Tuesday, July 30, 2013

McD Minions

I only manage bought 4 McD Minions, didn't have them all because they are sold out. Anyway still happy even though didn't have the chance to grab all for son. I don't usually buy them but they seem so cute I just want to have one. :D

My boys taking turn to play the minions, they have fun playing it. They even pretending singing the Minions songs. :D

I only have the first four McD Minions, how about you?

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Conjuring movie* scared me

The Conjuring movie, my dear dated me to watch. Thank you dear! I thought my dear would be the one holding my hand as usual because he dislike watch horror movie. But he didn't instead I am the one holding his hand, some parts of the movie do scares me!

Find out in this movie how Ed and Lorraine helped the family of Carolyn and Roger. Carolyn and Roger with their five lovely daughters move in to new home but it was an old farm house which haunted with witch which cursed herself when died. She didn't want anybody to take over her property or land!

Strange things started happening, it started on first night! One of their daughters feeling someone is pulling her legs while she's asleep. At first she thought was her sister Nancy, guess not! Carolyn was attack by the spirit many times, her body started suffer with bruises. She didn't tell Ed and Lorraine of this but lucky for Lorraine, she found out how Carolyn gets the bruises!

If you want to know whose the one possessed Carolyn making her to hurt her children. You need to sit down and watch this movie, don't watch it alone!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pacific Rim@ Cathay Cineplexes

Last night we head to eCurve for movie, I will tell you watching Pacific Rim at Cathay Cineplexes is a combo! You can never separate them, I love the comfy seating at the Hall 3. I wanted to watch 8.30pm but it was full and the staff suggested we watch 9.30pm. I used the complimentary passes that I won to watch this movie, I just added RM8 for my son to watch with us.

If you have seen Ultraman, Dinosaurs, Gozilla, and monsters movie. You will enjoy this movie, it is Kaijus *monsters attack earth. Pacific Ocean and rim of the machines robots the Jaeger which pilot by two or three pilots at a time are well combined in this movie.

We got excited watching the movie from start to the end, I am glad my dear and son enjoy the movie. You got to find out how Raleigh Becket, he's one of the pilots in the Jaeger he lost his brother in the battle with a Kaiju. How is he going to save earth with his new partner pilot named Mako Mori. Mako Mori loses her parents to Kaiju, she wants revenge!

Watching the movie, it makes you want to be part one of the pilot in Jaeger to fight with the Kaiju. Kaijus of many types of monsters which looked like animal namely crocodile, gorilla, shark and dinosaur. Yes they are huge and categories in category 4 and even category 5!

We bought popcorn and drinks from Cathay Cineplexes. I can tell you my boys can't get enough of it. :D

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Movie Review; The Wolverine 2013

An hour ago I just back from GSC One Utama, best night ever to watch my favourite and my boys favourite movie which is The Wolverine! You can never get enough of it. So many ninjas in the movie!

The movie is exciting from the start to the end of it, no kidding you got to sit back and watch it with your loved one. Yeah after the movie end, don't leave the cinema hall yet because there's more behind scene. You need to watch it to know what's coming up next for Wolverine's next movie with the X-MEN???

I couldn't believe it but the man that Wolverine save many years back is back to haunt him. Oh well, he's old and dying but he doesn't want to die yet. So he wants trade himself with Wolverine. Yeah I thought too that he's just going to Japan a day to say goodbye to the old man. Find out in this movie how the old man live life longer?!

He has all his will given to his grand daughter and not his son. Why?

Oh there's a doctor in the movie, she's a viper (snake woman) creepy to see she's sheding. Yeah removing her skin and her hair!

Say do you have problem with my blog? I am seeing it direct to another page/blog, I don't know what's wrong.

Friday, July 19, 2013

I did it again!

I am sure you are familiar with MIX FM if you listen to radio station in the car. It is one of my favourite station, yeah the other day I called up and won my self four passes to watch The Wolverine, yet I am waiting their call about it.

It is movie on next Tuesday, you can win too just stick your ear to listen to MIX. Don't forget answer a simple question.

