Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pacific Rim@ Cathay Cineplexes

Last night we head to eCurve for movie, I will tell you watching Pacific Rim at Cathay Cineplexes is a combo! You can never separate them, I love the comfy seating at the Hall 3. I wanted to watch 8.30pm but it was full and the staff suggested we watch 9.30pm. I used the complimentary passes that I won to watch this movie, I just added RM8 for my son to watch with us.

If you have seen Ultraman, Dinosaurs, Gozilla, and monsters movie. You will enjoy this movie, it is Kaijus *monsters attack earth. Pacific Ocean and rim of the machines robots the Jaeger which pilot by two or three pilots at a time are well combined in this movie.

We got excited watching the movie from start to the end, I am glad my dear and son enjoy the movie. You got to find out how Raleigh Becket, he's one of the pilots in the Jaeger he lost his brother in the battle with a Kaiju. How is he going to save earth with his new partner pilot named Mako Mori. Mako Mori loses her parents to Kaiju, she wants revenge!

Watching the movie, it makes you want to be part one of the pilot in Jaeger to fight with the Kaiju. Kaijus of many types of monsters which looked like animal namely crocodile, gorilla, shark and dinosaur. Yes they are huge and categories in category 4 and even category 5!

We bought popcorn and drinks from Cathay Cineplexes. I can tell you my boys can't get enough of it. :D

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