Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Exchange link?

Okay, someone asking me about exchange link. Just to be frank, I don't know how to do that. How do you exchange link? Anyone care to share with me about it.

My dad's is doing well with email but only thing is that he doesn't know how to forward email. Opps, that didn't teach him yet. Have to find time to go his place and teach. Not sure if my sister going there this weekend.

What's with the entrecard? What's that? I check it out but still not sure how its work.


  1. Hi Sherry! Exchanging links is like the Links you have in your sidebar. It means that you will link the blog and in turn they will also link you up :)

    Hope that helped!

    Sasha says...

  2. HI Sherry, thanks for the link that you've put on your blog! ^^ ya, it is called exchange link when both blogs' owner put the link of each other in their blog. Glad to tell you that I've just linked yours as ''Sherry'', check it out! =)
    well, maybe you'll ask what's the use of this exchange link? it is actually a good way to increase the visitors to your page and thus more traffics and friends. Traffic and link are important for page rank and alexa point, which determine how many actual visitors you've.
    Well, I'm still a newbie in this field. Just my two cents to share what I've learnt so far.

    ya, About Entrecard. YOu can have more details at www.entrecard.com. Watch the demo video and you'll understand better how it works. It is actualy another way to increase the traffic of your page, and at the same time, you can earn credit and these credits can be used to advertise your blog in other blogger's page.

    Well, just give a try =) And do feel free to ask me if something is not clear. I'll try to give my best possible answer =)

    Thanks for your visit to my blog today, i hope you'll like it and find it useful. ya, feel free to leave comment on any post you wish, it is much appreciated ^^

    k, til here, cya around, have a nice day! =D

  3. Thanks for the visit Sherry! :-)

    I suppose you have figured out your way around entrecard now that you've got your widget on. You're on your way to driving traffic to your site. Don't forget to drop your card back to those who dropped theirs to yours.

    God bless!


    I just reached my 300 limit, but will drop my card on your site from my http://jenaspacio.blogspot.com site. Happy bloggin'!


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