It was the right time and right hour for me to dial the number. :D

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Taking the wrong turn

On Friday after I finished teaching my son on homework, I went out and I took the wrong turn into the junction of Shah Alam. Bad! There is no U turn available I need to pay RM1.10 twice. The jam is so bad I can tell you I am stucked there for half an hour for more!

The bridge for turning back to Federal Highway is very jam, the traffic lights are slow. Lucky they have two Traffic Police on the spot. Still it is a long queue to go, I reach One Utama and manage find the restaurant.

I can't believe I took the wrong turn, lesson learn is see carefully.
Stay calm and drive. :D Hehee...


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Esse Gives Back 2013

Esse Gives Back is a one day "Nature" themed charity art sale event. The event encourages children all over the world to participate by creating an artwork about nature. These amazing young artists, ages from 3 to 16 years old, painted their love for nature into these artworks. The artworks are submitted from as far away as USA and South Africa, to Hong Kong, China, Australia, Singapore and also from Malaysia.

All the artworks are painted by children, for children. The proceeds from sales of the artwork will be donated to SHELTER – Home for Children in Malaysia. SHELTER is a registered welfare organization in Malaysia that has been in existence since 1981 to help abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children. They provide care and education to them and raise public awareness on issues such child abuse and child protection.

[Invitation card to Public to come] You may refer to the above. :D
Good day to you.  We would like to to extend our gratitude to invite you [and your friend] to ESSE Gives back charity on 19 July, at Annexe Gallery, Central Market. 11:00 am till 7:00 pm

Please feel free to extend the invitation to your esteemed organization to support us by distributing out this invitation to all your corporate or VIPs members, those are keen to do charity and participating for this meaningful event.

Also, you may view the 100 paintings and purchase them online prior to the event day or just attend the auction at 4pm on 19 July, at Annexe Gallery. 

Of course, you’re cordially invited to attend this cheerful event on 19 July and really appreciate if you could RSVP and support the event via

Shelterhome website :
Pictures of the paintings : 
Photos of Nadia Heng visiting Shelter Home :
Photos of the painting :


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mother and son movie date

Today will be just the two of us, because I won two passes only i get to bring son to watch movie. Yes him because he is having exam soon, let him enjoy movie before the exam! Tomorrow if i am lucky i get to have my dear to watch movie with me. Oh well, it is not confirm yet.

Tomorrow dinner with group if bloggers for charity project!! YES!! hmm... Not yet get email confirmation yet. Now if you want to be part of here Click here!! It is the butterfly project .
Well it is insane because today and tomorrow i will be in the same mall! what a small world?! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Taking taxi back from Cheras Leisure Mall

My dear sms me at 5pm, I was waiting for him to come fetch me home as he's in KL near klcc. But he told me that he couldn't make it.

I need to go for the last day to find out whose the luck ten winners of Bio-essence 14 days slimming challenge. They only reveal who the winners during the event of 1.30pm-4pm!

Anyway, getting back home by taxi cost me RM30. Yeah burn a hole in pocket, the uncle driver is very nice. We chat a bit in the car. :D

Some taxi driver doesn't drive to far places, his most far place he went was Ipoh!


Friday, July 5, 2013

How to sew red cape?

I Google online and find out that a red cape could cost USD$60 or more, yeah that's just on ebay and not other website.

I owned a red scraf and decided to make something useful with it. I just need red thread and needle to sew it. Yeah it's not easy, all it takes are how you place it and don't forget you need the hook for it. So that it looks like it is hanging on your shirt.


Monday, July 1, 2013

I need a hair cut badly

Seriously my dear and eldest son have their hair cut but I haven't. I need a hair cut, perhaps thinner hair for my thick hair. I still have long hair so I can use hair band. Last Saturday head to Daiso saw very cute hair band so I bought it. :D

On the day to go One Utama for watch movie the Man of Steel, I did cut bit of my hair myself. No kidding my eldest son saw it and was like huh... The forehead hair covering my eyes I just trim a bit.

Say do you like guess & win? If yes don't forget to check out click on the link!