Monday, July 29, 2013

The Conjuring movie* scared me

The Conjuring movie, my dear dated me to watch. Thank you dear! I thought my dear would be the one holding my hand as usual because he dislike watch horror movie. But he didn't instead I am the one holding his hand, some parts of the movie do scares me!

Find out in this movie how Ed and Lorraine helped the family of Carolyn and Roger. Carolyn and Roger with their five lovely daughters move in to new home but it was an old farm house which haunted with witch which cursed herself when died. She didn't want anybody to take over her property or land!

Strange things started happening, it started on first night! One of their daughters feeling someone is pulling her legs while she's asleep. At first she thought was her sister Nancy, guess not! Carolyn was attack by the spirit many times, her body started suffer with bruises. She didn't tell Ed and Lorraine of this but lucky for Lorraine, she found out how Carolyn gets the bruises!

If you want to know whose the one possessed Carolyn making her to hurt her children. You need to sit down and watch this movie, don't watch it alone!

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