Monday, March 24, 2008

Even dog has a blog!

Well, no kidding now the blog world is full of everything. You can see a blog for a dog as well as a blog for cat. There's even pig and everything which you haven't seen before. Just now passed by this Even Your Dog Has A Blog . I just want to share with you.

How nice, if I could make a blog for my dog too. I have a few dogs in different time and they are no longer with me. They stayed by God's side now.

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  1. Hi sherry, thanks lot for visiting my blog, hope you'll like it! ^^ ya, let's link each other k? what do u think? buzz me back when you've done so, i'll do the same of coz, as it would be really nice to have your blog link in my page! ^^

    take care, cya~


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