Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Finance, education and parenting

If you know where I am living you'll know that where I live, the education fee is expensive namely the kindergarten and even tuition fee for primary school.

My sis in law at home town told me to consider of putting my child to home town as the fee is cheaper there and dad in law can be fetching him home. Well, if I want to do that I would have done it long ago since my first child.

I believe kids should be with their parents, they are not old enough to be away from their parents yet. Unless they are going further studies, in Uni or College where you have no choice but seeing them leave or you can move in with them to stay with them. That's what happened to some moms that really gives up everything just to be with their children.

Whether life is good or bad, family can never be apart!

It is huge responsibility to take care of children, education which you need to be there to guide them or check their home works even the bags everyday or pencil box.

Now my 8 years old boy is independent to put the books in bag according to school time table.

Other than PD, my bro live in Mahkota Cheras, his children goes kindergarten there, the fee is not high like Subang.

Being a parent, you'll know that blood is thicker than water.

I can never let my kids be separate from each other, brotherhood, their childhood of growing up together is priceless! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Reason to give a gift to loved ones?

Do we need a reason to give a gift to loved ones?

Someone ask me why I am giving a gift to other instead of owning it myself.

Whether its special moment for birthday or celebration.

I feel that if we want to give someone a gift, there's no need a reason for it. No need to wait for the special day to give the gift.

So I have a present for my mom in law, it's XES Signature bag. You can find this bag at XES Premium Boutique.

I love this bag, and I love my mom-in-law. Giving what I love for my loved one. :D