Monday, July 20, 2015

Removing bidsvertiser from my blogs

I am removing the codes of Bidsvertiser from my blogs, yeah one by one as it's no longer paying me. Sad to know that, the last payment was many years back. I did login to check it always stated the next payment status but I never receive any money. :(

Time to remove the codes, bye bye to them!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Constants change of venue events

I have received an email invitation to attend a press conference in this month, I decided to decline the invitation as I find it not being honest to bloggers. Last month I receive a personal message from Facebook.

Somehow I find it the person who intended to invite me, sounded rude and not being fair. Anyway, some of my friends too feel it because they have constant change of dates event and now even venue.

Perhaps is their staff or colleague that not being professional in sending invites.

One of the invitation by them, my friend receive it then they didn't reply her if she can attend or not. She even save the date for their event, after she emailed them, then only they reply her that she's not being selected to attend the events. I mean she is not being shortlisted, then how can they send out the invites in the first place with her name and blog url name in the email?

If you are not going to invite, or you have invited enough bloggers, you shouldn't send anymore invitations out.

Their first choice of TBA venue was The Gardens, TGV One Utama, now they have changes venues again. I am sure some my friends receive the same invitation from them.