Sunday, March 30, 2008

Get reward with quoting posts

If you have been my reader, you'll know that I have joined the contest by quoting posts . Once again, I am going to join the contest because I like one of the All-Time Favourite Tips from Happy Family Matters. This is what every parent must know about what children do not want from their parents . I always think that my parents are being overprotective like not allowing me to go out at night when I was a teenager.

Every parent protect their children and nobody wants anything bad happening to their children. Well sometimes parent forgotten that what children see children do. Negative communication is one of the common mistake made by parents. I remembered my parent always saying "No" to my question without giving me a reason. This make me really feel unhappy and hate them. As a grown up now, I understand that my parents just want me to be safe and happy.

I like to check out this site as its a Happy Family Matters for every family to view.

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