Thursday, March 4, 2021

Stress from working and stay up late at night?


Fairy Kiss SOD Collagen,SOD as the key towards new era, King of Antioxidants, Nobel Prize awards winner since 1998. First in Malaysia to have this unique formulation SOD Collagen. if you are thinking to purchase visit and during check out key in code: sherrygo

The Fairy Kiss SOD Collagen is suitable for age 25 above which starting to lose huge amount of collagen from body daily. 

Having skin problems such pimples, acne scar, dark circle, freckles & wrinkle. 
Smoking or drinking a lot of alcohols.
Face computer or mobile phones daily for long hours.
Stress from working and stay up late at night.
Having headache or migraine constantly and can't sleep well.
The main ingredients are as following:
  • Cantaloupe & Blueberry extracts  (SOD)
  • Amicogen Collagen Tripetide
  • Oxxynea Extracts
  • Black Elderberry

 I like the natrual elderberry flavour and I freeze it in freezer so that I can have it during hot days too. As you know weather is always hot and  you can see above picture of me which I have taken together with the Fairy Kiss SOD Collagen. 

Can consume a sachet once a day, in the morning before breakfast or before bed time at night.


If you are pregnant or have any medical condition, please consult your physician before consuming the product. 

By the way, anyone likes to watch Koran drama? I am watching the Kdrama name True Beauty. It's comedy and I enjoyed watching it from first episode. I like the actress Moon Ga-young her acting is very good and natural too. It's my first time to see her drama.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Catch The Ghost

 If you like watching the Chinese drama of professional single, this Catch The Ghost has some related because there's sculpture worked in it. I like watching the drama of Professional Single over and over again but now I cannot because they have no longer allow Malaysia to watch on youtube. Don't read if you didn't like to know of the plot and twist. Anyway it's a nice drama series to watch. 16 episodes to watch. 

phrases you will often hear "Don't touch my partner again!" 


Anyway I found this Catch The Ghost, an interesting drama to watch. This is Korea drama of Subway Police.  If you like to see cosplay, you may also like to check this out, some episodes the police disguise in cosplay. Nice drama as one episode can see the full moon in the sky, it's big the moon.

They are many great actor and actress, life is just like drama sometimes, don't you think? 

Anyway next week is back to school for my son, I just prepared his school time table for him. He prefers to use the trolley bag to go school, though he knows that his class will be on 2nd floor or 3rd floor. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Cultured Milk

It's back to school soon, so is our kids ready? What do you think?

Fernleaf CalciYum Cultured Milk Drink, Plain Cultured Milk Drink Plain doesn’t have to mean boring. With Vitamin D and Probio DR20, my son likes the original cultured milk drink and it helps to support his inner defenses. Every child needs a healthy body from the inside outFernleaf CalciYum cultured milk drink contains calcium and is high in Vitamin D, to support the growth of strong bones. If you like to know more can click on the link to read about it.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Count on your lucky stars

Anyone been missing me? Besides busy with my son's online classes I also played tiktok just for fun and passing my time. It's nice like using it as diary too, my tiktok @sherrygo2 

I like to watch Chinese drama and found this drama is interesting to watch consists of family, romance and comedy. I like watched drama that acted by Miles Wei before and this drama has got him too. It's my first time starting to like Jerry Yan too. The movie related to Fashion industry too. It's about a girl is always unlucky and one day she accidently kissed the guy and turned out the guy was very lucky but after she kissed him, he got very unlucky all the time and he even loses his job. She likes being designer since she was a kid.

My first time to see the actor and actresses of Shen Yue, Wang Sen, Jackie Li, Shen Yao and many more. 

 There's sadness in the drama series, so you may want to get ready some tissue to use. The drama also about love and responsibility. If you got to choose between love and responsibility, which will you choose?

I spotted the sewing machine they used in the drama, it is Jack brand. It is also selling in Malaysia, saw the price above RM1000 and above depend on what types of model used. I was curious and google for this and found it is also selling in Malaysia.

Friday, January 29, 2021

MOE: Changing guardian one to two

 This month January 2021, parents been request to login to update the information of guardian on the MOE website. I notice there's changes of change of guardian one to two. I registered for my sons, using my name and my guardian I had put up my hub account in the first place. Then I see in second guardian is myself that was since registration from the first day. 

This month I login to update as per request by teachers in school of primary and secondary school. Suddenly I see that my name on guardian two has been request to click as guardian one. So I did that click to change, then I need to click again for guardian two for my hub as second guardian. I don't understand why need to change like that.I done for my 2nd son then I went update for my eldest and it is also the same. 

That's not all, it's also important to click the small square on the last page of personal details.  Basically mean if saw there is red letters on the page, those links need to be click and checked.

Why need to choose of guardian one and guardian two? It's quite complicated don't you think?