Saturday, April 25, 2015

Eden SS19 Kindergarten

Last year I checked the price of Eden SS19 Kindergarten, now only have time to share you the info.

Misc RM700 (half yearly)
Food RM300 (half yearly)
Registration fee RM100 (1 time)
Dec 2015 RM380
Jan 2015 RM380
Insurance RM20
total is RM1880

so monthly fee is RM380.

My eldest son had his education in this kindergarten in SS14, when he was young. The price than RM280 monthly. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Robotic classes RM100

Just four classes and it cost RM100, it's expensive but it's son interest to go the robotic class in school. Today is the first lesson, some how they delay start class. Suppose 1pm but started 1.30pm so ended around 3pm. I was early there around 2pm to wait him over by 2.30pm, I am not alone, other mommy too and transporter were waiting. Sad to say I can't find any suitable transporter for him to get him just for Thursday to go tuition.

Because my son is big size so transporter decided to double charge? Can they do that?

Today with only RM6 in wallet, he use it wisely spend RM2 for morning session then afternoon RM4 to spend the rest. Son is now 60kg 145cm checked in school. Earlier he was 58kg.