Friday, February 26, 2016

Hello Kitty SUV Car

I love Hello Kitty, it so happened today that the media event that I go has bumped into the car! Love it to the max! Do check out the M4 Elite , I attended the soft launch today. It was sister in law that insist me to check out the place first to know how far is it from home as knowing I have duty to fetch children from school/kindergarten.

Yesterday we went rounding the area together and find out that its not too far from the XES glenmarie. So I just go ahead for the event today, I thought it is very far away.

The event ended about 12noon, just in time for me to have a bite then go back home and then to fetch kids.

However, today I have fallen sick. I have been sneezing and flu, I took the medicine but still stay the same. Hope I am feeling better tomorrow. I have headache too, and after eat medicine in the evening I go to fetch son from home from tuition before that need to pick up his test paper from tuition from another center. Well I am on my own in this evening as my dear have a dinner to attend. It's 10.30pm now just now he told me he drank 2 glasses of red wine.

Happy TGIF, have a good weekend everyone.

Good night.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Many of consideration for this year 2016

I am happy received invitation for going to RWG but say that I cannot go because one is the room rate I checked online is from RM435 for a night during this CNY festive season. This is the price for a room at First World Hotel. Well, it's not cheap and on the other hand I need to consider of my family too. Though it is just invitation for me and my son, but I need to consider for my family too. How about them? Am I going to abandon them?

It's still Chinese New Year, my parents and bro was away to China last week. So I think it is best to have family time with them. Life is short, we need to consider many things in life.

Education for my sons are getting harder and harder. We are not giving up because my children too didn't give up on themselves. We need to encourage each other and learn together.