Sunday, May 5, 2019

On-the-go lifestyle of a mom

As now my kids both having different timing of school and tuition. I am getting more busy myself. For example by 12noon I need to send him to school then I need to go school to wait for school over by 1pm. In the evening if there's tuition in afternoon 4pm to send him go then 6.15pm to be there to wait and 6.50pm to fetch another son. But before that I need to send son home first as 6.50pm fetching son he will need to change and eat in car as tuition start 7.45pm. At night, need to go out again to fetch by 10pm.

If there's places I need to go, I will need to think about it alot of time. Usually I am not going unless I can make it back to fetch my son. Getting rider is not cheap, though I thought about getting transporter but I am not always needing transporter.

There is time where tuition at 3pm so I need to send before that then at 5pm to fetch then send home. 6.50pm will need to fetch another son, so yeah just two boys I am so busy. Sending them to tuition doesn't mean that I don't need to teach anymore, I still need to followup and check the homework and guide him on how to do. I don't need to send son to tuition if they can cope with the subjects that they are learning, but as they cannot so tuition is a must.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

RM80 summon for not put parking tikets

Just notice there's parking LRT roadside there is summon RM80 for it, yeah event at the shoplot's parking. The machines no longer working so need to purchase the tickets from available shops that are selling. Just for your info, RM80 summon is car in parking spot but without the parking ticket displayed.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Locksmith Subang Jaya

So busy today is Monday and soon gonna send my son for tuition. Yeah I went to SS19 Subang Jaya, locksmith near to Guardian outlet. It's a shop, the 3 keys to make RM10. To make the auto gate controller it cost RM50, he keep telling me is good quality its from Taiwan.

He says got cheaper quality RM40 range. Well not sure how good is it, and the 3 keys made 1 of it has problem as I unlock the drill door then the key stuck inside grilled door and not able to remove from the grilled door. Yeah, so need to go back there to find the shop locksmith to repair the key.

Total cost today making the 3 keys and 1 controller RM60. Wow... things getting expensive, don't you think? I couldn't recall how much it was last made but I am sure RM50 I still get change for it. I went back the shop just now and told the guy and he tried to repair the key. Guess what? I came home trying the key again, still the same it is stucked inside the key hole cannot be remove at all the key.

Cost of living in Subang Jaya, is not cheap.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Road Run at Secondary School

Happy New Year to dear readers and visitors of this blog. It's 2019 and my son is Form 1, he is excited as he no need to go Remove Class. However, there's lot to learn especially language. His BM still need to improve that's why he will try to ask teacher if he is not understand. The subjects in school is taught using BM. He is not taking ACN1 & ACN2 , he told me both is BC? I am not sure however whoever not taking this subjects will need to write in letter and with both parent signatures too.

Primary School he studied SJKC school and his has hard time in learning Chinese. He's also not good with BM, so he did went for tuition classes BC and BM too.

Yeah about Road Run, it's Saturday morning 730am until 12noon at school. He says he got to stay back a bit as he took Police Cadet as one of the school's coriculum. It is a must to wear track bottom. He got his blue team shirt in XL so he return to teacher to help changed for XXL size.

His studying in afternoon class, so morning will be the extra classes for school activities. No wonder parents decided to switch school as they cannot cope to fetch them. Not easy task at all as 8am class then 930am to fetch then 12noon to send again for 1.20pm afternoon class.

Secondary school the subjects would be tougher he goes tuition in the night after school. Due to timing sometimes I got to let him eat and change in car. Some of his friends manage to switch other school that is morning classes.

Do you remembered your childhood and teenager life? My primary school and secondary school was morning classes. After school I ride motorcycle to go tuition, there was few times that motorcycle break down and need to send nearby shop for repair. That was in Ipoh, Perak. I managed complete my SPM there was a year before SPM I came Selangor school asking for BC classes but not available I was told to self study if I want to study BC. So better that I finished my SPM in Ipoh, Perak before moving back to Selangor.

Now there's BC for secondary school for my son but he opt to remove this subject to study because it's no longer easy to learn and study. No kidding I have hard time to teach him even though he went for tuition classes. BC is Bahasa Cina, Chinese Language.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Depression is real never neglect that

Its school orientation day today from  8am to 10.30am but son and my spend the longer time there as he saw the wrong class name and went in the wrong class. What's most funny he told me is 1 Jantina class name, I was like hhmmm... that's first time I heard there's such name as Jantina in Bahasa Malay language is Gender which is either Male or Female.Not just that he went into the class is named 1 Adil , his actual class that need to be there was 1 Bakti. He given the RM35 to the class teacher Ayuni in 1 Adil, he supposed to pass the money to teacher in 1 Backti, so teacher says never mind as on next Wednesday she try to ask the class teacher for the money. We went to the office and redirect to down stair teachers office but sadly teacher Ayuni not inside. Also son bought the wrong size pants, RM26 he suppose to buy XXL size. He says he worry that it would be too big for him and he was confident that he can fit in the XL. Looks like we need to spend again on purchase new pant at school.

Son says that he glimpse too fast on the name list and saw the wrong class name. 1st time was 1 Jantina, 2nd time is 1 Adil. He saw his other 4 classmates in the class of 1 Adil. The teacher no longer there when I reached the class as in the hall we need to listen to the talk til end. Koperasi only open 10.30am onwards.

Well story cut short, sad to say I read on Facebook on the online news that a woman in her 30s had jump to her death in the shopping mall. It's sad to know these, she probably had die on spot due to head injuries. The news is online on many newspaper online, also video on the body was being covered as someone recorded 15 seconds of it. Blood stained at the escalator... depression is real can never neglect yourself and loved ones, what ever it is talk about it, open up and speak to family/friends or even consult a doctor about it. You never know that many doc would advice you on going for a counseling.

Indeed a long day for me, just a note to self that never go back the famous chicken rice shop near LRT, it doesn't taste good at all. Son had wantan mee, I had roasted chicken rice.

By the way, I have update social media today, can visit sherrygo at Instagram.