Monday, March 31, 2008

John Chow Cola

Say anyone would like to grab John Chow Cola? I know its sound familar its definitely we are talking about John Chow here. I really hope I am being picked for the John Chow Cola.

It's been very hot these day, I am sure a cool glass of John Chow Cola will freeze me. lol

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Please advice

I have try searching online website on resize photo. I can't seem to find one that can resize big photo to smaller photo. Anyone can tell me which website you go to resize the photo?

Yesterday afternoon, I have a little accident. I was coming from shower and my right hand bumped into the door knob. That really hurt and I can still feel the pain. It never stop me from blogging though.

Get reward with quoting posts

If you have been my reader, you'll know that I have joined the contest by quoting posts . Once again, I am going to join the contest because I like one of the All-Time Favourite Tips from Happy Family Matters. This is what every parent must know about what children do not want from their parents . I always think that my parents are being overprotective like not allowing me to go out at night when I was a teenager.

Every parent protect their children and nobody wants anything bad happening to their children. Well sometimes parent forgotten that what children see children do. Negative communication is one of the common mistake made by parents. I remembered my parent always saying "No" to my question without giving me a reason. This make me really feel unhappy and hate them. As a grown up now, I understand that my parents just want me to be safe and happy.

I like to check out this site as its a Happy Family Matters for every family to view.

Too much coffee

I have been drinking too much coffee lately. I don't have any problem falling asleep then but now I feel that I can't really sleep well.

Have anyone got the same experienced like me? What do you do about it?

I need my beauty sleep, I know I'll looked terrible if I don't get enough sleep. What could be worst than that? I remembered once that I wore the mix match shoes to work!

300 EntreCard Credits

Wow, I can't believe I am doing this right now. As you can see that I am really busy with contests. Here's my chance again and you must really read what I am about to write. EntreInside is having a Grand Opening Contests!

This is a great chance for me to win a free 125 x 125 advertising space as well. Well, like I said before easy contest and you don't know what you are missing out! There are only a few bloggers that join this contest. What are you waiting for?


I am just so crazy of contests, I wanted to win win win. Here's the chance again and I didn't want to miss out. Have you heard of it? GIVEAWAY CITY is giving away EntreCard Credits! You are reading this correctly.

This is an easy contest and I don't see anyone joining it. I think I am the first! I don't have much luck in winning contests, but I still love to give it a try. Contest end soon! You must hurry it check it out yourself.

Win EC for quoting posts

Since I started blogging as well as joined the EntreCard. Sometimes I do feel that I am lack of skill in writting a good post. Now I found this Win EntreCredits for quoting posts , I decided to join the contest. I am interested on a tip which is What to do when you cannot think of a good post .

I love the idea of listen to music and taking a cool shower. How about you? What do you do if you can't think of a good post? I have read my old posts, its like giving me a flashback on things and people.

Don't forget to check out the link above, the contest end 23 April, 2008.

$25 contest

Yes, you are seeing it right its $25 contest! I am sure everyone wants to know where it is held. Well, have you heard of a blog called THAGURU? His friends call him Hoto and his favourite cardio workout is Crosstrainer. I am not just eyeing on the $25 contest as well as wanting know how his process of losing weight. He has the goal to lose 110 lbs till January 2011.

Not long ago someone has won $25 from him. Now there's a chance again for you and me to be the winner. He will pick the winner randomly so don't be surprised if he picked me. I maybe the winner of $25 in USD is a good money to save or spend!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Drop me a card :)

Beside blogging, I heard so much about EntreCard, so I decided to join it. I just got the code and paste it right bar and you can feel free to drop me a card.

I wanted to go Jusco but looking at the time its already 8.30pm. By the time I am there looking for parking then food it would be closed to maybe 9.30pm. That's not all, its no fun to walk around with time like this. It's all shop closing hour.

Perhaps I need to plan this again, eemm... maybe tomorrow? Well, still not sure.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dating outside my gate!

Well, just want to share with you that I am shocked to see a couple dating outside my gate. They are next door neighbour. The lady and the guy just had the bike stopped right infront of my gate and they just hang out there and chit chat.

Hmm... this is not the right way to treat your neighbour! I should have ask them to pay for parking and hanging out at outside my gate. lol

There's so many place they can go but they choose the spot which my gate to hang out. They can just go over the garden or shopping mall to hang out. Tell me how people choose dating spot? They just hang out any where they like?

Some couple would just chat outside their home till middle of the night.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Exchange link?

Okay, someone asking me about exchange link. Just to be frank, I don't know how to do that. How do you exchange link? Anyone care to share with me about it.

My dad's is doing well with email but only thing is that he doesn't know how to forward email. Opps, that didn't teach him yet. Have to find time to go his place and teach. Not sure if my sister going there this weekend.

What's with the entrecard? What's that? I check it out but still not sure how its work.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Even dog has a blog!

