think I want to risk it. Then a friend message me saying that her friend that I don't know is who has an intention to take my spot at the workshop. Sadly to say that the organizer has mention no replacement is allowed.

So many events happening in one day. How do you spend this Saturday?

I would say my day is Satuday day out with my family, as my dear take care of sons while I was away for 2 hours. Morning session my son was with me as he is my partner for the Pensonic that I won. It's great bonding moment for us as he helped me to prepare too. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mother's Day gifts

Being mommy of two boys I know it's important to have time out.
I wanna find my dear for Mother's Day Flower.
My Mother's Day I never receive any flowers.:(

I hope to receive Mother's Day hand bouquet,
I know there's a website to check Bloo2u.

He's always busy at work,
perhaps he will check online for online florist Malaysia.
Or head to Subang Jaya Florist.

Everyday busy with fetching kids and sending son to tuition.
I need time out, Mother's Day is coming up.

I wanna hint him to check www.bloom2u.com
I am also following www.facebook.com/bloom2u

You can also check their updates on Facebook,
by the way, there's a contest on Facebook. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Road accident with motorcycle

It is sad to know that my sister's apartment the tenant has involved in car accident. His company that he works as security guard not paying for his medical fee. It is alot of money spend and he needs to payment by himself. He has to go another hospital with the help of his relatives because the hospital he was waiting never bother of him :(

He has not pay rental for a month, he promised to pay end of the month. If based on his deposit, it only lasts up to 15 May 2016.

His mother does not bother about the apartment rental and says refer to him. Seems she doesn't want to get involve with it but as know he is not living alone, he lives with his family in the apartment. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Busy parenting fetch son here and there

Yeah busy lifestyle is back for me so there's an event which I have interest to attend but sad to say it clashes the time that I need to get son so I cannot go ahead to rvsp for it. Son has nobody to fetch at school, he needs to go tuition and it's even harder to find one that can fetch him. Well there's only me that can do nobody can replacement me.

So if the event is on Monday/Tuesday I may able to go but other days I cannot. Well, let's just see the timing and venue I need to double and triple think about it. There are children event that I am not able to take son to take part too. He has to hurry go for tuition at 4.30pm and the event at 2.30pm at Bangsar. Wow! The tuition venue is far away from the event so I rather give up the event as I don't want to risk it.

Son's tuition place is 5km away from home. It's very far at federal highway, better not risk that I can be late to reach home or send him for tuition. Yeah I am quiet of going to events as I nobody can help me to pickup kids. Last week I was sick and not able to go for the event that interest me. Well health is also important, talking of health my sister-in-law also get jab RM140 and inclusive of medicines. Her medicine is different from mine just one, which is fever. She gets fever medicine, I didn't.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Busy week, sicked and more...

Busy week so I have cancelled all events this week as being sicked and not just me but also sister in law. So nobody is able to fetch my kids, so I am doing it myself to fetch them though I am sicked. I still need to get to places by car to send son school as my dear also sicked. He has 2 days MC due to fever, he slept most of the time. My WL also MC since last Thursday and only yesterday he started to go kindergarten. It's tiring when you fall sicked so anywhere also cannot go. I have legs and hands pain ... dont feel like walk so far and even in the car driving I feel tired. Sigh.. of fever... bodyache as well.

Last Fri my YS also sicked but lucky he healed on Sunday evening, he has exam this week and last week. The virus is passing around in the house.

WL saw the child paed at hospital and the fee to pay is about RM280. No kidding! It's that expensive to see doc in the hosp, the fee of consultation has cost RM110 plus.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Utilizing Resources to Reach Out for Remodeling Assistance

When your remodeling projects start, you may never envision some of the challenges that can come up while the work is ongoing. You may have a lot of questions or develop concerns that only trained professionals can answer with confidence. Rather than rely on skewed information that you find online or let your questions or concerns fall by the wayside, you can instead use the online options for contacting the company that helped you get started with the work in the first place. When your concerns and questions center around topics like free home renovation quotes or buying materials, among other numerous subjects, you can get the right information by using one of the contact options found on the website.

Support with Sales and Other Topics

All remodels start with clients like you buying services from contractors partnered with the website. If you have questions or concerns about your purchase of the services, you can get fast help by using the number for the sales and support line. The people who staff this number can look into your account and make sure that you are getting the services for which you paid. They can also clear up questions about what kinds of services you are getting and from what contractor these services will be provided.

If your concerns center more on the technical aspects of using the website, you can reach out to the technical assistance line for the company. The staff can help you with matters like setting up an account or finding out what bids were sent to you online.

While many concerns and questions can be taken care of over the phone, you may need to send in written information to the company. You can find the physical address for the business on the contact page.

Email Support

If you prefer to keep your communication relegated to email, you can use the email contact form found online. The form asks for basic details about you and your project.

You can submit it and expect an answer back quickly. You can also specify to what department you would like it submitted.

Questions and concerns are normal during a remodeling project. You can get accurate information and fast help by using the online contact forms and options found on the website. You can also send in written documentation to the company if necessary.

Getting Healthy In 2016: Tips And Tricks That Really Work!

If you want to have energy, feel vibrant, and look your best, embracing health is the best way to make it happen. To get started, consider implementing the helpful wellness techniques outlined below:

1. Get Serious About Eliminating Disease.

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Stop procrastinating about getting healthy and make wellness a priority in your life. By implementing the wellness tips and tricks you see listed above, you can get on the road to a more vibrant, joyful existence!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Challenge weeks for son in his lifestyle

Though my son may look big size but he's soft on the inside out. He got bullied by classmate, and also another is school mate in tuition center.

