Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shopping for Rexona Spray for woman

I have been using Rexona Spray for woman for many months, I am happy to attended the launched of Rexona Spray for Women in Sunway Pyramid. Click on the link for more details. Just nice I am putting one of the spray in the restroom.

Raise Your Arms with Confidence!

Have you ever spotted yellow stains on your favorite white top? Or noticed striking white marks on your black shirt? Do you fear to raise your arm only to notice yellow stains and white marks caused by your current deodorant?

Rexona, the world’s biggest deodorant brand, has launched the new Rexona Invisible Dry for Men and Women with the best triple action formulation that provides all-day freshness and superior protection against yellow stains, white marks and sweat marks.

The new Rexona Invisible Dry will help your white shirt stay white and black shirt stay black. The new range will also provide you with all-day protection against sweat and odour up to 48 hours. Now, it is possible to enjoy all-day freshness and keeping your clothes protected against yellow stains and white marks at the same time!

Rexona Invisible Dry 40ml roll-on for men and women are priced at RM7.20. It is now available at all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets across Malaysia.

I used the Rexona Woman spray after shower in the restroom. You can choose to do it outside the restroom, it is up to you.

Who doesn't like shopping for freebies? Yes there is freebie gift awaits you, if you buy Rexona Women Spray 150 twin pack and get FREE KFC Vouchers


Buy Rexona and Clear Women products and get a FREE Headphone, for more details you may click on the link above for the image of freebies.

Find out where you get the free gifts, as my friend told me she has interest to purchase because she loves freebies. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

RM57 voucher code shopping

How many bloggers are getting this shopping voucher code? I am not sure but with only RM57 code, but comes with terms and conditions that you need to spend RM200 in order to use the voucher code.

The online jewellery shop has price range of RM100 less or above up to RM18,000. No kidding, I have browse the online shop and as usual they would say they have the best products ever, etc.

I am particular on purchase jewellery online as I experienced before online shopping that my goods came with scratches and there's no way of returning or exchange it. It's one of their terms and conditions stated.

Well this email has spread to many bloggers and they have told that they are the selected bloggers that gets this special offer along with their readers.