Well, no kidding now the blog world is full of everything. You can see a blog for a dog as well as a blog for cat. There's even pig and everything which you haven't seen before. Just now passed by this Even Your Dog Has A Blog . I just want to share with you.

How nice, if I could make a blog for my dog too. I have a few dogs in different time and they are no longer with me. They stayed by God's side now.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Not around

Today my sister is working half day and she just now call saying that she is going to dad's place. She saying that she used dad's internet to continue with her job. Wow, I don't know that you can bring your work home to do.

I think it depends on what kind of job you are working as. She has to her job dealing with online Internet access to company. So she has to do it at my dad's place. The system is very slow as so many people using her network. Well I mean if you are having just one website, you surely jam up there.

Supposed we plan to go Klang, Bukit Tinggi Jusco together but she is not going as need to continue her work. Okay then, we will go on our own.

Dad is pleased

Yesterday we went over to dad's place to teach him on how to use the Internet and window explorer. It was so funny that we have a good laugh! What happened? He was trying to search using the Yahoo. You know what he type in the address? He type straight away "yahoo" without the http://www.

He has forgotten on how to use internet as he hasn't been using it for years. Now he is back and even know how to use the email. I am happy that he can now communicate with family and friends using internet.

Just a tip I told him is that don't use the internet until he has completely write the email. That way he can save money on internet connection.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I know that pain

I am sure that everyone would know the pain of knocking at the door knob. You are having the same pain like everyone is having. It's like a wake up call telling you that, the door knob is there.

Some pain just is also accidently hit on, can you tell me whats that? Its something to do with you toes! Yeah sometimes you get hit on something. I remembered I always hit on the door as I am opening the door and my foot is there. The pain is terrible and worst is that my toe's nail will come up.

No joke, I am telling you the truth, my experienced. What's yours?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Top up

I helped dad to top up the internet service. I used online banking and it charges 50sen. Well its way better than going to another internet shop asking for their help. Its very dangerous to reveal your password and username to stranger. Best I helped dad out!

He was thinking of maybe changing the service to streamyx but then its not worth it. My sister Kat won't be using internet everyday. She goes there like twice a month to use the internet access. I don't think streamyx is right for my dad.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's in my soup?

Here wanted to share with everyone about the interesting post about Shocking Discovery . Tell me what do you think of it? How would you react if you find something else in your soup?

To some people I think its quite common, they don't mind at all. A lot people eat different kind of food that I have try not before. I know in Thailand they like to fry the insects to eat. Have anyone tried it? Nice?

I have not try anything like that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

You know why

This evening my sister called me up asking me why the internet connection to the computer can't access. Why how should I know, I am not staying there and I am not using it. My sister Kat is at my dad's place using the internet.

Well, at night I have online and checked the service. I am shocked to see that the usage on last Sunday Mar 9 was 7 hours! No wonder the internet can't be access any more. My dad's internet using the jaring and not long ago he just top up $100. Now the money has gone negative 0.01.

At 11pm, I call them but nobody pick up the phone. They must have fall asleep early. Tomorrow I will tell dad and Kat about it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't simply comment

I was going through some site and found this site. Yes its more like a family and parenting blog. I have been told that someone simply comment. I hate it when this happened. Nobody like spam and you don't simply type anything as comment.

Luckily that the blog can be filter the comment. Or else I am sure there's a lot non related comment just show up in the blog. I would prefer people to give decent comment on blog.

I know I don't have comment in my blog. So when the time comes, the right comment would comes too.

No expert in computer

I found this post to share with you. This reminds me of something, what is it? My lecturer which I bumped into the other day. He studies Master and teaching in college, he just asking the IT guy to get him a burner so that he can do his teaching easily.

Do you know that the IT guy told him? He told my lecturer that he doesn't know how to use a burner. CR Burner is only costing less than $200 and he is not willing to get him one. My lecturer is so pissed and telling me that the IT guy insult him.

Today, a lot school teacher and college lecturer and even university lecturer knows about computer better than anyone else. They have been studying for years and they know what's the fastest and easiest way to teach students.

Don't play play with them!

Pak Lah is not quitting

Have you read the news? If you haven't read you could read it here .

You could the Parliament Seats result as well in the news.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Its Election Day!

Its 2 am and I am still fully awake. Yeah I got nervous every time when I know that there's plan for tomorrow.

Well, early morning like 7.20 I would be going to queue. Are you with me? Come along and lets go together.

My sisters and brothers are coming but I am not sure what time they will arrived.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March Magazine

As I am sure everyone knows about Edison Chen photo scandal. I thought that the photos are not allowed to be published. I saw in the March issue of Chinese Magazine if not mistaken. They are photos of one of the Twins wearing in sexy lingerie. I didn't like this way the magazine showing off the photos. Although the photos are not in nude but I think that's not right.

Isn't that wrong?