Education is important but nobody likes to be bully and get pressure at the same time. Yesterday son told me that I need to see the tuition teacher I was on the way to go fetch him. Apparently son showed me his left hand that there is hole there, a boy same school as him named Brian has poke him until blood out with a blue pen. The boy told the tuition teacher that the pen flew to his hand that's why blood out. Well, son was in pain but he didn't tell teacher immediately until a gal saw and informed the teacher. Tuition teacher had told the boy's mother about this.

Today he told me that a classmate seated next to him, is a girl have used her elbow to make his shoulder bruised. The girl also go same tuition center as him, for the science tuition. The mom knows about this matter as I told her in whatapp about son's situation. Not about to blame anyone but is better the mom to know what her daughter have done to my son.

Well, son feel more relax as both of them no longer disturb him in class.

Next week will be a busy week for me as I am driver to him, he has to go for Johan Public Speaking at TTDI for four days. It's like intensive class for him, well he has interest to know of public speaking is good that he go ahead to learn. Last night he told me that tuition center bc has informed that next Monday has got tuition instead of tomorrow because they change the time table for school holiday.

Not just that for Wednesday also instead of 4.3pm changed to 3.3pm for BM.
Then Friday is Science instead of 4.3pm changed to 9am to 10.30am.

So there goes my plan with him, so if there's any event clashes time. I won't be able to attend them unless it's nearby. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Earning Extra Money

Earning a bit of additional income can make a dramatic impact on your financial situation. If you are able to pay your bills with your current income, then you will be able to save your additional earnings. You can save the extra money to put toward a special vacation, new car or other indulgence. There are several ways that you can increase your income.

Offer Services
You may want to consider offering services. The amount of money that you can earn will depend on the skills that you can offer. For example, local parents may be searching for tutors for their high school students. If you do not want to work as a tutor, then you could consider baby-sitting or mowing lawns. Satisfied customers can recommend your services to their friends and families to help your business grow.

Sell Old Items
Cleaning out your closet may leave you with a profit. If you have items that you do not use or want, then consider hosting a sale. Electronics and small kitchen appliances are usually in high demand at garage sales. Search your cabinets, closets and any other storage areas for items that you can sell. You can partner with neighbors to split the cost of placing an ad in the local newspaper.

Start a Business
If you would like to work toward a steady source of additional income, then you may want to consider starting a business. There are many advantages to owning a business, and your business could grow over time. When you are debating business ideas, try to determine a business that will allow you to match your interests with the needs of your community. For example, individuals interested in fashion may want to consider opening a boutique. If your community has athletic teams, then operating food and beverage carts may be an ideal opportunity.

Extra income can help you pay off debts or realize your savings goals. Investing a bit of time into offering services or hosting a sale can pay off. Small businesses can offer unlimited potential for future earnings. Once you decide on a plan to earn extra money, stay focused on your goals. With confidence and determination, you can easily add to your income.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hello Kitty SUV Car

I love Hello Kitty, it so happened today that the media event that I go has bumped into the car! Love it to the max! Do check out the M4 Elite , I attended the soft launch today. It was sister in law that insist me to check out the place first to know how far is it from home as knowing I have duty to fetch children from school/kindergarten.

Yesterday we went rounding the area together and find out that its not too far from the XES glenmarie. So I just go ahead for the event today, I thought it is very far away.

The event ended about 12noon, just in time for me to have a bite then go back home and then to fetch kids.

However, today I have fallen sick. I have been sneezing and flu, I took the medicine but still stay the same. Hope I am feeling better tomorrow. I have headache too, and after eat medicine in the evening I go to fetch son from home from tuition before that need to pick up his test paper from tuition from another center. Well I am on my own in this evening as my dear have a dinner to attend. It's 10.30pm now just now he told me he drank 2 glasses of red wine.

Happy TGIF, have a good weekend everyone.

Good night.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Many of consideration for this year 2016

I am happy received invitation for going to RWG but say that I cannot go because one is the room rate I checked online is from RM435 for a night during this CNY festive season. This is the price for a room at First World Hotel. Well, it's not cheap and on the other hand I need to consider of my family too. Though it is just invitation for me and my son, but I need to consider for my family too. How about them? Am I going to abandon them?

It's still Chinese New Year, my parents and bro was away to China last week. So I think it is best to have family time with them. Life is short, we need to consider many things in life.

Education for my sons are getting harder and harder. We are not giving up because my children too didn't give up on themselves. We need to encourage each other and learn together.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

RIP kitty

It's a hot day and busy road life as usual. Sad to see a kitty being laying flat next to a parking lot where there's a car parking next to it. My heart breaks seeing the lifeless body of the kitty. This happened near school of the shop lot in Subang Jaya. The body of the kitty is laying flat as it's appeared to be flattened by vehicle.

It's not the first time, even on the main road busy street. I have seen flat body of cat in middle of the road. Sometimes they are good people that took the dead body of the dead cat to the road side so that the vehicle will not continue to damage the cat.

That's why important to keep pets at home, don't let them free on the street unless you can be there with it for a walk etc. I was told that there's pet funeral in Malaysia. There's pet cemetary too.