Saturday, March 29, 2008

Drop me a card :)

Beside blogging, I heard so much about EntreCard, so I decided to join it. I just got the code and paste it right bar and you can feel free to drop me a card.

I wanted to go Jusco but looking at the time its already 8.30pm. By the time I am there looking for parking then food it would be closed to maybe 9.30pm. That's not all, its no fun to walk around with time like this. It's all shop closing hour.

Perhaps I need to plan this again, eemm... maybe tomorrow? Well, still not sure.

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  1. Hi! sherry, you've made a right decision of joining entrecard, some have earn visitors and commenter some have not make it through the difference is that hardwork...if you just pasted your code and not dropped 300 a day your going nowhere but if you start dropping your card to some other bloggers then you will see the good side of entrecard, you grow, your site will grow in terms of visitors, commenter and alexa traffic will srop down. Of course you still need to have great post aswell.

    So congratulations and goodluck!..hope you have a nice day. Fun walk is good :)


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