Sunday, March 30, 2008


I am just so crazy of contests, I wanted to win win win. Here's the chance again and I didn't want to miss out. Have you heard of it? GIVEAWAY CITY is giving away EntreCard Credits! You are reading this correctly.

This is an easy contest and I don't see anyone joining it. I think I am the first! I don't have much luck in winning contests, but I still love to give it a try. Contest end soon! You must hurry it check it out yourself.


  1. Thanks Sherry for blogging about my contest!! Hurry all ends tomorrow!

  2. hey thanks for adding me to your list of links! I added you to mine

  3. Sherry you are one of the 1st place winners, please contact me with you entrecard email addy so I can send your credits to you!! Congratulations!

  4. Yes you won grand prize, sorry for the error. Please email me with your entrecard addy, my addy is danandmarsh [at]gmail [dot]com


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