Monday, January 8, 2018

Shopping for Fresh & White toothpaste

Happy New Year to dear friends and followers, good to say that it's going to be a busy year for me as both boys are school same school but both time coming back are different. Well busy lifestyle of mine didn't stop me from taking care of my family's oral care. Time to shop for CNY by stock up the Fresh & White toothpaste.

Are your teeth strong enough to bite into hard and crunchy food? Are they well-fluoridated enough to resist dental caries? If you doubts on these aspects of your teeth, you might need reconsider your toothpaste choice.

Fresh & White toothpaste has been in Malaysia for almost 25 years. It's formulation is developed by Lion Japan, the No.1 Oral Care company in Japan, that is backed by 125 years of experience in oral care development & innovation. Fresh & White is currently one of the top three toothpaste brands in Malaysia. It is well-known for its uniquely refreshing and cooling sensation, symbolized by the iconic smiling polar bear.

 Fresh & White's formulation includes double fluoride for triple cavity protection, a sugar-free formula that provides better sugar acid protection, to prevent tooth decay and to strengthen tooth enamel, to address some of the main dental problems that Malaysians faces.

There are signature variants of Fresh & White Cool Mint, and Extra Cool Mint have a dedicated following among aficionados who love to start and close their day with clean and icy cool mouths, fresh breath and stronger teeth.

Fresh & White Fresh Cool Mint
The stronger minty cool taste and mouth feel of Fresh & White Fresh Cool Mint provides an amazing wake-up call to your mouth, while strenghtening your teeth and refreshing your breath.

Fresh & White Extra Cool Mint
This variant adds extra mint for extra coolness that you can taste and feel. Many users claim that it is the coolest, most minty toothpaste on the market. The double fluoride for the tripe cavity protection formulation makes teeth stronger for better dental health. 

All Fresh & White toothpaste variants are certified Halal by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia), making them safe for use by Muslim.

The toothpaste are available nationwide in 70g, 100g, 160g, 225g and 225g twin-pack sizes with prices ranging from RM3.30 to RM14.95.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Eat Satay Celup in Puchong

It's been a busy year, so we have a nice Christmas eve dinner. We eat Satay Celup at Three Brothers Satay Celup ,Puchong. There's clear container and stay celup container, then we can choose what we like to eat. We pay cash dining here, just sharing with you we like to eat satay celup and it's just nice because I don't like if its spicy flavor satay celup.

Kids love to eat sausages, there is original and cheese flavor so they enjoy the meal for the night. There's BBQ outside the restaurant just choose what you want to eat and if you like it to be grilled, they can help do it for you. Just sit back and dine, the staff always come to help stir the container of satay celup to avoid it sinking down.

It's not hard to find the place, it's just opposite IOI MALL Puchong just need to find the shoplot of it. We been to the shoplot nearby there for breakfast but never know there's this restaurant. Thanks to dear for nice family treat.

This Christmas my brother in law has a nice family getaway, they went for company's trip in Japan. Last year they went to Taiwan during the year end school holidays. This year we went to Amverton Cove Gold & Island Resort, and Sunway Lagoon it's been so long since we last visited the theme park at Sunway Lagoon. It's Sean second time to go Nickelodeon Theme Park, and first time for little one.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

RM55 for a field trip to National Science Centre

So here comes the letter from kindergarten about the field trip to National Science Centre.

Depart from Kindergarten at 830am and 8am is gather at the kindergarten.

Arrive at 930am National Science Centre

1pm to have lunch at McD

230pm to arrive at kindergarten

Yeah son missed out going to the zoo Negara to see panda last year, this year he didn't want to miss the chance to go. Though my dear's salary of September is not yet out so I need to dig saving to pay for expenses.

I forgot to add on that got to bring your own tumbler for the field trip.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Shizens Double-11 Online Madness Deals

Madness deals as below:

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·         Hydro Fair (NP: RM403)

2.       Buy Hydra Quench 10ml @RM168 FOC 5 pcs Hydra Quench 5ml worth RM420.

3.       First 50 orders receive Shizens Premium Gift - Apple Pendrive.  

4.       Lucky spin to receive FREE GIFT with any purchase.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lenticular Puzzle Transformers

Special thanks to 100comments for sending me the prize I won, my son is very happy and he has a great bonding time with my niece. Both of them having to think of how to put them together.

It's good for hands and eyes as got to see how to match them because it's lenticular puzzle it is harder than normal puzzle as you see images differently.

You can see the above puzzle and the bottom both are not the same, it has total of 48 pieces.

You can also see the video I have posted, if you have no idea what to purchase this coming Christmas. Can think of this as it's nice gifts for exchange.