Monday, September 19, 2016

Diarrhea and fever

Yeah I have not been feeling well, it started with diarrhea and then fever. It's second day now I don't have diarrhea anymore but I have fever up and down making me feeling tired. I have eat the medicine, not just me ill but 1st was my eldest son then is my nephew and then me. So nephew and me still sick.

I haven't pump petrol or wind for the car's wheels. I am feeling tired and sweaty soon I need to go fetch sons. First I need to fetch my son from kindergarten then only to primary school to wait for his big brother. Before that shall fetch him home first so that I can go find parking near school.

Go to go now, time is up to fetch kids now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Train to Busan movie review

It's a great movie to watch, if you love horror movie. You got to watch this, it's horror to see one person changes to zombie so fast and they can move very fast too! *Spoiler alert*

Once you got bitten you are infected! Train to Busan how the passengers struggle to go from one destination to the other.

Love the actors in the movie, they are the heroes too Ma-Dong Seok and Gong Yoo. The bad guy too, if he's not acting this bad, how this movie going to success? He is Kim Ui-Seong!

Thanks to MBO Subang Parade, I get to watch this for second time. I watched first time last Sunday with my friend and her mom! It's exciting and scary, the second time is just as scary as the first time!

Everyone scream and run in the movie, its heart beat moments to see them all! Catch this movie if you like to watch horror movie.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Lorem Ipsum Art Jam

Last week I went for an event at Lorem Ipsum Art Jam, it is located at shop lot. Just one roll of shop lot there, so you cannot miss it and there do not have signboard of the shop name. It is above the dentist, nearby the shoplot has a bakery shop. Nothing much there, very boring area. Unless you wanna have a drink and dine there, why not go hang out there. I like the art, so many to see there.

Imagine I was there at 4.30pm and event only starts 6pm but then delay to start. It's so boring no place to hangout there, so remember if you going there for event don't go so early but unless you are driving there so you need to be early to find parking spot. 

Most people park at roadside not sure if will get summon tickets or not. 

By the way haze is back so take care and drink more water. Bring mask to use if you can, I have itchy skin and eyes too due to haze.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Notice from primary school standard 4

Yeah my son has got a notice from primary school. Standard 1 to 5 from 1 Sep to 8 Sep is days where children can study at home. As 9 Sep is where school open, then 10 Sep to 18 Sep is the school holiday.

School sports day is on 23 Oct and 24 October school is closed for a day.

Other than that, his brother kindergarten concert is on 5 November Saturday at Shah Alam. It's different venue this time the concert held which we never go before.

School is giving award to students that are
  1. Anugerah Mata Pelajaran Terbaik
  2. Anugerah Kemajuan mengikut Mata Pelajaran
  3. Anugerah Kemajuan Individu
  4. Anugerah Murid Tekun

Monday, August 22, 2016

Are you makeup artist?

It's Monday and have a fun event to go in the afternoon. I was lost and went to another condo which at the other side of the Empire Shopping Gallery. Glad that I am not alone that is late to the event as the cars need to queue at the guard house to get in. We have allocated parking to park and cannot simply park the cars. B3 103 was my parking lot, next to Lee Yann blogger.

One of the guest at the event saw me and asked if I am makeup artist, I say I am not but in fact she is makeup artist. :D

Yeah it make up my day as someone really like my makeup. Actually I have overdo my eyeliner and need time to draw the same for my left eyelid. It smudge too and I have to quickly fix the makeup on my eyes with eyeshadows. Glad that it's a good day for everyone, how about you?