Friday, August 28, 2015

Free holiday scam

I cannot believe it but it has been twice this week this guy called and claiming there is free holiday stay at hotel of your choice etc. Bla.... so much of this and that.

I have to bar the mobile phone numbers two times, let's see if he's going to call again. I hate it when people calling and just his saying and no listen to what you going to say. Best thing to do is just hang up! So I did that, and feel good about it.

So if there are so many free hotel stay or holiday stay, why not he goes himself instead calling me that it's only special for members etc. So who cares about that?

The number I just block is 012 2714 174

I am not feeling well, it has been a week having nose stuck. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Accompany my dad to eyes specialist in Taipan USJ 10

I didn't know there's an eye specialist centre there in USJ 10, Taipan. It's big shop indeed and they have 2 parking spots reserve for patient, I am glad they do that as my dad has his eyes check for an hour. I would be having difficult time to find parking, it was heavy rain just now.

The checkup cost RM220 so dad next month has to do left eye's laser.

I reject events and didn't rvsp for any today as it's special day to be with my parents. It's good to have spend quality time together with loved ones.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Movie review: Fantastic Four

I won four passes to watch Fantastic Four and I bring my boys for the movie. It's my first time for my 4 yrs old to watch movie in the cinema. The movie was in GSC Cinema One Utama, I collection my tickets and I ask MIX FM staff about the allocation of the seating because my son is first time to watch movie but sad to say, the staff didn't bother me at all.

The seating was 1234 seating which is separating my sons from me and my dear. My sons prefer to sit together so they are seated in 1 and 2 seating together. In between the show, my son comes to my dear for a hug.

Frankly speaking this new Fantastic Four, talking too much and less action in the movie which makes us feeling bored and quiet all the way in the cinema hall. It is huge disappointment but my 9 years old son enjoys himself. This way I would say though this movie is PG13 but it is not suitable for children younger than 7 years old.

The night where my sons have each with a popcorn in hand to eat. Son finished his exam in school, so there's some entertainment for him that's bring him out for a movie date.

The night we manage parking near the GSC Cinema so we brought kids to eat dinner at One Utama. My sons love rotiboy so I manage purchase some for them to eat. Other than that, they also have spaghetti together. As my dear choose to eat oyster king, as for me I have ate nasi lemak at home as I bought some back to eat because sis and nephew also need to eat dinner.