Thursday, March 31, 2016

Busy week, sicked and more...

Busy week so I have cancelled all events this week as being sicked and not just me but also sister in law. So nobody is able to fetch my kids, so I am doing it myself to fetch them though I am sicked. I still need to get to places by car to send son school as my dear also sicked. He has 2 days MC due to fever, he slept most of the time. My WL also MC since last Thursday and only yesterday he started to go kindergarten. It's tiring when you fall sicked so anywhere also cannot go. I have legs and hands pain ... dont feel like walk so far and even in the car driving I feel tired. Sigh.. of fever... bodyache as well.

Last Fri my YS also sicked but lucky he healed on Sunday evening, he has exam this week and last week. The virus is passing around in the house.

WL saw the child paed at hospital and the fee to pay is about RM280. No kidding! It's that expensive to see doc in the hosp, the fee of consultation has cost RM110 plus.

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