Sunday, April 20, 2014

F.O.S outlet Subang Parade

The other day I went to F.O.S outlet in Subang Parade, the outlet is small, not much woman's clothing. Yeah you can see more Man's clothing in the outlet. Nothing attraction me at all, though they have stated 50% off at outlet in Facebook, anyway next to the shop is Reject Shop which is bigger and better for shopping.

The Reject shop has more clothing on kids, woman and man. Not far from there they have a shoes shop, RM15 for a pair of white shoes just nice going back to school. Sad to say the shoes sizes do not fit my son, they only have size 1 - 3 only.

Anyway I may start looking for job... 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baby contest age limit

Yeah when taking part in contest, no matter it is baby contest or toddler contest. Every thing has terms and conditions, though my toddler not yet 3 years old. Anyway there's a contest which they have put up three categories for contest.

If you child still able join the contest, give them a chance you never know you might be a lucky winner.