Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Busy parenting fetch son here and there

Yeah busy lifestyle is back for me so there's an event which I have interest to attend but sad to say it clashes the time that I need to get son so I cannot go ahead to rvsp for it. Son has nobody to fetch at school, he needs to go tuition and it's even harder to find one that can fetch him. Well there's only me that can do nobody can replacement me.

So if the event is on Monday/Tuesday I may able to go but other days I cannot. Well, let's just see the timing and venue I need to double and triple think about it. There are children event that I am not able to take son to take part too. He has to hurry go for tuition at 4.30pm and the event at 2.30pm at Bangsar. Wow! The tuition venue is far away from the event so I rather give up the event as I don't want to risk it.

Son's tuition place is 5km away from home. It's very far at federal highway, better not risk that I can be late to reach home or send him for tuition. Yeah I am quiet of going to events as I nobody can help me to pickup kids. Last week I was sick and not able to go for the event that interest me. Well health is also important, talking of health my sister-in-law also get jab RM140 and inclusive of medicines. Her medicine is different from mine just one, which is fever. She gets fever medicine, I didn't.

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