Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just 2 winners for the contest

It's one contest that I have no interest to join which I received today, it's about circulating their goodness on blogging. They guarantee the traffic to blog of owner, well 2 winners only. I bet they can get thousands or hundreds of bloggers blogging about it.

Anyway, thank you I have no interest for the contest. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beware if you are using personal cheque

It's very sad to know about it but it happen to my family member. Yeah I was told that the personal cheque use to mail to company for pay the maintenance bill RM200 cheque has becomes RM1360 amount. How can this happen? How can the bank let the goes through and the money is gone now and my family member need to top up money in current account. The current account saving does not have that much money, it is only enough for the transaction of RM200.

Now my family member have written complain letter and make police report on this matter. I hope the bank can investigation soon to find who are the bad guys!

How can they make changes on the amount and everything on it?! Scary yet true, please beware.

It is crossed cheque and my family member done everything correctly before mail it out by normal post.